March 20
Western Digital launches 2TB 'My Passport' portable hard drives

Western Digital has refreshed its 'My Passport' range of portable hard drives, including a 2TB version. The redesigned drives come in a choice of five sizes and five colors and come bundled with WD's own automatic backup and security software, to allow secure data use on-the-move. All the models, which start at a cost of $129.99, feature USB 3.0/2.0 connection for fast data transfer.

Just posted: Nikon D800 test samples

Just Posted: studio test samples from the Nikon D800. We're running the 36MP D800 through our standard set of studio tests and have completed the shots of our test scene. These have been appended to the D800 preview and include all the Raw files for download. You can also access the shots from other reviews or the standalone comparison tool. Click here to see how it performs.

March 19
Phase One reduces prices and extends trials of Capture One software

Phase One has knocked around 25% off the price of its Capture One 6 Raw processing software. It has also increased, to 60 days, the free trial period for both Capture One Express and the more fully-featured Capture One Pro. The company's updated website shows Capture One Pro costing $299/€229 and Capture One Express reduced to $99/€69.

Review: CameraBag 2 (Desktop) snapshot editing software
CameraBag 2 is a different kind of photo editor. Its primary mission is making ordinary snapshots less ordinary, with an accent on the low-fidelity aesthetic. Here's a nine-page in-depth review of this low-cost software for PCs and Macs.
Images of Panasonic GF5 start to appear

Images of a Panasonic GF5 have begun to appear on various websites. First an Instagram image of a camera, looking a lot like a GF3 refresh, appeared on the site of an Hong Kong actress/model Angelababy, who just happens to have promoted Panasonic products in the past. Plausible manufacturer product shots (consistent with the Instagram image), have also appeared. We won't speculate about specifications, but it seems reasonable to assume there's another GF on its way. (via 43 Rumors)

March 16
Just Posted: Olympus OM-D E-M5 test samples

Just published: studio test samples from the Olympus OM-D E-M5. We've just received a production-standard E-M5 so have rushed it into the studio to shoot our standard test scene. These shots have been added to our preview, but can also be accessed from other camera reviews or from the standalone comparison tool. Have a look to see how it stacks up against its rivals, or download the Raw files to subject them to your favored workflow.

Carl Zeiss creates Distagon T* 15mm F2.8 super wide angle lens

Carl Zeiss has announced the Distagon T* 2,8/15, a super-wide-angle lens for Canon EF and Nikon F mounts. The lens can focus from just 25cm (10") and offers a 110° field of view when mounted on a full-frame camera. It uses aspherical elements and abnormal partial dispersion glass in order to control distortion and chromatic aberration. It features an integrated lens hood and accepts 95mm threaded filters. It will be available from May for an MSRP of €2,148 or US $2,948.

Equipment Guide for Setting up a Small Home Portrait/Glamor Studio

I have been through buying studio lighting and using a temporary home portrait/glamor studio twice over the years. It has been a real learning experience and I wanted to share what I have learned about buying equipment for a small home portrait/glamor studio in the hope of helping others.

March 15
Samsung sees cloud bringing deluge of connected cameras

'Once the cloud computing era truly dawns, a non-connected device will be meaningless,' says Samsung Imaging's Sales & Marketing VP, Sunhong Lim. Speaking to dpreview, he suggested a combination of customer expectations and wireless carriers' desire for greater data usage will encourage compact cameras to become ever-more-connected devices. Indeed Lim believes that desire might even see telecomms networks help pay for your next camera. Click here to read his ideas about connected cameras.

Introductory offer for DSLR Guru's ProFX presets and plugins for Lightroom

Software maker DSLR Guru is oftering a 50% discount on its ProFX pack of presets and film emulation plugins for Adobe's Lightroom 3 and 4. The ProFX pack includes the company's ToolkitPro series of develop and adjustment presests, along with the XProcessPro cross-process effects and FlimFXPro film simulation profiles. The pack would usually cost £19.99 but will be available for £9.99 until the end of March 2012. Update 2 April: DSLR Guru Pro FX is no longer available.

Leica includes Lightroom 4 with most camera purchases

Leica has announced it will bundle Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 with many of its cameras. The latest version of Adobe's raw processing and management software offers extensive support for Leica cameras and lenses. It will be included with future purchases of the S2, S2-P, M9, M9-P, X1 and D-Lux 5 cameras.

