November 18
Pentax updates K-5 firmware to V1.01
Pentax has issued updated firmware for its K-5 mid-level DSLR. Version 1.01 increases the number of RAW images that can be shot in a burst during continuous shooting at both low and high ISO settings. The latest version allows the camera to capture up to 20 images in a burst, rather than 8. It also claims 'improved stability for general performance.' The update is available now from the company's websites.
November 17
Sony develops professional E-mount camcorder
Sony has announced it is to develop a professional E-mount camcorder. The as-yet-unnamed model will be available from mid-2011 as an addition to the company's NXCAM line-up of broadcast-standard camcorders. It will feature a CMOS sensor equivalent to the Super-35mm film format (which is essentially the same size as the APS-C format seen in existing E-mount cameras). It will record videos in AVCHD format with plans to implement 1080p (60p / 30p / 24p or 50p / 25p) recording in the MPEG4-AVC/H.264 format. This will be the company's second camcorder compatible with E-mount lenses, following the NEX-VG10E consumer-grade model.
November 16 is hiring
Dpreview is looking for a software development engineer to join our growing team in Seattle. We're also looking for freelance writers and contributors, so if you'd like to help shape the future of the world's biggest digital photography website, check out the details after the link.
Silkypix updates Developer Studio software
Silkypix has released updated versions of its Developer Studio Pro and Basic raw conversion software. The latest versions extend RAW support to several recently released cameras including Panasonic DMC-GH2, Nikon D7000, Sony A33/A55 and Olympus E-5.
Nik Software adds 64-bit compatibility across entire range
Nik Software has announced 64-bit compatibility across its entire range of software plug-ins. Registered customers can download free updates for Dfine 2.0, Viveza 2, Color Efex Pro 3.0, Silver Efex Pro, and Sharpener Pro 3.0 from the company's website.
Olympus launches enhanced kit lens on Japan-only E-PL1s
Olympus has announced the Japan-only E-PL1s and, more significantly, the M.Zuiko Digital 14-42mm II 1:3.5-5.6 kit lens. The camera is a slightly tweaked version of the existing EPL1 but the lens is a completely new design, featuring internal focus for faster, quieter autofocusing. As such the Mark II lens, which is expected to become available worldwide in the near future, gains the company's MSC (Movie and Stills Compatible) designation. It is slightly smaller than the original 14-42 design and, at 112g, is 25% lighter than the existing version. The E-PL1s itself extends the main body color to most of the camera and gains the ability to shoot at ISO 6400.
November 11
Just Posted: Nikon D7000 and Pentax K-5 comparison images
Just Posted: comparison data for the Nikon D7000 and Pentax K-5. Alongside the Canon EOS 60D we've been testing a series of the other hot releases announced at this year's Photokina and two of the hottest are undoubtedly the 16MP mid-range DSLRs from Nikon and Pentax's. Following the hype and excitement about the D7000 and K-5, we thought it'd be nice to see what their output actually looks like so have added them to our list of cameras that can be compared. We've also included them in the Canon EOS 60D review to show them in context.
November 10
Just Posted: Canon EOS 60D in-depth review
Just Posted: our Canon EOS 60D full review. It's been a busy period here at dpreview but behind the scenes we've been shooting with and testing many of the big Photokina 2010 releases. The 60D is not the direct replacement for the 50D that many Canon users expected but there's still an awful lot of 7D fitting into a smaller, lighter body with an articulated screen that is likely to appeal to video shooters. It has the same 18MP sensor as the 7D and 550D and the large, bright viewfinder from its predecessor. It becomes the first X0D camera to have a plastic, rather than metal, body but it also becomes the first to have an articulated screen - a variant of the excellent 1.04 million dot 3:2 screen from the 550D. So how well do all these elements come together and do they create a 'super Rebel' for entry-level users to aspire to?
November 4
Nix releases Hu-Motion digital frames with motion sensors
Digital Frame maker Nix has released a series of motion-sensing digital picture frames. Hu-Motion series frames go into a power-saving mode when they sense no movement within a range of 2.5 meters. They are available in a choice of 8" or 12" models, are compatible with a range of memory cards and come with remote controls.
