May 30
ACD Systems launches ACDSee 16 with more tools and introductory price

ACD Systems has announced the latest version of its ACDSee photo management and editing software for Windows. ACDSee16 gains a range of editing and organizational tools, including features that simulate out-of-focus regions and tilt-shift lens effects. The latest version is available at a reduced price ($50), for a limited time, with existing users being about to upgrade for $30. A 15-day free trial is available from the company's website.

Chicago Sun-Times lays off entire photo staff: switches to freelancers

According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times has laid off its entire photography staff, and plans to use freelance reporters and photographers in the future to save costs. The layoffs, which are believed to take effect immediately, were announced to the 28-strong photo staff on Thursday morning. In a statement issued by the paper, it suggested that the move was in response to a demand for 'more video content' from its audience. Click through for more details. 

Olympus PEN E-P5 preview updated with more impressions and samples

We've had a chance to take another look at an 'initial production' Olympus PEN E-P5, and have updated our preview with some more first impressions and image samples. Olympus has only allowed us to publish downsampled images, but we've still been able to get more of an idea of how well the camera works. We hope to get our hands on a production E-P5 that we can use to shoot full size images towards the middle of June, but until then click through for our updated preview to whet your appetite. 

Stock Android HTC One announced

The HTC One with Nexus user experience will be available for $599.

Huawei Ascend P6 coming next month

Chinese hardware maker promises new device launch in London next month.

Samsung announces Galaxy S4 Mini

The 4.3-inch smartphone has an 8-megapixel rear camera and many S4 shooting features.

Instagram's most original #hashtags

Trending #hashtags worth following.

Nikon UK offers summer cashback on 1 system cameras

Nikon UK has announced a summer cashback offer on its 1 system cameras. From 30th May to 4th September, buyers can claim back £50 on the S1 and J3 models, and £80 on the V2 (or €60 and €80 respectively for customers in Eire). The offer applies to both body-only purchases and single- and twin-lens kits, and all colours of camera; cashback has to be claimed by 4th October 2013. Click through for full details.  

Transportation planner creates beautiful visualizations of flight patterns

Michael Markieta, a transportation planner at global engineering and design firm Arup, has created a series of beautiful visualizations of aircraft flight paths as they span the globe. Using different shades for short and long-distant flights, the images map the world in a ghostly spiderweb of connections from airports small and large. Markieta has marked more than 58,000 flightpaths and the results are stunning. Click through for images (via

May 29
Is this the new Leica 'Mini M'?

Leica has announced that it has a 'new family member' coming on June 11th and, as the German manufacturer continues to tease what it's calling the 'Mini M' on its website, a photo has emerged which may reveal more details about the forthcoming camera. A French iPad app has published what seems to be an advertisement for the new Mini M and, if genuine, it reveals that the Mini M will sport a 16MP APS-C sensor and an 28-70mm (equivalent) F3.5-6.4 zoom lens. Click through for more (alleged) details.

The best app news of the week.

Canon adds 200-400mm support to EOS-1D Mark IV and EOS-1Ds Mark III

Canon has posted a firmware update for its EOS-1D Mark IV and EOS-1Ds Mark III full-frame DSLRs to allow them to work correctly with the new EF 200-400mm F4 L IS 1.4x lens. Firmware versions 1.1.3 (1D Mark IV) and 1.2.2 (1Ds Mark III) allow the cameras' central AF points to achieve focus with the lens when it is used with an extender, where the combined aperture is F8. Both updates are available for immediate download. 

5 impressive videos shot with the Lumia 920

Short films showcase Nokia's flagship smartphone.

Lens reviews update: DxOMark data for 400mm telezooms compared

DxOMark has tested two recently-announced announced long telezooms, the Sony 70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM II and the Nikon AF-S Nikkor 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR, as well as the older AF Nikkor 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6D ED VR. As part of our ongoing collaboration we've added the test data to our lens comparison widget, and to add a little more context we've also included a couple of super-tele primes from Canon. Click through to see how these lenses compare, with links to view the results in our lens widget, and for the full data on DxOMark.

Canon announces production of 90 millionth EF lens

Canon has announced that it has now produced 90 million EF lenses since the launch of the EOS system in 1987. The proliferation of digital SLRs has seen a rapid increase in lens production in recent years, and the company's 90 millionth lens - an EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM - was manufactured on May 23 2013, just over 9 months after its 80 millionth. The company's lens lineup currently consists of no fewer than 84 models, ranging from the inexpensive EF 50mm f/1.8 II to high-end exotica such as the recently-announced EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Extender 1.4x - the world's first SLR lens with a built-in switchable teleconverter. 