Samsung doesn't deny Android-based camera

Samsung has refused to confirm reports that it is working on an Android-based camera, only to say it is looking at the idea. The non-denial, which says 'it is something we are monitoring,' comes in response to reports from tech website Engadget that it is considering an 'open' camera operating system. However, while the site goes on to speculate that Android makes sense, based on its parent company's use of the OS on its smartphones, we think there are other reasons for Samsung to use Android.

Why 'droid is the OS Samsung is looking for

Reports that electronics giant Samsung is considering a camera based around Google's Android operating system should come as no real surprise. Not only does it seem like the obvious way of responding to the industry's need to compete with smartphones, it's also a solution readily available to them.

Apple Raw Compatibility Update v3.10 adds eight more cameras

Apple has added Raw support for eight additional cameras, including Nikon's D4, Canon's G1 X, Sony's NEX-7 and the Samsung NX200. Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update v3.10 also brings Panasonic GX1 and FZ35/38 support to Aperture and iPhoto, taking the number of cameras covered to 260. The update requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or Lion 10.7.1 or later.

March 14
Toshiba announces Exceria range of fast SDHC cards

Toshiba has announced the Exceria range of UHS-I compliant high-speed SDHC and SDXC cards, available in a range of speeds and sizes. The fastest, Type 1, cards will equal the fastest cards currently available - offering 95MB/s read and 90MB/s write speeds - and will be offered in capacities up to 32Gb. There will also be 95/60MB/s and 90/30MB/s versions. All the cards will exceed SD Class 10 performance and UHS-I Class 1 performance in the latest, UHS-I compatible cameras. No details are yet available for prices or availability outside Japan.

Just posted: Our Canon Pixma Pro-1 printer review

Just posted: Our in-depth review of the Canon Pixma Pro-1. Canon's latest 13-inch pigment-ink printer is aimed at enthusiasts and professionals, with a 12 channel inkset, 4800 x 2400 dpi print head resolution and direct support for third party fine art papers. The printer is optimized for b/w printing with a total of five monochrome inks and is compatible with Canon's free ICC profiling software. Does the Pro-1 have what it takes to compete against rival and fine art market leader Epson? Read our in-depth review to find out.

March 13
Just Posted: Sony SLT-A57 preview with real-world and studio sample images

We've been able to borrow a pre-production Sony A57 and have prepared a preview that includes both real-world and studio sample images. Many of the camera's features - 16MP sensor, 1.44m dot LCD viewfinder are familiar but they all come wrapped in a larger, more comfortable body, powered by a larger battery. We've shot samples in a series of the A57's modes, including its Auto Portrait Selection Framing mode - in which the camera crops an image with a face in, in-accordance with the rule-of-thirds.

Sony announces SLT-A57 and HVL-LE1 LED panel for movie lighting

Sony has announced the SLT-A57, a replacement for the original A55 fixed-mirror, electronic viewfinder DSLR. The A57 still features a 16MP sensor and LCD viewfinder but incorporates them into essentially the same body as the more expensive A65. Use of the latest Bionz processor means the A57 offers a wider-than-ever selection of photographic features and image processing modes. Updated with more information about the optional HVL-LE1 video-lighting LED panel.

March 12
Nikon defends decision to stop supplying spares to independent repairers

Nikon USA has defended its decision to stop supplying spare parts to companies outside its authorized service network. Its intention is to deliver 'the best service experience to the customer,' says David Dentry, General Manager of Customer Relations at Nikon Inc, explaining that the complexity of modern cameras and the need for specialist analysis and calibration tools meant that repair attempts by ill-equipped retail or unauthorized repair shops could end up causing delays, increase the cost and risk voiding the camera's warranty. However, an independent service center we spoke to said its statements misrepresented the situation and is likely to mean small repairs take longer.

Fujifilm developing modified sensor to fix X10 and X-S1 white orbs

Fujifilm has released a statement explaining the causes of the 'white disc' blooming issue that affects certain images shot with the X10 high-end compact. The statement says the company is developing a modified sensor in response to the problem, that can also affect the X-S1 premium superzoom. It encourages X10 and X-S1 owners experiencing 'the white disc phenomenon' to contact their local Fujifilm service center.

