December 17
Facebook releasing Snapchat competitor

New Facebook app will send self-destructing photo messages.

Instagram testimony doesn’t add up

CEO and others allegedly hid information about Twitter offer.

DxOMark introduces 'Perceptual MPix' score for lens sharpness

DxOMark has introduced a new metric of lens sharpness that it's calling the 'Perceptual MegaPixel'. This is designed to give a simple, easily-understandable indication of how a lens impacts on the resolution of the camera with which it's paired. The measurement is based on standard MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) testing, but also takes into account the sensitivity of the human visual system to detail. The data can be explored over at the DxOMark website.  

Instagram to start monetization

Facebook confirms it's exploring ways to make money off Instagram.

DxO Optics Pro 8.1.1 supports Sony SLT-A99, Pentax K-5 II & Canon EOS M

DxO Labs has updated its DxO Optics Pro software to version 8.1.1 with the addition of support for the Sony SLT-A99, Canon EOS M, Pentax K-5 II and K-5 IIs. The latest update also includes over 300 additional camera/lens correction modules. The update is free for Optics Pro 8 users and is available immediately. New users can purchase the latest version with a 33% discount until December 25, 2012.

Nikon marks production of 75 millionth Nikkor lens

Nikon is celebrating the production of its 75 millionth Nikkor lens for its interchangeable lens cameras. The lineup currently consists of more than 80 kinds of lenses, including specialty Fisheye, Micro, and PC-E lenses for SLR cameras, as well as 1 Nikkor lenses for its Nikon 1 cameras. The lens series was introduced in 1959 with the launch of the Nikkor S Auto 5cm f/2.

December 14
App updates for Google+, Facebook and more

Google+ app adds Communities feature, Facebook ups photo upload controls.

Flickr updates: See what's new

Flickr's latest update for iOS is a total redesign and includes photo filters. Will it be enough to attract new users?

Time magazine showcases Top 10 photos of 2012

Time magazine has published its Top 10 photos of 2012. As part of its end-of-year series including the 'most surprising pictures of the year' and the 'Top 10 Photographic Magazine Covers', this set includes the images that moved the team the most in 2012. "They all deliver a strong emotional impact — whether they show a child mourning his father who was killed by a sniper in Syria; a heartbreaking scene in a Gaza City morgue  or a haunting landscape of New Jersey coastline after Hurricane Sandy" says Kira Pollack, Time's Director of Photography. Click through to see what they chose.

December 13
BBC examines how fake photographs can change our memories

Manipulation of photographs is nothing new. For as long as cameras have existed, photographers have staged, retouched and combined images and passed them off as 'real'. Sometimes for artistic purposes, sometimes for fun, but sometimes for more nefarious purposes. The BBC has published a fascinating article on its international 'Future' site exploring the power that faked photographs have over us, and draws some alarming conclusions about our memories, and how easily they too can be manipulated. Click through for more information and a link to the full article. 

Noted smartphone photographer Oliver Lang explores Samsung's Android-powered connected camera.

Photo-a-day Blip updates iOS app

Latest additions to iOS app include photomapping and filters.

Macworld/iWorld conference dedicates day to iPhone photography

The annual event celebrating all things Apple will host a special event for shooting, processing and sharing photos from the iPhone.

Adobe releases Lightroom 4.3 and Adobe Camera Raw 7.3

Adobe has released Photoshop Lightroom 4.3 and Adobe Camera Raw 7.3. These are final versions of updates that were originally posted as 'release candidates' on the Adobe Labs site, and are available for immediate download. The latest versions provide RAW support for 13 additional cameras, including the Canon EOS 6D, Nikon D5200 and Sony DSC-RX1. The Mac version of Lightroom features a Develop module that supports Apple's HiDPI mode, that makes the interface easier to read on the 'Retina' panels used on recent Macs. 

December 12
Just Posted: Sony Alpha SLT-A99 review

Just Posted: Our review of the Sony Alpha SLT-A99. The A99 is Sony's flagship SLT camera - featuring a 24MP full-frame sensor and dual AF system, along with the level of build and direct control you'd expect from a range-topping model. We've put the A99 through its paces in a variety of situations, including an investigation of how its AF depth control performs in challenging shooting conditions. We've also looked at the advantages the SLT system and articulated screen bring to a camera at this level, as well as looking at their downsides. Click here to find out what we concluded.

