July 26
Hipstamatic readies Oggl Pro app for new Nokia Lumia 1020

Also releases Hipstamatic Oggl for other Nokia, Samsung and HTC devices.

Lowy uses new Clara filter in Sarajevo.

ACDSee 16 and Pro 6 gain Raw support for 14 additional cameras

ACD Systems has extended the Raw support offered by its ACDSee Pro 6 and ACDSee 16 software packages. Version 6.3 of the Pro version and and ACDSee v16.1 gain support for an additional 14 cameras including the Canon EOS 100D and 700D, Nikon D7100 and Coolpix A, Sony NEX-3N and SLT-A58, Olympus XZ-10, and the Panasonic DMC-G6. This update also includes performance improvements. Click through for more information.

Fujifilm posts revised X-Pro1 firmware 3.01 with movie mode fix

Fujifilm has posted firmware version 3.01 for the X-Pro1, which resolves a bug in the recently-released v3.00 that caused movies to be recorded incorrectly under some circumstances. It's otherwise the same, meaning that it promises faster AF speed, and adds a 'peaking' display mode to aid manual focus, compared to prevous versions. Click through for the download link.     

Just posted: Canon EOS 100D / Rebel SL1 Review

We just posted our Canon EOS 100D / Rebel SL1 review. Canon's smallest SLR to date was built to take on mirrorless cameras while maintaining the optical viewfinder and compatibility with the company's existing suite of EF and EF-S lenses. We put it through its paces in a busy family environment to see how well it held up in the type of setting it's most likely to encounter. Click through for our review.

July 25
Lomography seeks crowd funding for new production of Petzval lenses

The people at Lomography have built a business around promoting and selling lo-fi cameras and accessories. What's (really) old is new again in their latest Kickstarter campaign, an effort to bring the centuries-old Petzval lens back into production. The 'New Petzval' lenses look and function much like the originals with a brass exterior, and would be produced in both Canon EF- and Nikon F- mounts. Click through and read more about the project.

Nokia pushes out its own YouTube Upload app

The first Windows Phone 8 app just for YouTube uploading is made ... not by YouTube.

iblazr casts light onto your smartphone and tablet photography

External flash accessory for Android and iOS seeking funding through Kickstarter.

Dailymotion debuts its own free video editing app for iOS

The popular video sharing website is getting into the app game. 

Manfrotto creates Arca-Swiss compatible 'Top Lock' quick release

Manfrotto UK has announced a 'Top Lock' quick release system for its tripod heads that's compatible with standard Arca Swiss-type plates. It uses a clamp design that allows the camera to dropped in from above rather than slid in from the side, and three bubble levels to help keep the camera straight. The Top Lock release is available as an add-on adapter, or pre-installed on the company's top-end 054, 055, 056 and 468MG ball heads.

July 24

Second-gen device holds promise as an imaging companion.

Extra images added to Sony Cyber-shot RX1R Samples Gallery

We've just added several more photographs to our gallery of real-world samples from the new Sony Cyber-shot RX1R. The RX1R shares the same feature set as its forebear the RX1, but its 24MP full-frame CMOS sensor lacks an AA filter for additional sharpness. We've been impressed by the RX1R's image quality as we work through our usual studio and real-world testing, and we've added more samples (both JPEG and converted Raw) to our gallery for you to take a look at. Click through for a link. 

EyeEm now available for Android tablets

The photo sharing social networking app is now available for Android tablets.

Unified Color Technologies introduces HDR Expose 3 and 32 Float v3

Unified Color Technologies has announced HDR Expose 3 and 32 Float 3 - the latest versions of its HDR software. HDR Expose is the company's stand-alone software, which works in the company's 'Beyond RGB' 32-bit color space and attempts to manipulate chroma and luminance data separately, while 32 Float is a Photoshop plugin built on the same principles. The latest versions gain improved tone mapping tools that attempt to retain local contrast while increasing the overall range of tones included in the final image, along with upgraded alignment and de-ghosting.

Canon introduces two all-in-one Pixma printers

Canon has introduced two Pixma printers, the  MG2420 All-in-One and MG3520 Wireless Photo. The Pixma MG3520 supports printing via WiFi networks as well as Apple's AirPrint feature, allowing direct printing from many iOS devices. It also offers auto duplexing and Canon's FastFront ink and paper loading. Both models provide Full HD Movie Print with compatible Canon cameras and ship with My Image Garden photo organization and sharing software. Click through for the full press release and pricing.

Our first impressions and first images from Nokia's new PureView phone.

Motorola announces a trio of Droids

Introducing the Ultra, the Maxx and the Mini.

July 23
Eric Kim: What to consider when buying a camera for street photography

Eric Kim is one of the most prolific street photographers around, but he's also a keen blogger. In this article, originally posted on his site back in spring, he offers some advice on how to buy a new camera for street photography. Rather than a simple buyers' guide, though, Kim delves into the psychology of purchase decisions, citing research by psychologist Barry Schwartz which divides us into two categories - 'maximizers' and 'satisficers'. Click through for a link to the full article. 