March 11
App Review: Adobe Photoshop Touch for iOS

First released for Android, Adobe recently unveiled an iPad-targeted version of Photoshop Touch for Apple's iOS. Boasting support for layers and featuring familiar Photoshop effects and filters, Photoshop Touch is one of the best-specified image manipulation apps available, but does it live up to its promise on the world's most popular tablet? Joanne Carter of puts it through its paces. 

March 9
Olympus OM-D E-M5 low light high ISO sample series

We've just received an Olympus OM-D E-M5 that we can use to publish sample images and have shot an ISO sequence. We aim to bring you a real-world samples gallery in a few days time, but to whet your appetite we've prepared a quick series of studio-based shots showing how the camera behaves under the challenge of low-level tungsten lighting at all ISOs. Olympus describes our sample as 'initial production' and it's running firmware version 1.0, so these should give a pretty good idea of what you'll be able to expect from the camera when it hits the shops. 

Sigma announces details of support program for full-price SD1 buyers

Sigma has announced details of the promised support scheme for customers who bought the company's SD1 DSLR prior to the price cut. Buyers of the SD1 at the original price of $6,899 can claim 40 'points' that can be redeemed against other Sigma products. The points are worth up to around ¥400,000 (roughly $4800) when used against Sigma products at their MSRP on the day the SD1 price cut was announced. Customers have until May 31st to register for the offer.

March 8
Elliott Erwitt looks for fun in photo sequences

The BBC has an interesting short interview with Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt, in which he talks about looking for sequences of shots, rather than one-off photos. The video coincides with the launch of his book 'Sequentially Yours' and looks at how a series of photos can sometimes tell more of a story than a single shot in isolation.

March 7
DxO Labs pushes FilmPack 3.2 film simulation software to 64-bit processing

DxO Labs has updated its FilmPack film simulation software to v3.2, adding 64 bit support and plugin versions for Lightroom, Photoshop and Aperture. The move of both the Essentials and Expert versions to 64 bit means they are almost twice as fast at processing as v3.1. There are improvements to the user interface to make it easier to preview the grain effects offered by the different film effects. Both Mac and PC versions are available, with a free 30-day trail downloadable from the company's website.

Article: Composition Basics in Macro Photography

One of the challenges in macro photography is balancing technical details with sound compostion. Nature photographer Erez Marom continues his photo technique series with a discussion of compositional principles for macro photography. Learn to incorporate these fundamental concepts into your own work for more professional results.

Apple launches third-generation iPad with hi-res screen, and iPhoto for iOS

Apple has unveiled the latest iPad with its highest-ever resolution screen, alongside an iOS app of the iPhoto image processing and management tool. The third-generation iPad will feature a 2048 x 1536 pixel 'Retina' display along with a quad-core graphics processor to power it. It also gains a 5MP back-lit CMOS camera with a five-element f/2.4 lens (a similar spec to the unit in front of the iPhone 4S's 8MP camera). There's also a $5 iPhoto app that allows a series of simple image corrections and sorting options to easily find your best images and get the best out of them.

Nokia 808 won't come to North America; 41MP PureView tech probably will

Nokia's developer website is showing the 41MP 808 PureView as being available globally, with the exception of North America. However, Windows Phone website WPCentral is reporting that the company will bring its PureView technology to a phone running Windows Mobile - something likely that become truly global product. Meanwhile, Nokia has published a blog post about the 808's Carl Zeiss lens and how its molded plastic design allows it to out-perform some pro-grade DSLR glass. gets mobile

We've just added a mobile version of dpreview, to make it easier to get to our content from your cellular, mobile or generally portable devices. In this first iteration we've made it easy browse reviews, news stories, articles and previews. Forums and commenting support will come in later versions. However, although we think m.dpreview will make it easier to enjoy the site, we've placed small links at the bottom of every page to swap between the mobile and desktop versions.

Adobe releases Camera Raw v6.7 release candidate

Alongside Lightroom 4, Adobe has release the latest release candidate of Adobe Camera Raw. This not-quite finalized version of ACR v6.7 brings all the cameras and lenses supported in Lightroom 4 to users of Photoshop CS5, plus the Canon EOS 5D Mark III as something of a bonus feature. As usual, it is being released on Adobe's Labs site to allow feedback before its final launch.

Just Posted: First Impressions - Using the Nikon D4

We've been using Nikon's D4 full frame professional DSLR continuously since a factory-fresh production version arrived in our office last week. Barnaby Britton, who previously shot professionally with a D3S, explains what it's like to use, and includes real world samples and videos. What's improved over the D3S, what has Nikon got right and has it got anything wrong? Click through to find out.