Photo-i releases A Guide To DSLR Photography
Photo-i editor Vincent Oliver has released 'A Guide To DSLR Photography', the company's latest DVD that promises to help photographers improve their shooting and editing skills. The topics covered include camera set-up, exposure, white balance, lens choice, DSLR movie capture and editing. Playable in all regions, the DVD is available now at retail price of £14.99
Panasonic GF2 announced and previewed
Panasonic has announced the Lumix DMC-GF2 Micro Four Thirds camera. A simplified version of the company's GF1, it inherits the same flat-body design but with revised control layout and touch-screen control. It is built around a 12MP CMOS sensor but with a more powerful processor than its predecessor, allowing AVCHD video recording of 1080i60 movies from 1080p30 capture. It is also compatible with the company's recently released 3D lens. We've had a pre-production GF2 in the office for a few days, so click through to read all about it in our hands-on preview.
November 3
Tether Tools announces latest version of JerkStopper
Accessory maker Tether Tools has announced the latest version of its JerkStopper cable management device. Users can clip the JerkStopper onto USB or power cables to stop cables from causing damage to cameras by being accidentally pulled out. It extends supports to cables such USB, HDMI, power adapters etc with a diameter of 3.5mm to 8.5mm. JerkStopper is available as stand-alone product for $16.95 or as a kit with computer support devices for $21.95.
November 2
Nikon releases software updates for WT-4 wireless transmitter
Nikon has released software updates for its WT-4 wireless transmitter. The latest versions of the WT-4 Setup Utility and Thumbnail Selector extend support to the recently released D7000 digital SLR, add compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6.4 and 64-bit Windows OS systems and fix a few bugs.
November 1
Canon delays shipping of latest EOS lenses
Canon Japan has announced a delay in production of three recently announced lenses. The EF 8-15mm F4L USM fisheye zoom and the EF 300mm and 400mm F2.8L IS II lenses that were supposed to hit the shelves next month, will now be available from March 2011. However, the EF 70-300mm F4-5.6L IS USM and the 2x III and 1.4x III Extenders will start shipping as scheduled on November 19 and December 2010 respectively.
October 29
Mamiya releases RZ22 medium format camera
Mamiya has announced the RZ22 digital medium format camera system featuring a 22MP 48 x 36 CCD sensor. Similar to the company's previously released RZ33 medium format camera, it features fully integrated electronics for direct communication with the digital back and offers image capture rate of 1.1 seconds per frame. The RZ22 is compatible with all RZ system lenses and most accessories. It is currently available in the US market at a retail price of $11,499.
X-Rite i1Profiler to start shipping next month
X-Rite has announced its second generation color profiling software, i1Profiler will be available from next month. The software enables users to create custom profiles for their camera, monitor, printer and projector. It will be available as a part of three bundles - i1Basic Pro, i1Photo Pro and i1Publish Pro, each including the company's i1Pro spectrophotometer and offering different levels of functionality.
Pentax announces firmware update for K-5
Pentax has announced a firmware update for its recently released K-5 digital SLR. To be released in mid-November, the firmware promises to increase the number of RAW frames captured in continuous shooting mode and improve overall stability.
October 28
Benro introduces Transfunctional Travel Angel tripod series
Benro has introduced the Transfunctional Travel Angel compact tripod series. Based upon the company's existing Travel Angel series' 180 degrees fold-back leg design, it allows one leg to be detached and used as a monopod. The company has also updated its Travel Angel tripods with an improved leg locking system, better dust resistance and a new finish.
Canon, Olympus and Pentax release software updates
Canon, Olympus and Pentax have released software updates. Canon has updated its Digital Photo Pro, EOS Utility, Picture Style Editor, ZoomBrowser and ImageBrowser software fixing bugs, bringing improvements and extending support to recently released cameras including the EOS 60D and PowerShot S95. Olympus' Viewer 2 has been updated to support the E-5 digital SLR. Pentax Digital Camera Utility v4.21 adds an automatic lens correction feature, and extends support to the K-5 and K-r DSLRs amongst other improvements.
Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 in Sony mount now available in the UK
Tokina's UK distributor Kenro has announced the AT-X 116 Pro DX 11-16 mm f/2.8 lens is now available in Sony Alpha mount at a recommended retail price of £740.25. Tokina's first lens for Sony's Alpha mount offers an equivalent focal length of 17-25mm and features a 'One-touch Focus Clutch Mechanism' allowing users to switch between AF and MF by pulling the focusing ring towards the camera.
October 27
Eye-Fi introduces online sharing service
Eye-Fi has introduced the Eye-Fi View online sharing service and has released an updated version of its Eye-Fi Center software application. The latest version of the software allows users to share full resolution images using a new email-sharing feature. In addition, the company has also released a firmware update for its X2 series of wireless memory cards.
Samsung updates firmware for NX100
Samsung has released a firmware update for its NX100 interchangeable lens camera. Firmware v1.01 promises better AF accuracy in Night mode and improves system stability. The firmware is available for immediate download from the company's website.
October 26
Nikon updates software and launches 'my Picturetown 3D'
Nikon has updated its View NX and Camera Control Pro software bringing in a few improvements and minor bug fixes. The company has also announced the launch of 'my Picturetown 3D' - a 3D imaging service currently available only to registered users in Japan. The service offers online image conversion tools to view 3D images on a dedicated 3D digital photo frame.
Ricoh posts firmware update for GXR system
Ricoh has announced a function-enhancing firmware update for its GXR interchangeable lens camera. In response to user feedback, the firmware adds a wide range of features including Spot and Macro AF area selection options, faster AF, auto noise reduction, Exif 2.3 support and 3 magnification ratios to check focus. The firmware will be available for download on November 1 from Ricoh's website.
October 25
Adobe issues Lightroom 3.3 and ACR 6.3 release candidates
Adobe has released 'Release Candidates' of its Camera RAW 6.3 and Lightroom 3.3 raw processing software. The updates, available from the company's Adobe Labs site, bring support for 8 additional cameras including the Nikon D7000, D3100 and P7000. Canon's G12 and S95 enthusiast compacts are also supported, along with Samsung's NX100 and TL350 (WB2000). Panasonic's GH2 completes the octet. The company uses the term 'Release Candidate' to denote software that is well tested but not yet the final version.
Panasonic posts firmware update for Lumix DMC-FZ100 superzoom
Panasonic has released a firmware update for the Lumix DMC-FZ100 superzoom compact. Version 1.1 is intended to address occasional banding or shadow noise that can occur in specific shooting conditions. The firmware is available for immediate download from Panasonic's website.
October 22
Samyang announces price for AE 14mm f/2.8 ED AS IF UMC lens
Samyang has announced its AE 14 mm f/2.8 ED AS IF UMC lens for Nikon F mount will be available from the end of this year at a retail price of €329. Announced at Photokina 2010, the manual focus lens is designed for full-frame cameras, but works with APS-C cameras as well. The lens' electronic contacts allows full support of automatic exposure modes of Nikon DSLRs and includes lens-related data in the EXIF. 
Sigma issues DP1x firmware update
Sigma has announced a firmware update for its DP1x large-sensor compact camera. Version 1.01 promises improvements to the camera's speed of operation. The update is available for immediate download from the company's website.
October 21
Apple updates Aperture software and introduces iLife '11
Apple has released an updated version of its Aperture raw-conversion and photo management software and has launched a new version of its iLife suite - iLife '11. Available for immediate download, Aperture v3.1 fixes a number of bugs and adds compatibility with iLife '11. The application suite comprises iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, iDVD and Garageband, and is included with new Mac computers. Existing iLife users can upgrade to the newest version for $49.
October 20
New beginners' guides and Site news
Now that the frenetic burst of activity around Photokina is over, we thought it was time to give you a quick update on what we're up to here at We've recently added a few new beginners' guides to our Learn section, covering photo printing and pocket camcorders, and we're hard at work on our reviews of the hottest products from the show. We've also moved out of our London office and relocated to the United States, which has obviously caused a little disruption, but we've worked very hard to ensure the delay in publishing reviews is kept to a bare minimum. More after the link.
