November 30
Apple Raw update brings support for 8 cameras, including Sony A99

Apple has issued Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 4.02, adding support for 8 cameras to Aperture 3 and iPhoto '11. The update includes support for many recently-announced cameras including the Sony Alpha SLT-A99, NEX-6, Olympus PEN E-PL5 and Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3, but does not yet support recent high-end Fujifilm models.

Woven app puts photos from mobile devices on Samsung Smart TVs

The free app for iOS and Android allows for easy in-home photo sharing.

Old Razr photos fodder for new book

Artist found photos on old, resold Razr phones and collected them for a book.

November 29
CNET: How smartphones are changing weddings

What are the benefits of “unplugged” weddings?

Learn to take better landscape shots with your mobile device.

November 28
'It nearly killed me' - Ex-Olympus CEO Woodford looks back on crisis

'It nearly killed me' says Olympus CEO-turned-whistleblower Michael Woodford of writing about his dramatic exit from the Japanese company following his 2011 exposure of massive corporate mismanagement. In an interview with Amateur Photographer Magazine, Woodford describes the strain on his personal life, and the process of writing a book about the experience with lawyers poring over every word. He also tells of his intention to give to charity much of the £10M he was awarded for unfair dismissal. Click through for extracts from the interview (from Amateur Photographer).

Adobe Photoshop Touch app updated for smaller tablets

App update aimed at iPad Mini and Nexus 7 users.

Photo sharing platform expands mobile platform offerings with app for iPhone. debuts iPhone accessory line

Product promises to turn 8MP smartphone into 14MP camera.


Mobile accessory review: Gary Fong Flip-Cage with iPhone 4/4S Mount

Our reviewer looks at Gary Fong's iPhone accessory.

Interview with Mobile Photography Awards founder

Learn more about the annual awards from Daniel Berman.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 preview extended

Just Posted: an extensive update to our Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 preview. We've been working away towards a review of the RX1 that we received recently. With its full frame sensor and 35mm F2 lens, it's a camera that's generated a lot of excitement amongst photographers, so we wanted to publish more detail of its performance and behavior. We've added eight pages to the preview, including more detail about its handling and interface as well as our studio test shots, a sample gallery from the production camera and our first impressions of shooting with it.

November 27
Mexican indie band makes music video entirely from Instagram photos

Four-minute long video is made up of 1,905 Instagram shots.

ACDSee 15 and Pro 6 gain Raw support for 16 additional cameras

ACD Systems has extended the Raw support offered by its ACDSee Pro 6 and ACDSee 15 software packages. Both packages gain support for an additional 16 cameras, including the recently-announced Nikon 1 J2 and the Sony DSC-RX100. The more sophisticated ACDSee Pro 6 also gains support for the Compressed DNG formats that were introduced with v1.4 of the DNG format.

Apple claims throne as mobile king

Google loses market share while Android users show disengagement.

Lifelogging camera surpasses Kickstarter goals

Memoto has earned 10 times its goal, continues seeking funds for added features.

Olloclip releases iPhone 5 lenses

The tiny kit features a wide angle, fisheye and macro lens.

Mashable looks at the Lumia 920 camera sensor

Nokia sends tech blog the 8.7-megapixel camera hardware.

One mobile photographer makes the jump from an iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 5.

November 26
Triggertrap app free until the end of the year

Mobile app for Android and iOS helps trigger camera wirelessly in more than a dozen ways.

Triggertrap Mobile app available free until the end of the year

Triggertrap Mobile, the camera triggering app, is available for free between now and the New Year. The idea is to make it easier to give the mobile dongle (that costs $24.99) as a gift, without the recipient then having to buy the associated app. The app is available for both iOS and Android and allows a smartphone to perform as series of sophisticated camera triggering actions, when connected to the camera using the mobile dongle.

Hipstamatic magazine comes to iPhone, web

Snap now available for your phone and computer, as well as your iPad.

Damian Dinning lead Nokia through the development of PureView.

Shoppers spend over $1 billion online during Black Friday

Sales-seekers didn’t wait until Cyber Monday to score deals from Internet retailers.

November 24
BBC: Lomography turns 20

Film fans look back at two decades of lomography photography.

Instagram has record-breaking turkey day

Users upload over 10 million photos on Thanksgiving.

November 23
Retailers sell out of popular phones on Black Friday

Lumia 920 sells out on Amazon, T Mobile out of Nexus 4 devices

Agence-France Presse: Smartphones crushing point-and-shoot camera market

Compact camera sales drop over the past year as mobile photography gains popularity. wants to turn your iPhone into a 'genius phone'

Accessory will make iPhone photos 14 megapixels, the singer claims.

DxO Optics Pro 8: What's new

Optics Pro 8 is the latest upgrade to DxO's image management and raw file processing software. This new version introduces a Smart Lighting adjustment tool for easier highlight and shadow control, a print module with support for multi image page layouts and a tweaked palette organization designed for a more efficient editing workflow. What do these changes mean for new and current users? Read our brief overview to find out.

Simple Photo Tips: 6 steps to sharper photos

Nothing ruins a special moment like a blurry photo. Follow these simple steps to start getting sharper pictures today.