March 6
Portrait Lighting Cheat Sheet
Using a hyper-detailed 3D model as a portrait lighting test for various lighting types and modifiers.
Sigma shows latest products at Focus on Imaging

We've been taking a closer look at the latest Sigma products, on show at the Focus on Imaging event in Birmingham, UK. A lot of the buzz at this year's show may be around the big new SLRs from Nikon and Canon, along with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 and Fujifilm X-Pro1, but Sigma is also quietly showing its recent announcements. The 15x3MP Foveon sensor-equipped DP1 Merrill and DP2 Merrill, along with the Digital Neo 19mm F2.8 and 30mm F2.8 lenses for Micro Four Thirds are all on show, so we decided to dig a bit deeper.

Canon launches Pixma MX892 wireless all-in-one with AirPrint

Canon has announces the Pixma MX892 wireless all-in-one printer, its flagship office printer. The MX892 can print documents using Pixma Cloud Link or Google Cloud Print for remote printing (including from Picasa Web Albums in the second instance). It can produce a 4x6" photo print in 20 seconds and can output color at 9.3 ipm. It can also scan at 2400 x 4800 dpi. The MX 892 is also compatible with Apple's AirPrint to allow direct printing from iOS devices.

Just Posted: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 review

Just posted: Our six page review of the now-less-expensive Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4. Adobe has released and halved the price of the latest version of its workflow and image editing software, and we've prepared an in-depth review exploring the changes. Along with Book and Map modules, and a revised editing workflow, Lightroom 4 brings Raw file support for a number of recently announced cameras, including the Canon EOS-1D X and Nikon D4. Are the changes in Lightroom 4 worth the upgrade for current users? Find out in our detailed review.

Adobe releases Photoshop Lightroom 4 at  more affordable price

Adobe has released and reduced the price of its workflow and image editing software, Photoshop Lightroom 4. Version 4 will cost $149/109, around half the previous price. It features a books creation module, increased support for video files, soft-proofing capability and a Google-Maps-powered geo-tagging module. The final release version comes on the heels of a relatively brief public beta process in which new and current users had the opportunity to provide feedback to Adobe. Upgrades and academic editions have also been reduced to $79/62.

App Review: Camera ZOOM FX For Android

Camera Zoom FX is a camera control and image enhancement app for Android-based phones, currently available at a 40% discount ($2.99). It offers a wide range of functions including image processing effects and enhancement filters. Boasting a slick, intuitive interface Camera ZOOM FX is one of the most popular photography apps in the Android Marketplace. Joanna Carter of takes a look. 

March 5
Fujifilm promises 'definitive solution' to X10 white orb problem

Fujifilm has said it will provide a 'definitive solution' to the white orb blooming problem on its X10 enthusiast compact camera. No further details are available at this point but Fujifilm UK, speaking at the Focus 2012 show in Birmingham UK, said that it is aware of customer concerns and that there will be making a full statement on March 12th.

SLR Magic adds Toy lenses for Q, E and Micro Four Thirds mounts

At the opposite end of the spectrum from its forthcoming 50mm T0.95 lens, SLR Magic has launched three Toy lenses across several mirrorless camera systems. They include a glass-covered 24mm equivalent Pinhole lens for Micro Four Thirds, a 60mm equivalent f/1.4 for the Pentax Q and a 'Bokehmorphic' lens with shaped filters for the Sony E-mount. The 42mm equivalent E-mount lens comes with seven aperture inserts that give differently-shaped bokeh. All three lenses will be available from April 2012.

March 3
Just Posted: Nikon D4 Studio Test Samples

We've just published images of our standard test scene taken with Nikon's latest professional DSLR, the 16MP D4. These have been shot using a production-standard D4 and, as usual, include both Raw and JPEG images with all original files available for download. Added them to our comparison tool means they can be called-upon from other reviews or the standalone comparison tool. For this test we used the recently-announced Nikon AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 and we'll be publishing 'real world' galleries from both the D4 and 85mm in the coming days. 

March 2
Pentax releases second silver K-5 limited edition, adding slimline 40mm F2.8

Pentax has announced a silver special edition of its K-5 DSLR, this time combined with the slim DA 40mm F2.8 XS prime lens redesigned by Marc Newson. The latest package, following the silver K-5 body offered in 2011, will be limited to 1,500 examples worldwide. It will be available in April exclusively from Pentax or Ace Photo, at a price of $1599.95 ($100 less, with the lens, than the previous, body-only version).