Head-to-Head: Canon PowerShot G15 vs Nikon Coolpix P7700

We've just posted our head-to-head review of the Canon PowerShot G15 and Nikon Coolpix P7700. These two 12MP zoom compacts have comparable designs and share a lot of similar features, but which one is best for you? We've run them through a series of studio and real-world tests to find out. Click through for links to our head-to-head review.

May 28
DPReview is hiring! Content Editor and Software Manager roles available

DPReview is hiring! We have two open positions available: we're looking for an Editor to join our team of writers and reviewers, and a Software Manager. If you're interested in joining our growing team and you have experience either writing photography-related content for the web, or managing developer teams to launch successful projects, you should click through for more details.

Samsung releases source code for NX300 and NX2000 mirrorless cameras

Samsung has published the source code for its NX300 and NX2000 mirrorless cameras - the first attempt we've seen at offering public access to a mainstream camera's operating system. The approach, which the company has previously used with its smartphones, stands in stark contrast to other camera manufacturers, which have not engaged with the community of programmers looking to enhance the capabilities of their cameras.

Magic Lantern enables Canon EOS 50D raw video output

Camera feature modifier Magic Lantern has piqued interest in the five-year-old Canon EOS 50D by enabling video recording on this previously stills-only camera. The development work is still in early stages, but a user has posted raw video footage at 1592 x 720 resolution at 24p. Click through to see why videographers are excited about this newly added feature. (via

Astro-hobbyist Dave Akerman sends the affordable camera/computer combo up in a weather balloon.

Collective uses mobile and more to document another side of Los Angeles.

May 27
Software technique: Photoshop Gradient Tool: Part 2 - Adjusting Images

In the second, concluding article of his 2-part tutorial explaining Photoshop's Gradient tool, Jean Miele explains how to use linear, reflected and radial gradients in layer masks to improve your digital photographs. In this article Jean takes us through four clear, easy steps, and also includes more tips for making the most out of gradients in both Photoshop and Lightroom. Click through for links to the article. 

May 25
App news roundup: Instapuzzle, Google Drive, Taada and more

We round up the best app news of the week.

What The Duck #1390

We've been fans of Aaron Johnson's comic strip 'What the Duck' for years. 'WTD' is one of the best satirical comic strips in the world, and it's published here every week, as well as being included in our weekly newsletter. Barbed, topical and always amusing, we hope you enjoy WTD as much as we do. Click through for this week's strip.

Accessory Review: Phottix BG-5D III Battery Grip for Canon 5D Mark III

The Phottix BG-5DIII battery grip is a budget-friendly alternative to Canon's BG-E11 battery grip for the EOS 5D Mark III, allowing you to double the battery life and enhance handling when shooting vertical format images. Can it do the same job for less cash, or should you save up for the Canon-branded accessory? Find out in our review. 

May 24
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Vine artist extraordinaire uses app to tell stories in six seconds or less.

Spy glasses snap sneaky photos at half the price of Google Glass

However, wearing a camera on your face might always be awkward.

Sigma announces availability of 35mm F1.4 DG HSM for Sony and Pentax

In a brief note on its Japanese website, Sigma has announced that the Sony and Pentax mount versions of its highly-regarded 35mm F1.4 DG HSM 'Art' lens will go on sale on 31st May. It's also announced that the Nikon-mount version of its 120-300mm F2.8 DG OS HSM 'Sports' telephoto zoom will be available at the same time. We gave the 35mm F1.4 our Gold Award when we reviewed it back in December, for its combination of exceptionally good optics and solid build at a price rather lower than the camera manufacturers' equivalents.

May 23
Canon still pursuing Foveon-style multi-layer sensor design

Canon has patented a color-sensitive multi-layered sensor design, showing the company is still pursuing the technology. Like Sigma's Foveon chips, the multi-layered design allows each of the sensor's pixels to capture color information without the need for colored filters. The patent, discovered by the Japanese Engineering Accomplishment blog, suggests a system to promote resonance within the sensor, in an attempt to make the lower layers of the sensor more sensitive. (from Egami blog)

Photographer captures concert with DSLR-mounted GoPro

If you've never had the chance to stand in the front row and shoot a live concert, Montreal-based photographer Pierre Bourgault has the next best thing. He attached a GoPro camera to the top of his Canon DSLR and recorded a seven-minute video of his shooting experience at a Dead to Me concert. He then overlaid the actual photos taken at the show, which you can view after the break.

