February 8
Sigma updates 105mm F2.8 macro with optical stabilization
CP+ 2011: Sigma has announced an entirely redesigned version of its 105mm F2.8 macro lens that incorporates optical image stabilization. The 105mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM offers true 1:1 macro reproduction, and uses a floating focus system to maintain high optical performance at all distances. It also features a splash-proof barrel design and Sigma's Hypersonic Motor for fast, silent autofocus coupled with full-time manual focus capability. The lens is designed for use on both full frame and APS-C SLRs.
Sigma announces 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6 EX DG HSM II for full frame
CP+ 2011:Sigma has introduced the 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 EX DG HSM II, an updated version of its ultra-wideangle zoom for full frame SLRs. It uses a revised optical formula which now incorporates now fewer than four elements made from its latest 'F' low dispersion glass, plus one SLD element, to minimise chromatic aberration. Four aspheric elements (three glass mold and one hybrid) are also employed to reduce distortion and other aberrations. The lens features an integrated hood and splash-proof design.
Olympus introduces SZ-10 superzoom
CP+ 2011: Olympus has announced the SZ-10 superzoom with 18x (28-504mm equiv.) optical zoom lens. Sporting a 14MP CCD sensor and a 460k dot 3.0" LCD, it features 720p HD recording , a 3D capture mode, AF tracking and HD output. It also includes the latest set of Magic Filters for both stills and videos. Priced at $249.99, it will be available from March 2011 in black and silver.
Olympus announces VR-330 & VR-320 compact superzooms
CP+ 2011: Olympus has announced the VR-320 and the Europe-only VR-330 compact superzooms, the first in its latest VR series of affordable compacts. Both feature 24-300mm equiv. zoom lenses, 14MP sensors and include features such as 720p HD recording, image stabilization, the latest set of Magic filters and HD output. The only difference between the two is the VR-330 offers 3D capture mode, an HD output and a 460K dot 3.0" LCD, while the VR-320 has only a 230K dot display.
Olympus launches VG-110 budget compact camera
CP+ 2011: Olympus has launched the VG-110 budget compact. Priced at $99.99, some way below the $139.99 asking price of last months' VG-120, this latest V-series camera offers a 12MP sensor, 2.7" LCD, 4x (27 - 108mm equiv.) lens and VGA video recording. This represents the expected step down from the VG-120's 14MP sensor, 3.0" LCD, 5x zoom lens and HD video. Like the VG-120 it offers Magic Filters for both movies and stills, and AF tracking.
Fujifilm announces commercial release of FinePix X100
CP+ 2011: Five months after first showcasing it at the 2010 Photokina trade show, Fujifilm has announced the commercial release of the X100, a large-sensor compact camera aimed at professional and enthusiast photographers. Based around a 12MP APS-C CMOS sensor, Fuji EXR processor and a 23mm F2 Fujinon lens (equivalent to a 35mm semi-wideangle), the classically-styled camera features traditional analogue controls for shutter speed, aperture and exposure compensation. Of particular note is the 'hybrid' viewfinder system which allows the user to switch between optical and electronic viewfinders and project detailed shooting information into the OVF. It will be available from March 2011 at a suggested retail price of $1200 in the US market and €1000 in Europe.
Sony to disclose E-mount specifications
Sony has officially confirmed it will be sharing 'basic specifications' of its E-mount for free to manufacturers of lenses and mount adaptors starting April 1, 2011. A company statement says 'this move will open the way for manufacturers of various lenses and mount adaptors to develop products conforming to 'E-mount' specifications, allowing users of the NEX-3, NEX-5, NEX-VG10 and other 'E-mount' compatible Sony digital imaging products to be launched in the future to be able to use interchangeable lenses from both Sony and other manufacturers.' The company has not specified whether these 'basic specifications' will extend to the AF protocols or just the physical construction of the mount.
February 7
Pentax unveils Optio WG-1 & WG-1 GPS rugged compacts
CP+ 2011: Pentax has unveiled the GPS-enabled Optio WG-1 GPS and the WG-1 rugged compacts. Tougher than the Optio W90 released last year, both are designed to be crushproof against pressures of up to 100 kilograms (220 pounds), dustproof, waterproof up to 10 meters (33 ft), coldproof down to -10°C (14°F) and shock-resistant for drops of up to 1.5 meters (5 ft). Features-wise the 14MP cameras incorporate the same 28-140mm equiv. zoom lens, 2.7" LCD and 720p HD recording capability as the W90.