Canon EOS 5D Mark III low-light ISO series samples

We've had a chance to prepare a set of full-resolution studio-based JPEG samples from a pre-production Canon EOS 5D Mark III, at all available ISOs from 50 to 102,800. We've chosen to shoot under low level halogen lighting, which provides a stern test of the camera's sensor and noise reduction systems. Click through to explore what the camera can deliver.  

Canon EOS 5D Mark III hands-on preview and video

We've had a chance to handle Canon's EOS 5D Mark III 22MP HD DSLR and have prepared a detailed preview and video. The specifications may initially look a little familiar but almost every component has been updated or improved. It gains most of its ergonomics from the EOS 7D but inherits the sophisticated 61-point AF system from the EOS-1D X. It also comes with a range of movie-focused features and promises of a 2-stop improvement in low-light performance. The camera will be available from the end of March 2012. Click here to find out more.

Canon announces EOS 5D Mark III 22MP full-frame DSLR

Canon has announced the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, the latest in its enthusiast full-frame 5D series and successor to the popular EOS 5D Mark II. Based around a 22MP full-frame sensor, it can shoot 6 frames per second and features a 61-point AF system much like the EOS-1D X. It can capture 1080p movies at 24, 25 or 30 fps and offers high quality intraframe (All-I) video compression amongst a host of movie-related improvements. It will be available from the end of March with an MSRP of $3499 / €3299 / £2999.99.

Canon releases 600EX-RT radio-controlled Speedlite with other accessories

Canon has announced the Speedlite 600EX-RT flash, its first to include wireless radio control, alongside a selection of EOS accessories. A radio frequency transmitter, the Speedlite ST-E3-RT, has also been released and can trigger up to 15 Speedlites at up to 30 meters. Meanwhile, the GP-E2 GPS unit allows for automatic geotagging of images from the latest Canon DSLRs and the WFT-E7 wireless file transmitter can use either a Wi-Fi or Gigabit Ethernet connection to move files from camera to computer or to control the camera. There's also the BG-E11 dual-slot battery grip for the EOS 5D Mark III.

March 1
Just Posted: Canon ELPH 510 HS (IXUS 1100 HS) Quick Review

We've just posted our review of the Canon 510 HS (known as the IXUS 1100 HS in Europe). It's a small, stylish point-and-shoot camera with a 12x, 28mm-336mm equiv zoom lens, a backlit 12MP CMOS sensor and a 3.2" touchscreen LCD. Although Canon has recently refreshed its PowerShot lineup, the ELPH 510 HS, released late last year still boasts a compelling feature set - is it the perfect pocketable point-and-shoot? Read our quick review to find out. 

A user addendum to the Fujifilm X10 owners manual, giving an overview of the way to *quickly* configure the sensor and inbuilt 4 processors to suit the demands of any given photographic situation.
February 29
Just Posted: Lytro Light Field Camera review and video

Lytro has shipped its first Light Field Camera to a customer and we've had a chance to spend some time with one, to see what their experience is likely to be like. It's a totally unconventional camera that captures images that can be refocused after they're shot, so we haven't shot our usual, 2D test charts but we've tried to sum-up its technology and what it's like to shoot with. Click here to find out what we thought.

SmugMug brings respected tools to 'Camera Awesome' iPhone app

Strangely-entitled photo sharing site SmugMug has launched a zanily-named iPhone app. The free 'Camera Awesome' app gives iPhone users greater control over the phone's camera and adds a series of filters and processing tools. This includes the ability to separate focus and metering, and adds a virtual level gauge. It also includes filters, textures and frames from Kevin Kubota as well as an 'Awesomize' button powered by Athentech's 'Perfectly Clear' technology.

Richard Franiec adds custom accessory grip for Nikon 1 V1

Richard Franiec has announced a custom grip for the Nikon 1 V1, adding to the one already available for the J1. The V1 grip slots over the ridge on the camera's front plate, to offer a more substantial surface to hold on to. Unlike Franiec's previous grips, the V1 grip extends across the camera's front and has the camera series '1' etched into it. The grip will be available in the second-half of March 2012 at a cost of $34.95, plus shipping.