Microsoft releases Camera Codec Pack with Raw support for 34 extra cameras

Microsoft has released an updated version of its Camera Codec Pack for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and RT. The latest update allows applications such as Windows Explorer, Windows Photo Viewer, Media Center, and Windows Photo Gallery to deal with Raw files from 34 additional cameras. The cameras include the Canon EOS M, Olympus OM-D E-M5 and Sony NEX-7.

Flickr brings much demanded updates to web interface and iOS app

Flickr has updated its web interface and released an updated version of its iOS app as it tries to reassert its relevance in a post-Instagram landscape. The refresh of the web interface sees the navigation bar at the top of the site get slimmer, to devote more page space to photos. The 'Explore' page has also been redesigned - taking on the full-width, large tiled design used in the 'My Contacts' page. Flickr has also updated its famously poor iOS app, adding processing filters and better discovery tools.

Carl Zeiss announces 2012 photo competition for users of its lenses

Carl Zeiss has announced its annual photo contest for images shot with one of its lenses. Any Zeiss lens is considered valid, from Nokia smartphones through Sony compacts, such as the RX100, to the company's high-end interchangeable lenses. This year's theme is 'The moment that knows no limits' and first prize is one of the company's manual focus SLR and rangefinder lenses, with a variety of other Zeiss-branded prizes for runners-up. The contest runs on Flickr until January 15th.

Flickr app update adds photo filters

Flickr updates iOS app with 16 filters, also improves desktop navigation.

Carl Zeiss Photo Contest 2012 open to mobile photographers

As long as your image was taken with a Zeiss lens, you can submit your entry through Jan. 15, 2013 on Flickr.

Mobile accessory review: iStabilizer Flex

This tripod fits most devices, including digital cameras.

December 11
Twitter update live: A look at what's new

Photo filters are another sign Twitter is making moves to stay competitive and keep users in its own apps.

Video captures 2012 on Twitter

Watch this visual showcase of the images you tweeted in 2012.

Rumors start: New iPhone by June, and in color

Analyst predicts Apple release the 'iPhone 5S' sooner than expected.

Adobe announces updates exclusive to Creative Cloud members

Adobe has announced CS6 updates that are exclusive to Creative Cloud subscribers. Adobe Photoshop 13.1 offers among other things, the ability to apply Liquify and Lens Blur effects as Smart Objects and use conditional statements when creating Actions. However, these changes are unavailable to those who've bought traditional versions of Photoshop CS6, and Adobe has not said when, or even if, 'perpetual users' of CS6 will have access to these features. Retina Display support for Mac, also announced today, is available for all users.

App Review: PhotoForge 2

Can you forge your photo editing forward with PhotoForge 2 for iOS?

Quick Review: Find your inner artist with AurynCam

AurynCam turns everyday images to art quickly.

DxO Labs announces v1.1 of its ViewPoint distortion correction software

DxO Labs has announced version 1.1 of its ViewPoint distortion correction software, promising more accurate tools and faster operation. Viewpoint is designed to correct keystone distortions (converging verticals and horizontals), and restore more natural proportions to objects towards the edge of the frame when using wide-angle lenses. It is available either as a stand-alone tool or as a plugin for Adobe PhotoShop (CS3 or newer) or Lightroom (version 3 or newer), and for both Mac and PC.

Fujifilm X-E1 preview extended

Just Posted: an extensive update to our Fujifilm X-E1 preview. With a sensor and imaging pipeline that is identical to the X-Pro1's the X-E1 promises much of the X-Pro1's fun in a more compact and affordable package. We've been working with a production sample X-E1 for a couple of weeks and we've been working towards a full review, which we hope to publish early in the new year. In the meantime we've added seven pages to the preview, including our studio test shots and a sample gallery. Click through for a link to the expanded preview, including our 49-image real-world sample gallery. 

Twitter introduces photo filters

Twitter officially joins in the photo filter frenzy. 

December 10
Instagram update includes new filter, better camera

Biggest camera update in a year available for both Android and iOS.