Pentax introduces limited edition silver K-5 & lenses
CP+ 2011: Pentax has announced a limited edition silver version of its K-5 DSLR and three prime lenses. The silver K-5 comes with a redesigned grip and shock-resistant, scratchproof reinforced glass on the rear LCD and top status panels. Priced at $1699.95, the K-5 Limited Edition silver body will be available in April 2011. Pricing and availability information for the silver smc DA 21mm F3.2 AL, smc DA 40mm F2.8, smc DA 70mm F2.4 lenses is to be confirmed.
Pentax announces 25mm F4 lens for 645D medium format camera
CP+ 2011: Pentax has announced the smc D FA 645 25mm F4 AL [IF] SDM AW ultra-wide lens for the 645D medium format digital camera. The second lens designed for the camera, following the DFA 55mm 645 SDM lens kit lens, the 25mm weather-resistant lens offers a field of view equivalent to a 19.5mm lens on a 35mm system. Priced at $4999.95, it will be available from April 2011.
Casio drops price for EX-H20G compact with Hybrid GPS
Casio has announced a price drop for its EX-H20G compact camera in the US market. The MSRP is reduced to $299.99, down from $349.99. The camera was the first to incorporate the company's Hybrid GPS technology that uses motion sensors to allow the camera to track its position when indoors or away from the GPS satellite signals. It is built around a 14.1MP sensor, 10x (24-240mm) zoom lens and 3.0" LCD.
Carl Zeiss joins Micro Four Thirds system
Lens maker Carl Zeiss has joined the Micro Four Thirds group, adding yet another prestigious optics marque to the format. Just days after the news that Schneider Kreuznach had joined the system, it has been announced that Zeiss will start making its HD Video lenses available in the Micro Four Thirds mount. This sudden influx of high-end cine and photographic prime lens makers (Voigtländer maker Cosina joined in August 2010), suggests that format founders Olympus and Panasonic have been working hard behind the scenes to bring some high-end lustre to the system.
Samsung announces PL20 and ES80 budget compacts
Samsung has announced two budget compacts, the PL20 and ES80.The PL20 is a 14MP compact that features 27-135mm equivalent 5x zoom. The ES80 meanwhile shares the same lens but instead offers a 12MP sensor. Both cameras are based around CCD chips and offer internal, USB-based charging of their Lithium Ion batteries. The PL20 is capable of shooting 720p24 HD movies. They will be available from March and April respectively.
Canon Rebel T3i / EOS 600D announced and previewed
CP+ 2011: Canon has unveiled the Rebel T3i (EOS 600D) upper entry-level DSLR. It continues to use the 18MP CMOS sensor seen in the Rebel T2i (550D) but gains a tilt and swivel 1,040k dot LCD monitor like the one offered on the more expensive 60D. It also gains the ability to remotely control flashguns using its internal flash, a feature previously only featured on higher-end models. Alongside the camera, Canon is also launching the 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 IS II, a cosmetically revised version of its optically stabilized kit lens. We've had a chance to use pre-production versions of both and have prepared a Hands-On Preview of the EOS 600D including beta samples gallery.
Canon Rebel T3 / EOS 1100D announced and previewed
CP+ 2011: Canon has unveiled the Rebel T3 (EOS 1100D) entry-level DSLR. Built around a 12MP CMOS sensor and the latest Digic 4 processor, the new baby-Rebel is also capable of 720p HD movie recording. It gains the 9-point AF sensor previously used in more expensive models and the iFCL color-sensitive metering sensor first seen in the EOS 7D. It also gains the Basic+ non-technical interface that allows creative control without specialist photography knowledge. The camera will be sold either with the revised, version II 18-55mm IS lens or an updated Mark III non-stabilized version. We had the chance to get out hands on a pre-production EOS 1100D and have prepared a preview with a beta samples gallery.
Canon releases ELPH 500 HS / IXUS 310 HS compact with manual control
CP+ 2011: Canon has released the ELPH 500 HS (IXUS 310 HS in Europe) ultra-compact with manual control, stainless steel body and touch screen interface. An enhanced version of the the IXUS 300HS (SD 4000 IS) released last year, the latest model features a 12.1MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor, a wider-angle F2.0-5.8 24-105mm equiv. lens and a larger, higher-resolution 460K dot 3.2" LCD. Features-wise it is capable of 1080p24 Full HD capture compared to the 720p HD recording of the 300HS, and can also shoot Super Slow Motion 340x240 movies at 240fps. It will be available at a retail price of $299.99 in the US market and £299 in the UK.