Cassini spacecraft takes spectacular pictures of Saturn (oh, and Earth)

Last Friday, while orbiting Saturn, the Cassini spacecraft turned its camera lens on earth from almost a billion miles away. NASA has released the images, which show not only Saturn and its rings, but also the Earth in the (very far) distance. The original 'raw' images taken by the spacecraft are grayscale, but astronomy enthusiast Valerie Klavans has converted some of them and added color. The results look pretty spectacular. Check them out after the link.

Royal photographer shares tips on photographing babies, #royalbaby etc...

As Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge celebrate the birth of a baby son (OMG! #shinynewprince), official Royal photographer for The Sun (that's the British tabloid newspaper) has shared some tips for photographing babies. Arthur Edwards knows what he's talking about, having photographed the proud father, William, when he was an infant. Click through for some of Edwards' top tips for photographing babies - assuming of course that you're not utterly bored of the whole thing by now. 

Report says Apple testing larger screens for iPhone and iPad

Is there a phablet in Apple's future?

Nokia announces the 4.7-inch, 5-megapixel Lumia 625

The latest Lumia has a big screen but underwhelming camera specs. 

Fujifilm adds XC50-230mm F4.5-6.7 OIS to X-mount lens roadmap

Fujifilm has updated its X-mount lens roadmap to include a 50-230mm F4.5-6.7 OIS lens as part of its more affordable 'XC' series. The 75-350mm equivalent tele-zoom joins the 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 XC and the ten existing or announced high-end XF series lenses in Fujifilm's lineup. The company also highlights the three Touit lenses available or planned by Zeiss for the X-mount system. The Fujinon XC50-230mm F4.5-6.7 OIS appears in the fourth quarter of 2013 on the roadmap.

July 22
SanDisk debuts new line of wireless memory storage devices

Sandisk has announced its new Connect line of wireless flash memory storage devices, including the SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive and SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive. SanDisk says its Wireless Flash Drive allows for wireless connectivity from a smartphone, tablet or computer without an Internet connection. It's available in 16GB or 32GB capacities, priced at $49.99 and $59.99 respectively. Click through for more details on our sister site, connect.dpreview.com.

KaleidoCamera teaches your DSLR new light field tricks

A prototype for a new DSLR add-on is poised to bring plenoptic capabilities to consumer cameras. The KaleidoCamera is designed to sit between a standard DSLR's sensor and lens. A diffuser splits light passing through the lens into nine different beams, each passing through a filter before it reaches the camera's sensor. Click through to read on about this prototype's capabilities and potential applications.

In case you were curious, here are the 10 most expensive photos ever sold.

Photography has been around for almost two hundred years, but amazingly, it's only in the past couple of decades that it has gained widespread acceptance as an artform. These days, images by significant photographers command very high prices. But just how high is 'very high'? Internet community FreeYork.org has published a list of the ten most expensive photos ever sold. Click through for the list.

Hasselblad announces distinctly RX100-esque 'Stellar' compact

Hasselblad has unveiled a rather familiar-looking compact camera - the Stellar. The very RX100-esque compact offers the same 28-100mm equivalent Zeiss-branded zoom and 20MP 1"-type sensor as the Sony, but comes with a substantial hand-grip made from a choice of exotic materials and, we suspect, a significantly higher price tag.

Samsung announces its own developers conference

Samsung is going solo at its brand new developers conference in October. 

New flash drive and new media drive available for pre-order now.

Is this the new Nexus 7?

Photos show what is rumored to be Google's next tablet.

Nokia teases 'BIG' announcement tomorrow

After a busy summer of product announcements, Nokia may not be done yet.

July 21
High Speed Sync with YN560 flash

This article explain the way to do High Speed Sync with YN560 flash.

July 20
Modular concept camera captures photographer and subject simultaneously

It's not uncommon for photographers to feel much more at ease behind the camera rather than in front of it. Duo, a concept from Chin-Wei Liao, a Korean design school graduate, aims to transform the person behind the lens into photographer and subject simultaneously. Each half of the Duo is an individual camera. Assembled as one unit, pressing the shutter will record an image while capturing a picture of the person using the camera. Click through to read more about this modular camera system.

July 19
Just Posted: Pentax WG-3 GPS Review

We've just posted our review of the Pentax WG-3 GPS. This uniquely shaped camera can handle whatever nature throws at you, and the fast lens (at wide-angle) doesn't hurt, either. There's one more review left in our waterproof camera series, followed by a wrap-up article that will help you pick the best one. In the meantime, you can read more about the WG-3 GPS after the link.

