November 2
Pentax Ricoh updates firmware for Q and lenses
Pentax Ricoh has released firmware updates for the Q mirrorless interchangeable lens camera and two of its lenses. Firmware v1.01 for the Q improves operational stability and increases resolution at the 'Fine' sharpness setting. Meanwhile Firmware v1.01 for the 01 Standard Prime lens and the 02 Standard Zoom also improves operation stability. All three can be downloaded now from the company's website.
ArcSoft releases Perfect365 photo makeover app
ArcSoft has released a 'Photo Makeover' application called Perfect365, that allows users to manipulate their pictures and portraits with a single button click. It offers cleanup options such as blemish removal and skin softening, alongside makeover features such as 'smile enhance' and 'cheek lift'. There's also built-in support for sharing via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Perfect365 is available immediately as a free download for PC users, with iPhone/iPad, Mac and Facebook versions to follow.
Fujifilm updates firmware for X10 compact
Fujifilm has updated the firmware for its X10 premium zoom compact. Version 1.02 resolves a bug relating to the aperture value display when zooming, and improves AF tracking performance. It can be downloaded immediately from the company's website.
November 1
Just Posted: Samsung NX200 Studio Comparison for JPEG

Just posted: our JPEG studio test samples from the Samsung NX200. In preparation for our forthcoming review of the NX200, we have shot our standard studio test scene. To allow easy comparison with its peers, we have now added these shots to our comparison tool, found in our existing reviews. The NX200 can now be selected from the pull-down list within any review or our standalone comparison tool. Only JPEG comparison is available at the moment, as we are waiting on ACR Raw support for the camera.

Article: Stock or assignment - what's right for me?
Richard Weisgrau explains the pros and cons of creating images for stock or assignments. Whether to shoot stock, assignments or a mixture of both is a decision that every professional photographer has to make at some point. Read this article to get an understanding of the effective differences between stock and assignment photography and find out what works best for you.
Vimeo announces 'Vimeo Perks' Program for PRO and Plus members
Vimeo has launched a program for its PRO and Plus members that provides discounts from partnered providers including B&H, Red Giant Software, Letus Direct, Kessler Crane, and GarageCUBE. The program will be available to both new and pre-existing members, and will offer 5% - 25% discount off the listed prices for a wide range of photo- and video-related products.
Fujifilm releases FinePix REAL 3D V3 viewer
Fujifilm has released the FinePix REAL 3D V3 viewer for still images and movies. In a first for Fujifilm, it uses a lenticular system for glasses-free 3D viewing, and includes an HDMI input for connection to 3D-enabled devices such as Fujifilm's own FinePix REAL 3D W3 camera, as well as an SDHC card slot. The company also claims that 7.2" 2.88 million dot screen is substantially brighter than its predecessor. The unit can also function as a conventional 2D display, includes built-in stereo speakers, and comes with a remote control.
October 31
Dpreview is hiring - mobile developer

Take the lead in designing highly usable and aesthetically beautiful mobile applications for the world's #1 photography website, Digital Photography Review ( dpreview is looking for a software developer to not only make our site accessible on mobile devices, but to be the premier destination for all things photography on phones and tablets. To find out more - and to apply - visit the Amazon careers page here.