Canon unveils SX230 HS GPS-enabled compact & SX220 HS
CP+ 2011: Canon has introduced its first GPS-enabled camera, the PowerShot SX230 HS compact superzoom and a Europe-only non-GPS version, the SX220 HS. Both compact superzooms feature 28-392mm equivalent 14X zoom lenses, 12.1MP sensors and 460k dot 3.0" LCDs. They come with P/A/S/M shooting modes, a Super Slow Motion movie mode that records 340x240 movies at 240fps, as well as 1080p24 Full HD movies capture. The compacts also feature a Movie Digest mode that records videos around 4 seconds before every still image taken which is later stitched together into a VGA-resolution movie. The only difference between the pair is the SX230 HS's built-in GPS. The SX230 HS will be available at a retail price of $349.99 in the US market and €299 in the European market. The SX220 HS is priced at €269.
Canon announces ELPH 300 HS / IXUS 220 HS ultra-compact
CP+ 2011: Canon has released the ELPH 300 HS (IXUS 220 HS in Europe) premium ultra-compact with back-lit CMOS sensor. Measuring just 19.5mm at its thinnest point, it sports a 12.1MP sensor, 2.7" LCD and 5x (24-120mm equiv.) zoom lens. It records Full HD 1080p 24fps movies with stereo sound, and can also shoot Super Slow movies. The CMOS-derived 'HS system' is claimed to lower noise levels by up to 60% at all ISO speeds. It will be available at a retail price of $249.99 in the US market and £199 in the UK.
Canon launches ELPH 100 HS / IXUS 115 HS ultra-compact
CP+ 2011: Canon has released the ELPH 100 HS (IXUS 115 HS in Europe) ultra-compact. It features a 12.1MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor, 3.0" LCD and 4x zoom lens starting at 28mm equiv. Similar to the other compact cameras announced today it is capable of recording Super Slow 340 x 240 movies at 240fps and 1080p24 Full HD videos, and features the latest Movie Digest mode. The camera comes with 32 scene modes and 6 creative filters including Miniature and Toy Camera effects. It will be available at a retail price of $199.99 in the US market and £179.99 in the UK.
Canon announces 600mm and 500mm F/4L IS II USM
CP+ 2011: Canon has announced updated versions of its 500mm and 600mm f/4L IS USM professional lenses. Similar to the EF 300mm and EF 400mm f/2.8L IS II USM lenses released last August, the EF 500mm F/4L IS II USM and the EF 600mm F/4L IS II USM feature completely new optical designs and water-repellant Fluorine coatings along with lighter weight construction. A new IS mode has been added that activates stabilization only during exposure. The lenses also offer optional long or short foot tripod mounts suitable for monopods or tripods and an improved tripod collar rotation mechanism for smoother rotation from portrait to landscape orientation. The lenses will be available at retail prices of $9,499.99 and $11,999.99 in the US market, and £8999 and £11299 in the UK market respectively.
Canon develops EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Extender1.4x
CP+ 2011: Canon has announced it is developing the EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Extender 1.4x lens, which features a built-in switchable 1.4x teleconverter. With the converter engaged, it becomes a 280-560mm F5.6 lens. Designed for sports and wildlife photographers the lens will feature weatherproof construction and is scheduled for launch later this year.
Canon releases Speedlite 320EX and 270EX II
CP+ 2011: Canon has introduced the Speedlite 320EX and Speedlite 270EX II flashguns. With a guide number of 32 and a bounce, swivel and manual zoom head, the 320EX is the company's first Speedlite model to feature a video light complementing its HD-enabled DSLRs. It also gains the ability to be wirelessly operated by a controller such as the one built into the 600D. It can be controlled on one of four 'channels' to allow groups of flashes with different output levels. The 270EX II meanwhile, replaces the 270EX, and also gains wireless slave mode but without the ability to work in channels. Both models also feature a built-in infrared Remote Release function to trigger the shutter release of compatible EOS models. Powered by four and two AA batteries respectively, the flashguns are compatible with all recent Canon DSLRs. The flashguns will be available at retail prices of $249.99 and $169.99 in the US market, and £249.99 and £179.99 in the UK market respectively.