Camera Awesome offers update, reports 9 million downloads

Tumblr integration and iPhone 5 optimization now available.

Apple and Google teaming up to buy Kodak patents

Financial news service Bloomberg is reporting Apple and Google are working together to purchase some of Kodak's imaging patents. The companies are said to be working together - lending more weight to reports in the Wall Street Journal from back in August. The story suggests the two companies, along with the groups of smaller companies with whom they'd been preparing bids, will offer more than $500m for the patents. Such a figure would give Kodak access to $830m of external funding that is dependent on the value of the patent deal.

Apple and Google buying up Kodak patents

The mobile giants are buying up rights to Kodak’s imaging technology.

Holiday apps for mobile photographers

Use these apps to send cards, create gifts and make your photos look a lot like Christmas.

We've rounded up some of the best mobile photography gifts of 2012.

Leica invites entries for its Oskar Barnack Award 2013

Leica has announced the Oskar Barnack Award 2013 international photo competition will open for entries from January 15th, with a first prize worth €15,000 (~ $19,400). The 2013 winner will receive a Leica M digital rangefinder and lens in addition to a €5000 (~ $6500) cash prize. To enter, participants need to submit a portfolio of up to twelve images expressing 'the interaction between man and the environment.' In addition, the Newcomer award, open to photographers under 25 years of age, offers a Leica rangefinder camera and lens as the prize. Submissions are open until 1st March 2013.

December 7
The Atlantic's In Focus publishes its Year in Photos 2012

The Atlantic's excellent 'In Focus' photo blog has published the third and final part of its 2012 Year in Photos. The three-part series includes 135 images from around the world, covering a great breadth of events and subjects. As you'd expect of such a review, there are some occasionally graphic images that some readers may find disturbing but there are also some astonishing photos giving a surprising views of other countries and cultures.

Will Google+'s strong network of photographers adopt new Communities feature?

Quick Review: KitCam for iOS

One of our favorite iOS apps just got an update.

App roundup: Accessory apps for the mobile photographer

From light meters to contract creators, these apps boost to your on-the-go photographic endeavors.

GoPano releases 360-degree video lens for iPhone 5

Lens shoots panoramic video with the GoPano app.

December 6
Home decor with a Hipstamatic spin?

Hipstamatic expands Print Lab to home decor and luggage lines.

Nik Software’s mobile photo editor is now free for both Android and iOS.

InstaCRT app snaps a picture of your picture

Send your smartphone snap to Sweden for a DSLR image of your photo snapped from a CRT screen.

College Humor parodies Instagram and Nickelback simultaneously

"Look at this Instagram" pokes fun at the photographic social network.

Fotodiox announces WonderPana 145 and 66 filter kits for wide-angle lenses

Adapter and accessory maker Fotodiox has announced two adapters to enable the use of filters with wide-angle lenses that have large convex front elements. The WonderPana Filter systems are based around adapter hoods that allow 145mm circular filters or 6.6" rectangular filters to be used, via an adapter. Each system comes with a lens cap that mounts on the hood, allowing the lens to be stored and protected without needing to repeatedly remove the adapter hood. A variety of adapter and filter kits are available for a range of Super-wide and Ultra-wide lenses.

Steve McCurry talks to about his work, and why he blogs

Steve McCurry, the award-winning photographer responsible for the iconic 'Afghan Girl' portrait for National Geographic, has given an interview about his work and why, despite his fame, he maintains a blog of his latest images. In the interview, on the official Wordpress blog, McCurry explains how photography as a career has changed over the course of the past few decades, and the vital role now played by the Internet. Click through for extracts and a link to the full interview at, and to Steve's own blog. 

December 5
Just Posted: AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm F4 ED VR Samples Gallery

The AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm F4 ED VR arrived in our Seattle office a few days ago and since then we've been shooting with it as much as possible. We've put together a gallery of 34 images, shot with the new lens mounted on the 36MP Nikon D800. As well as straight-from-the-camera JPEGs, we've also converted several Raw files, and have made 'to taste' adjustments to give a clearer picture of how the lens is performing. Click through for a link to the gallery. 

Hipstamatic alternatives for Android

Our reviewer sees if he can get the look of Hipstamatic on his Android device.