Sony Distagon T* 24mm F2 SSM lens review
Just posted! Our latest lens review starring Sony's Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 24mm F2 SSM. Rounding out the company's premium lens range with a fast wideangle, this latest design is sure to be attractive to users of full frame and APS-C cameras alike. But with Canon and Nikon both offering 24mm F1.4 designs, does the Sony have what it takes to provide a compelling option in this sector? Click through to our detailed review to find out.
DxO Labs discusses DxO Optics Pro v6.5
DxO Labs has announced version 6.5 of its DxO Optics Pro Raw conversion software. A few days before the announcement, we got a chance to speak to the company's Sales and Marketing Director for Photography, Cyrille de La Chesnais. He highlighted the new and improved features the latest version has to offer, along with key elements of the company's new HDR plug-in that will be available around the same time as the Raw conversion software.
DxO Labs announces DxO Optics Pro v6.5
DxO Labs has updated its DxO Optics Pro raw converter to version 6.5 for Windows and Mac. It offers a number of key improvements to Raw processing and noise reduction, and a new Single Shot HDR processing feature that corrects exposure in high contrast images with minimal noise. Version 6.5 extends Raw support to 5 additional cameras including the Canon EOS 60D, Pentax K-x and Sony Alpha DSLR-A290 in the both Standard and Elite editions, and comes with 150 new DxO optical modules.
DxO Labs introduces HDR plug-in for DxO Optics Pro v6.5
DxO Labs has announced an HDR plug-in for the upcoming version 6.5 of its Optics Pro raw converter. Designed to combine exposure-bracketed Raw files to give a single high dynamic range image, it offers a number of presets and tools for fine-tuning, shadow/highlight recovery, and removal of ghost images arising from objects that move between exposures. According to the company, the plug-in can also be used to stack multiple images shot at higher ISOs to reduce noise beyond the sensor's capability. It will be available for both Windows and Mac OS from late November alongside DxO Optics Pro v6.5, at a price to be confirmed.
October 19
Blurb introduces Bookify online book design tool
Print-on-demand book publisher Blurb has introduced the Bookify online book design tool. To create books using Bookify, users need to add images either from Flickr online photo sharing website or from their computer into available templates, and customize the layout to suit their needs. Users can also download the company’s free design software application called BookSmart or submit PDFs directly from their favored software.
A2Z Keywording launches Keyword Perfect 2.0 software
A2Z Keywording has announced the Keyword Perfect 2.0 Image Tagging Studio automated image tagging software. It enables photographers to keyword each image for stock or archival purposes by selecting a number of pre-defined or user-generated tags, thus promising better access to potential buyers. The software is available for an introductory launch price of $199.
Olympus to ship E-5 digital SLR from October 29
Olympus has announced that its E-5 digital SLR will start shipping from October 29 at a suggested retail price of $1700. Announced at Photokina 2010, the weather-sealed camera offers a 12MP Live MOS sensor, 920k dot 3.0" articulated LCD, Live View with Contrast AF, HD video recording and shutter speeds of up to 1/8000th sec. In addition, the company will, on the same day, also start shipping the M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm 1:4.0-5.6 Micro Four Thirds zoom lens at a suggested retail price of  ¥47500 (~$580).
Canon updates firmware for EOS 5D Mark II
Canon has released a bug-fixing firmware update for its EOS 5D Mark II full-frame DSLR. Firmware v2.0.8 addresses specific issues with video recording, live-view and flash settings. The latest version can be downloaded from Canon's website.
October 15
Casio updates firmware for EX-Z800, EX-S200 and EX-Z550
Casio has released firmware updates for three of its recently released compacts. The latest firmware for the Exilim EX-Z800 and EX-S200 increases speed of image review after shooting, while the update for EX-Z550 is a minor bug-fix. The firmware updates are available for immediate download from the company's website.