Canon celebrates 60 millionth EF lens production
CP+ 2011: Canon is celebrating the production of its 60 millionth EF lens. The Electro Focus (EF) mount series was introduced in 1987 with the launch of the EOS system of 35mm autofocus SLRs. A press release from the company stresses milestones in its history.
February 4
Schneider-Kreuznach joins Micro Four Thirds
German lens maker Schneider-Kreuznach has announced it is joining the Micro Four Thirds system standard established by Olympus and Panasonic. The company has not announced what it plans to contribute to the system - whether it will adapt its existing cine primes or develop entirely new designs for the system. The move follows Japanese maker Cosina joining in August 2010 which has resulted in the launch of the Voigtländer Nokton 25mm F0.95.
Just posted: Olympus E-5 in-depth review
Just Posted: Our (much-awaited) in-depth review of the Olympus E-5. The E-5 is the company's range-topping DSLR and successor to the popular E-3. The company's third-generation flagship DSLR is built around a weather-sealed body and offers a 12MP Live MOS sensor, 3.0" 920k dot LCD, Live View with Contrast AF, HD video recording and shutter speeds of up to 1/8000th sec. Click on the link to read how it stacks up to the competition and how it fared in our studio tests.
February 3
JVC releases GC-PX1 hybrid camcorder
JVC has announced the GC-PX1 hybrid camcorder that records 1080p60 Full HD videos at 36Mbps and 10MP stills. It incorporates a 10x zoom lens, a 1/2.3" back-illuminated CMOS sensor, 3.0" tilting touchscreen LCD and the company's latest 'FalconBrid' processor. Features include P/A/S/M shooting modes, 32GB of internal memory and up to 300fps continuous shooting. It will be released end of February in Japan at a price to be confirmed, we have no details of US plans.
February 1
Ricoh developing M-mount module for GXR system
Ricoh has announced it is developing a lens mount module for its GXR interchangeable camera system. The module will combine a 12.9MP APS-C CMOS sensor with a Leica 'M' mount, allowing the use of a large variety of classic rangefinder manual-focus lenses. Details are limited at present but a mock-up is to be shown at the CP+ trade show in Yokohama on Feb 9-12. The company has also reasserted its plans to make non-camera modules for the system.
Sony unveils Cyber-shot DSC-HX100V and DSC-HX9V
Sony has announced another two Cyber-shot compacts using its latest 16.2MP back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor. Both the GPS-enabled DSC-HX100V and DSC-HX9 are capable of recording full 1080p60 HD videos and offer 10fps continuous shooting. The HX100V superzoom with 30x (27-810mm equiv.) zoom lens and the DSC-HX9 compact superzoom with 16x (24-384mm equiv.) zoom both offer 921k dot 3.0" LCDs, can shoot high resolution panoramic images and generate 3D images.
January 31
Sigma drops price for 70-200mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM lens
Sigma has announced a price drop for its 70-200mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM lens to $1,399, down from $1,699 in the US market. The company says 'the reason the price went down is to remain competitive in this category and incent sales for this very popular lens.' The lens was amongst the first to incorporate Sigma's FLD glass element. It is currently available for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony Alpha and Sigma DSLRs.
January 28
Topaz Labs updates ReMask 3 plug-in
Topaz Labs has updated its ReMask 3 masking plug-in for Adobe Photoshop a month after its release. Version 3.1 enhances processing speeds and adds new menu items amongst other improvements and bug fixes. Compatible with Windows and Intel-based Mac OS, it is still available at an introductory price of $49.99 till February 18.
January 27
Pentax releases service notice for K-5 DSLR
Pentax is offering a free service to users of K-5 DSLRs that have been affected by the widely reported 'stained image sensor' issue. The company believes the problem occurred during the manufacturing process of the first batch of K-5's and cannot be resolved by ordinary sensor cleaning methods. Affected camera owners can contact the company's customer service center to send their cameras for the repair.
Phase One releases Capture One 6.1
Phase One has updated its Capture One PRO 6 and Express 6 Raw workflow software. Version 6.1 brings additional features and extends RAW support to cameras including the Canon PowerShot G12, Pentax K-5, Nikon D3100, and the latest Panasonic Micro Four Thirds cameras. The update is available for immediate download from the company's website.