Nikon announces digiscoping adapters for 1 System cameras

Nikon has announced two digiscoping accessories for its 1 System cameras, allowing them to be used to take pictures through telescopes. The DSA-N1 can be used to connect a Nikon 1 system camera directly to a telescope eyepiece. Meanwhile the DSB-N1 is a bracket that holds the camera behind the telescope, and includes a mechanical cable release adapter. Both will be available in December, with RRPs of £219.99 and £169.99 for the DSA-N1 and DSB-N1 respectively.

DPReview Recommends: Top Five Zoom Compact Cameras

'What camera should I buy?' That's a question we get asked a lot here at dpreview, and it's a tough one to answer. We use a lot of cameras, from simple point-and-shoot models to professional workhorses, and everything in between. To help you make a buying decision this holiday season, we've put together a short article which covers five of what we think are the best zoom compact cameras on the market right now, and summarized their strengths and weaknesses. Click through to see what we think. 

November 22
Staying in touch with mobile photography

A brother and sister find mobile photography keeps them connected.

November 21
Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G15 review

Just Posted: Our Canon PowerShot G15 review. The G15 is one of the latest wave of updated enthusiast compact cameras and it follows this season's trend of gaining a brighter lens and CMOS sensor in the process. It still offers a 28-140mm equivalent lens range but its maximum aperture range has been pushed to F1.8-2.8 - a whole stop faster, throughout its range, than the older G12. It's lost that camera's flip-out screen but has lost bulk in the process and has retained that rarest of things - an optical viewfinder. Will this makeover of the G-series formula be enough to win back its place at the top of the heap? Read our review to find out.

Roger Cicala cock-a-hoop* over Sigma's 35mm F1.4 DG HSM

Lensrentals' Roger Cicala hasn't always been a fan of Sigma's lenses but the company's latest 35mm F1.4 seems to have got him pretty excited. He's written a very positive first impressions blog post, considering the build and test data from the first sample he's received. As usual, he's very careful to stress the limitations of what he's reporting - specifically that these are early impressions, based on a single lens that he's had little chance to actually take photos with. However, he's also someone with immense experience with lenses, and is in the unusual position of having had the opportunity to strip the lens down, so we found his insight interesting. (From Lensrentals)

Photographer creates time-lapse showing D600 'dust' accumulation

Canadian photographer Kyle Clemens has created a timelapse video which shows the slow accumulation of debris on the sensor of his brand new Nikon D600. When we reviewed the D600 we expressed concern about the propensity of its sensor to gather specks of debris, and Clements raises the troubling possibility that whatever it is that's ending up on the D600's sensor could be coming from inside the camera. Click through for the full video and a link to Kyle Clements' blog where he investigates the issue. 

Bryce Bayer, inventer of Bayer Filter, passes away aged 83

Imaging Resource has published an obituary of Bryce Bayer, who passed away recently. Often called the 'father of digital imaging', former Kodak scientist Bryce Bayer invented and gave his name to the so-called 'Bayer Filter' - a mosaic pattern of red, green and blue filters which allows silicon sensors that are only sensitive to luminance to capture information about the color in a scene. Patented in 1976, the RGBG Bayer Filter has since become essentially ubiquitous, being used in virtually all digital imaging systems from medium-format backs to smartphones. Click through for a link to the obituary at

Instagram introduces its own badges

Badges link your Instagram web profile from your blog or website. 

Mobile photography: Built on community

One mobile photographer takes a look at the community aspect of the art.

App roundup: Let's get lo-fi

You don't have to get fancy; these lo-fi apps let you keep it simple.

Printicular update sends square images straight to Walgreens

Android users may order prints from phone, update includes 4x4 format.

November 20
Just Posted: Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM Review

Just Posted: Our review of the Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM. The latest version of Sigma's stabilized superzoom is smaller and lighter than the existing non-macro version, yet is able to add improved close-focus performance, helping it compete with the similarly-sized Tamron 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 VC PZD. These long-range all-rounders are a popular choice, so we've had a look at how Sigma's latest performs. We've also added DxOMark's test data for a selection of its competitors, to give a sense of context.

Facebook’s Photo Sync automatically uploads photos from your phone

Photo Sync uploads your photos privately so you can share them later; now testing for iOS. 

We immerse ourselves into Android 4.2's new Photo Sphere feature, which stitches 360° panoramas out of a large number of individual frames. 

Hipstamatic gets gangster

New film 'Gangster Squad' inspires lens, film and camera case with film noir feel.

3D photobooth opens in Japan

The 3D scanner/printer makes tiny figurines of gallery patrons.

Mobile Photography Awards accepting entries

Photographers can win cash prizes for their smartphone shots.

Travel photo sharing app Jetpac gets an update

Version 2.0 improves navigation on the free app.

November 19
Canon EOS 6D sample images added to hands-on preview

We've added a gallery of real-world and studio images to our Canon EOS 6D preview. The EOS 6D won't be available until at least December but we've been able to borrow a pre-production model for which we've been allowed to post samples. We've shot with the camera in a series of lighting conditions, using a variety of lenses, including the EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM and the EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM. We've also shot an ISO sequence under challenging low-color-temperature artificial light. Click here to see how Canon's latest full-frame challenger performs.