Artist preserves smartphone gestures for the future

Interactive art preserves the tap, scroll and swipe.

Leica teases 'Mini M' for 11th June release

Leica has placed a teaser on its Facebook page for a new 'Mini M' camera to be launched on June 11th, that apparently will slot into its range between the M rangefinder and the X2 fixed-lens compact. It's given no other details, but we think it could make sense for the company to produce a full-time live view version of the M Typ 240, using the same sensor but with the expensive rangefinder assembly removed. This would result in a 24MP full frame mirrorless camera that would be able to use almost any manual focus SLR or rangefinder lens ever made, without a field-of-view crop. 

A short history of animals trying to eat GoPro cameras

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! The tiny GoPro camera looks delicious to some animals.

Fujifilm updates X-Pro1 and X-E1 to improve AF with 55-200mm lens

Fujifilm has updated the firmware for its X-Pro1 and X-E1 mirrorless cameras, to improve the autofocus speed with the recently-launched XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 R LM OIS telephoto zoom lens. Versions 1.05 for the X-E1 and 2.04 for the X-Pro1 are available to download from the Fujifilm website. Click through for the links.

May 22

Samsung's newest flagship phone ranks just below the iPhone 5 in DxOMark testing.

Studio scene comparison pages added to Pentax MX-1 preview

We've just added three studio comparison pages to our previously-published preview of the Pentax MX-1. The MX-1 is Pentax's flagship compact camera, and something of a departure for the manufacturer, offering a fast F1.8-2.5 zoom lens, full manual control and a high-class, metal body, to compete with more established peers like Panasonic's LX7. Click through to go to the new pages in our preview, and see for yourself how the MX-1 compares to its rivals.  

What's next for former Flickr Pros, and whether professional photographers still exist.

Gifty concept camera produces instant flipbooks

Animated flipbooks have been around for nearly 145 years. With just a little thumb action, these books allowed you to view a few seconds worth of animation. Now, a new concept camera known as the Gifty allows you to record video and print a flipbook instantly. The only problem: you can't buy one yet. 

GIF creator receives honor, still chafes at mispronunciation

If you've ever wondered who to thank (or blame) for those 8-bit animated graphics that remain prelevant even on today's high-bandwidth Internet, Steve Wilhite is your man. He was honored for that achievement at this year's Webby Awards and took the opportunity to once again remind us how 'GIF' should be pronounced. (via New York Times)

Mobile phones offer photographers a fresh perspective

These pros find new uses for camera phones.

May 21
Just Posted: Olympus E-PM2 Review

We've just posted our review of the The Olympus PEN Mini E-PM2. The E-PM2 is an entry-level Micro Four Thirds system camera, with a 16MP CMOS sensor and full 1080 HD video. It's one of the smallest mirrorless cameras on the market and boasts 8 frames per second continuous shooting. This second generation 'Mini' is effectively the image quality 'guts' of the OM-D in a compact, lightweight, novice-friendly form. Click through to find out what we think of it.

Operation Photo Rescue repairs photos damaged by fires, floods and natural disasters.

Rumor round up: Bloggers buzz about Samsung's next move

What will the next Samsung device look like?

1 Second Everyday: An iOS app that compiles your life

Watch your life in 1-second clips.

Kyocera Hydro Edge smartphone is meant to be 'oops-proof'

The new device is waterproof to 3.28 feet for up to 30 minutes.

May 20

What do changes mean for Pro account holders?

New York Times details photo editing policy for fashion magazine

A cover image in the latest issue of the New York Times' monthly style magazine, T, has led to an interesting discussion about the newspaper's policy on photo retouching. While editors forbid any image manipulation beyond, 'minor color-toning and brightness' in news stories, retouches and removal of blemishes are allowed in the style magazine's fashion photography. Does a newspaper risk credibility by allowing retouching on editorially-branded content? Click to read more and share your thoughts.

Book Review: Shooting in Sh*tty Light

Lindsay Adler and Erik Valind, both working professionals and educators, have written a beginner’s guide to photographic lighting with an unusual conceit at its core. By structuring a book around a list of common challenges - what they call the 'top ten worst situations' - they've created a digestible, useful 'lighting 101' guide. In this short review, Adam Koplan takes a look at their book 'Shooting in Sh**ty Light: The Top Ten Worst Photography Lighting Situations and How to Conquer Them'.

Keyprop is a super portable smartphone tripod

The Kickstarter accessory blends into your key ring.