January 26
Just posted: Olympus XZ-1 review

Just Posted: Our review of the Olympus XZ-1. The company's latest enthusiast compact represents its return to the top end of the compact camera market. The impressive set of features builds around a 28-112mm equiv. F1.8-2.5 lens and includes a 3.0" VGA-equivalent OLED screen, high-sensitivity 10MP CCD sensor and dual control dials. The XZ-1 enters a competitive segment of the market but its specifications suggest it can hold its own. Does use in the real-world support that impression?

Ricoh unveils CX5 compact superzoom with Hybrid AF
Ricoh has unveiled the CX5 compact superzoom with Hybrid AF. It represents the re-introduction of an AF system that combines a distance sensor with more conventional contrast detection method to offer focus times of as little as 0.2sec regardless of focal length. Beyond this, it offers the same 10MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor, 10.7x (28-300mm equiv.) zoom lens, 920k dot 3 inch LCD and 720p HD video recording as the CX4. It's not clear how the AF system differs from the one used by the company up until 2007, but it is claimed to almost double the speed of the CX4. Other new features include 'Super-Resolution' context-sensitive image processing and three additional scene modes.
January 25
Nikon releases firmware update for D3100
Nikon has released a firmware update for the D3100 digital SLR that addresses a significant list of bugs and errors. Firmware v1.01 rectifies errors relating to autofocus, playback and noise reduction. This includes the reduction of a magenta cast at the bottom of still images captured at high ISO settings after using live view or movie shooting for a long period. The firmware is available for immediate download from Nikon's website.
Fujifilm FinePix X100 First Look Preview
Just Posted: Fujifilm X100 first look. In amongst a flurry of of major camera announcements at Photokina 2010, one model stole the show - Fujifilm's retro-looking, large sensor, fixed lens compact: the X100. With its APS-C CMOS sensor and fast 23mm F2 lens giving a classic 35mm equivalent moderate wideangle view, this rangefinder-styled camera has traditional control dials plus an innovative 'hybrid' viewfinder that combines a large, bright optical finder with a high-resolution electronic display. We've been itching to get our hands on the X100 ever since it was announced, and Fujifilm has kindly lent us a prototype model for a first look. Click through to read more.
Panasonic debuts Lumix DMC-ZS10 and DMC-ZS8
Panasonic has launched the DMC-ZS10 and DMC-ZS8 compact superzooms. The latest travel-zoom cameras increase their zoom ranges to 16x, still starting at a very useful 24mm equivalent. The ZS10 (TZ20 in Europe) incorporates a 14.1MP MOS sensor and GPS, and can record Full 1080i AVCHD format movies, generate 3D images and shoot full resolution images at 10fps. The simpler ZS8 (TZ18) comes with a 14.1 MP CCD sensor, shoots 720p HD movies in Motion JPEG format and misses out on both GPS and 3D capability.
Panasonic announces Lumix DMC-TS3 rugged compact
Panasonic has announced the Lumix DMC-TS3 rugged compact camera (known as the FT3 in Europe), with built-in GPS, altimeter, barometer and a compass. It sports a new body design and and better waterproofing upto depths of 12m as against 10m of its predecessor the TS2. Like the TS2 it is also dustproof, shockproof against a drop of up to 2m, and freezeproof down to -10°C. The 12MP CCD-based camera with a 2.7 inch LCD and 28-128mm equiv. lens features 1080i60 HD movies (from 30p sensor output) and comes with the company's latest 3D photo mode.
Panasonic launches Lumix DMC-FX78 compact camera
Panasonic has released the Lumix DMC-FX78 ultra-compact with an F2.5-5.9 5x zoom lens starting at 24mm. The 12.1MP camera features a large 3.5" touch screen LCD with Touch zoom, AF tracking, shutter and playback capabilities. It also offers full 1080 HD recording in AVCHD format and a 3D Mode that produces a 3D photo in .MPO format by taking 20 consecutive photos and overlaying the two best into a 3D image. This can be played back on MPO-compatible equipment such as a televisions, digital photo frames and printers. 
January 24
Phase One unveils IQ series digital backs
Phase One has released the IQ180, IQ160 and IQ140 medium format digital camera backs with 80, 60.5 and 40 megapixel CCD sensors respectively. All three backs feature 3.2" multi-touch rear screen the company describes as having 1.15 megapixel resolution (though it sounds more like what would usually be called 1.15 million dots). The IQ180 also features a USB 3.0 port for quicker image transfer and a FireWire 800 connection for faster tethered shooting. All three will be available from April 2011 at suggested retail prices starting from €16,990 /$21,990.