Panasonic to ship AG-AF100 from December
Panasonic has announced its AG-AF100 series professional Micro Four Thirds HD camcorder will be available from December 27 at a suggested retail price of $4995. Announced in May 2010, the camcorder is capable of recording full 1080p HD videos at frame rates from 12 to 60 fps. It includes HD SDI and XLR connectors, twin SDXC slots and is compatible with the company's line up of Lumix G lenses, filters and adapters.
October 14
Sigma makes 85mm F1.4 EX DG HSM available
Sigma has announced its 85mm F1.4 EX DG HSM lens is now available at a retail price of $1,400. Announced at PMA 2010, the large-aperture short telephoto lens features a hypersonic focus motor with full-time manual focus override. It includes a hood extender for APS-C/DX users and is available in Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sigma and Sony DSLR mounts.
Canon exhibits 4K concept camera at Expo 2010
Canon has exhibited a 4K concept hybrid camera at its expo in Paris. First showcased at the company's Expo 2010 in New York last month, the camera is built around an 8MP CMOS sensor, 20x (24-480mm equiv.) zoom lens and offers 60fps 4K resolution video recording - almost four times the resolution of full HD videos. Apparantly, the company has no plans to release a working model.
Sony NEX firmware v03 now available/review updated
Sony has announced firmware version 03 for its NEX-5 and NEX-3 interchangeable lens cameras is now available for download. The latest version makes major changes to the user interface amongst other enhancements. A separate firmware update for the LA-EA1 A-mount adapter also adds AF support for 14 Sony SAM and SSM lenses. We have now updated our review of both cameras to reflect the changes.
October 13
Canon posts firmware update for EOS Rebel XS/1000D
Canon has posted a bug-fixing firmware update for its EOS Rebel XS (1000D) entry-level DSLR. Version 1.0.7 corrects an occasional error in writing to SD cards. The firmware is available for immediate download from Canon's website.
October 12
Sony announces NEX-3  in pink
Sony has announced a pink color variant of its NEX-3 interchangeable lens camera that will only be available in the Japanese market. It joins the existing color choices of black, red and silver. The pink version will be available from November 2010 with a variety of optional pink accessories.
October 11
Nik Software ships HDR Efex Pro
HDR Efex Pro, Nik Software's previously-announced HDR processing plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Apple Aperture is now available for Mac and PC.
Sony NEX firmware 03 first impressions
Sony's announcement of revised firmware for the NEX mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras was easily missed amongst all of the excitement of Photokina 2010. Version 03 brings extensive revisions, including the ability to set the aperture when recording movies and the enabling of autofocus when using SAM and SSM Alpha-mount lenses via the adapter. But, perhaps most importantly, it addresses some of the major criticisms of the user interface made by reviewers and users alike. We've had a bit of a chance to use the latest firmware so thought we would publish our initial thoughts, ahead of revising the camera review. The review itself is in the process of being updated and will be re-published with updated scoring as soon as firmware 03 becomes publicly available.
Canon posts firmware update for SX130 IS
Canon has released a firmware update for its recently released SX130 IS digital compact correcting a minor bug while recording movies. The firmware is available for immediate download from Canon's website.
October 8
Just Posted! Panasonic GH2 14mm F2.5 preview samples gallery
Just posted: Our Panasonic GH2/14mm F2.5 samples gallery. Panasonic's latest video-focused Micro Four Thirds camera features an entirely new 18MP multi-aspect-ratio sensor and has been released alongside a 14mm F2.5 pancake lens. We've got hold of production examples of both and have taken them out shooting to get a flavor of how they perform with a variety of lighting conditions, subject distances and apertures. Rather than shooting the same scene at all ISO settings, we've shot an outdoor scene at ISO 160 to ISO 800 and indoors 1600 to 12,800 to give a more realistic impression of what you can expect in situations you might actually encounter.
Ricoh updates GR Digital III firmware
Ricoh has announced a firmware update adding functions to its GR Digital III camera. In response to user feedback the firmware adds High Contrast Black & White and Cross Process shooting modes and, 4x screen magnification as against the current 2x. It also adds options for resetting various customized settings to the factory defaults. The firmware will be available soon from Ricoh's website.