What The Duck (from the vaults)

We've been fans of Aaron Johnson's comic strip 'What the Duck' for years. 'WTD' is one of the best satirical comic strips in the world, and it's published here every week, as well as being included in our weekly newsletter. Barbed, topical and always amusing, we hope you enjoy WTD as much as we do. Click through for one from Aaron's archive. Appropriate this week, we think...

Socialmatic camera will be $299 with pre-orders 'soon'

What would you pay for this Android-based camera/printer combo?

Nikon updates distortion correction data for DSLRs, adding latest lenses

Nikon has released distortion correction data v1.009, adding support for additional lenses for the D4, D90, D600, D800, D800E, D3100, D3200, D5000, D5100, D5200, D7000 and D7100. The latest update means these cameras can now correct distortion in 107 Nikkor lenses. The latest update includes recent launches such as the Nikon AF-S Nikkor 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G ED and can be downloaded from Nikon's global website.

Can Photojournalism Survive in the Instagram Era?

With newspapers laying off photographers and picture editors, and the rise of 'citizen journalism', can traditional photojournalism survive? Nonprofit news organization Mother Jones has published an interesting interview with photographer Fred Richin, whose new book 'Bending the Frame: Photojournalism, Documentary and the Citizen' aims to explore the current state of the profession, and answer some of the questions about its future. Click through for extracts from the interview, and a link to the full article. 

Rumors suggest Sony's Honami will have interchangeable lens capability: reality or simply wishful thinking?

DxOMark investigates lenses for Canon EOS 6D, and Sigma 30mm F1.4

Our friends and collaborators over at DxOMark have been investigating lenses for the Canon EOS 6D, and have tested no fewer than 95 lenses from Canon, Samyang, Sigma, Tamron, Tokina and Zeiss to see which score highest. The results are presented in a multipart article, that also compares the EOS 6D results to those from the EOS 5D Mark III and the Nikon D600. Meanwhile for APS-C SLR users, this week DxOMark also reviewed two fast lenses from Sigma, the 30mm F1.4 DC HSM and (in case you missed it earlier this week) the 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM. Click through for the links.  

July 18
Great summer photo projects

A good summer photo project doesn't necessarily require a lot of expensive equipment, just a camera, an idea and the persistence to see it through. Chances are you've already got everything you need to kick off a photo series of your own. At DPReview we're always looking for new and interesting photos on the web and lately we've noticed a lot of inspired projects. Some are fairly laborious, while others take a simple idea and run with it. Check out these projects and why not get started on your own?

Slender HTC One mini announced

A phone that might fit into your skinny jeans pocket.

What would you add to this list?

Richard Koci Hernandez shows off EyeEm's new Capa filter

See what the black & white filter can do in the hands of an award-winning photographer. 

Panasonic launches Lumix DMC-XS3 slimline zoom compact

Panasonic has announced the Lumix DMC-XS3, a budget zoom compact camera that's just 14mm thick. It sports an optically-stabilised wideangle 5x zoom lens (24-120mm equivalent), a 14.1MP 1/2.3" High Sensitivity MOS sensor, and can record Full HD video in MP4 format. It includes a range of Creative Filters which can be applied either during or after shooting, and can also be used when shooting panoramas. The XS3 appears to be a Europe-only release, and will be available in September at a price of £119.

EyeEm expands, with plans for more thanks to major funding boost

New features are a plus, but is EyeEm poised to overtake Instagram? 

Panasonic announces Lumix DMC-FZ70 with 60x optical zoom

Panasonic has announced the Lumix DMC-FZ70, a 16MP compact superzoom with a 60x optical zoom that more than doubles the zoom reach of its 24x FZ60 predecessor. Spanning the equivalent of 20-1200mm, the FZ70's zoom lens has a maximum aperture range of F2.8-5.9 and is claimed to be both the longest and widest in its class. The FZ70 effectively replaces the FZ60, but the constant-F2.8 Lumix DMC-FZ200 remains in the lineup.

July 17
DPReview launches GearShop

Today, DPReview officially opens GearShop to the public. GearShop is a highly curated and content-rich online store for buying cameras, lenses and photography accessories. Utilizing DPReview’s comprehensive testing and research, GearShop provides photography enthusiasts with expert guidance when buying photography equipment online. In celebration of the launch, GearShop customers will be able to claim up to $150 in free accessories with select camera purchases now through July 27, 2013. Click through for more details. Apologies to our international visitors: At this time GearShop is only able to ship to customers in the USA.

Magic Lantern firmware boosts dynamic range of Canon 5D III, 7D

The folks at Magic Lantern are no stranger to adding new features to Canon DSLRs, courtesy of their EOS Camera Tool software. Their latest creation, Dual ISO, increases the dynamic range of the 5D Mark III and EOS 7D by four stops, bringing the total dynamic range to 14EV. This allows you to pull detail out of the shadows with a lot less noise than with the 'stock' firmware. Click through for more details.

Hipstamatic heads to the beach with Brighton HipstaPak

All that's missing from this beach-y pak are the umbrella and sunscreen.