January 20
Just posted: Update to 2010 Enthusiast Compact Group Test

Just Posted: An update to our recent group test of the the Canon Powershot S95, Panasonic Lumix LX5 and Nikon Coolpix P7000. Following the release of firmware V1.1 for the Nikon P7000, claimed to reduce RAW write times, we have retested the P7000 and updated the review accordingly. Is the increase in operational speed enough to make the P7000 score higher against the Canon Powershot S95 and Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5? Read our updated review to find out.

Bibble Labs releases Bibble 5.2
Bibble Labs has announced version 5.2 of its RAW workflow software. This is the final version of the update posted as a 'release candidate' in December, and is now available for immediate download. The latest version provides RAW support to fourteen additional cameras including the Nikon D7000/D3100, Panasonic DMC-GF2, Pentax K-5 and Olympus E-PL2. Both the Pro and Lite versions of Bibble 5.2 also include improvements and bug fixes.
Nikon delays launch of my Picturetown 3D service
Nikon has announced a delay in the launch of 'my Picturetown 3D', its Japan-only 3D imaging service. The service that was supposed to launch this month is now rescheduled for March 2011 due to production issues with the NF-300i 3D digital photo frame. The service allows online conversion of 2D and 3D images to the 3D format compatible with the NF-300i.
onOne Software offers free album templates & layouts
onOne Software is offering more than 300 free album templates and layouts aimed at portrait and wedding photographers. After registering in the company's website, the templates can be downloaded and used in Adobe Photoshop, and do not require the use or ownership of any onOne product.
January 19
Just posted: Canon PowerShot G12 Quick Review
Just Posted: Our quick review of the Canon PowerShot G12 enthusiast compact. As the G12 didn't arrive in time to be included in the high-end compact camera group test, we've now had a chance to put together in our quick review format that looks at the differences between its predecessor as well as competitors. Inheriting most of the core features of the G11, The G12 sees the addition of an EOS-style front control dial, Hybrid IS, multi-aspect ratio shooting and 720p HD video recording.
International Street Photography Awards opens for entries
Promotions company Shoot Experience has announced the International Street Photography Awards. Launched in connection with the London Street Photography festival to be held for the first time between 7-17th July 2011, the competition is now open for entries. To participate, photographers need to submit 5-8 of their best street photography photos from past five years along with a £30 entry fee. The winner will receive an Olympus Pen camera, an all-expenses paid trip to London and £1000 cash. There is also a UK-only student award category open to students aged 18 and older. Submissions are open until 30 March 2011.
Scientists develop flexible sensor to allow simple zoom

Scientists have successfully constructed a digital camera that can be flexed to focus an image, allowing its use with simple single-element lenses. Researchers from Northwestern University and the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign created a 16 x 16 pixel array on an elastomeric backing that can be distorted to correctly focus the image from a simple lens. In a paper to be published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), they combine this with a single-element, tunable lens to provide a camera with very simple optics capable of zooming. The technology could eventually provide 'studio quality' images from cellphone cameras, one of the lead researchers says.

Samsung targets the style crowd with ST6500
Samsung tops off its day of announcements with the ST6500, a high-end style compact with touch-screen control. The 16MP camera features a 5x zoom starting at a very respectable 26mm equivalent (extending out to 130mm equiv). Beyond the inclusion of 720p HD movie recording and the fact that the body tilts at 7 degrees, specification for the camera, available in March, is rather thin-on-the-ground. Its recommended selling price will be $229.
Samsung launches ST95, ST90 and ST65 mid-range compacts
Samsung has announced a trio of style compacts in the form of the ST95, ST90 and ST65. The ST95 offers 16MP while the other make do with 14. The top two models offer 5x zooms starting at 26mm equivalent while the ST65 has 5x zoom starting at 27mm equiv. The ST95 features a 3.0" touch-screen interface, rather than the more conventional button-based interfaces of its sister models. The cameras will reach the US market in February, at respective target prices of $199, $149 and $129 the company says.
Samsung announces ST30 10MP ultra-compact
Samsung has announced the ST30 ultra-compact digital camera. The 10.1MP camera has a 3x zoom starting at a usefully wide 28mm equivalent focal length. The camera is, the company says, around the size of an average mobile phone, giving a good idea of who the camera is aimed at. It has all the standard features such as Smart Auto mode and Perfect Portrait mode you'd expect in the budget sector and comes with a list price of $99.95.