Ichikawa Soft Laboratory updates Silkypix Developer Studio
Ichikawa Soft Laboratory has released updated versions of its Silkypix raw conversion software, for both Windows and Mac users. The latest versions, Silkypix Developer Studio Pro Ver and Silkypix Developer Studio Ver, add raw support for the Sony Alpha SLT-A77 and the Sony Alpha NEX-5N.
October 29
Report: Around The Show, PPE 2011
The interviews are done, the pictures have been taken, the video footage is awaiting editing, and the dry sandwiches and warm coke have been consumed. We're heading home from PPE 2011 now, but here's a taste of some of the things that didn't quite make it into our other coverage.
Report: Sigma at PPE 2011
Sigma is at PPE, showing off its huge range of lenses and (smaller) range of cameras, including the innovative SD1 DSLR. We got our hands on some of the latest products and met up with Rudy Guttosch of Foveon.
Report: Panasonic at PPE 2011
Panasonic has a small stand at this year's PPE but there's plenty to see. We got our hands on the latest G-series Micro Four Thirds Models, including the featherlight GF3.
Report: Sony at PPE 2011
Sony has had a busy year, and its stand is thronged with photographers who want to get their hands on the latest equipment.
Interview: Leica at PPE 2011
Interview: We caught up with three Leica executives at the German company's stand and asked them about the past, present and future of the iconic camera manufacturer.
Just posted: Fujifilm X10 hands-on preview and video
Just Posted: Our Fujiflm X10 Hands on preview and video. We've been using Fujifilm's enthusiast level compact camera for a couple of days and have prepared a hands-on preview article and video. The X10 combines a bright 4x stabilized zoom lens with extensive direct control and the attractive rangefinder-esque styling of its big brother, the X100. We take a closer look at the camera and what it offers and we'll supplement the article with a samples gallery next week.
October 28
CMOS sensor inventor Eric Fossum discusses digital image sensors
Image sensor engineer and primary inventor of the CMOS sensor, Eric Fossum, has given the second annual Victor M. Tyler Distinguished Lectureship in Engineering at Yale University. Fossum's talk: 'Photons to Bits and Beyond: The Science & Technology of Digital Image Sensors' covers a wide range of subjects, from the basis of the way sensors work to the potential risks to society of the ways technology can be used. He touches on noise, demosaicing and how 'the force of marketing is greater than the force of engineering.' Yale has put a video of the presentation on YouTube and it's well worth watching if you have any interest at all in the physics and engineering that make your camera work. (via Image Sensors World)
Report: Canon at PPE 2011
We visited the Canon stand and got hands-on time with its new EOS-1D X and Powershot S100, and spoke to Technical Advisor Chuck Westfall.
PPE 2011: Fujifilm interview
The Fujifilm stand is very busy this year, and all the buzz is around the X-series compact cameras, the APS-C format X100 and the recently announced X10. We grabbed ten minutes with Kayce Baker, Director of Marketing at Fujifilm US, and here's what she had to say.
October 27
Report: Nikon at PPE 2011
Nikon is one of the biggest exhibitors at this year's show, and here's what we found when we visited the stand.
Carl Zeiss announces Distagon T* 2/25 for Canon and Nikon
Carl Zeiss has announces the Distagon T* 2/25 fast wide-angle lens in ZE (Canon) and ZF.2 (Nikon) versions. The manual focus lens will cost around €1217 excluding VAT and is the first Zeiss 25mm for the Canon EF format. The ZF.2 version for Nikon includes a CPU to provide aperture information to the camera, allowing the use of automatic exposure modes and the recording of EXIF data. The company says the existing Distagon 2.8/25 ZF.2 for Nikon will continue to be available. The lens design, featuring 11 elements in 10 groups is more complex than the 9 element, 7 group design of the Sony/Zeiss 24mm F2 announced in July 2010.
Leica launches Elmarit-S 30mm f/2.8 ASPH fast wide-angle lens for S system
Leica has announced the Elmarit-S 30mm f/2.8 ASPH fast wide-angle lens for its S-system medium format DSLR. The lens, which offers a 24mm equivalent field of view, can focus down to 0.5m. The company suggests the lens is likely to find use for interior, architectural and landscape photography and that its fast maximum aperture also enables 'available light' shooting.
Interview with Canon Printer Executives
We caught up with senior Canon executives for an exclusive interview at the launch of the company's Pixma Pro-1 inkjet printer.
October 26
Canon USA announces Pixma Pro-1 12-ink A3+ printer
Canon USA has announced the Pixma Pro-1 printer, first unveiled by Canon Europe earlier this week. The 12-ink A3+ printer can produce a 13" x 19" standard quality print in 4 minutes, 20 seconds. The Pixma Pro-1 will sell for around the company's estimated selling price of $999.99. (Canon Europe's MSRP is £799/€899)
Book review: The Photofile series

Adam Koplan takes a closer look at Thames & Hudson’s Photofile series - a sort of Reader’s Digest of coffee table books. The volumes in this series are well-produced paperbacks containing approximately 60 decent reproductions each and provide a strong sense of an artist's vision. Currently the series comprises 22 books.

Mirrorless suffers first UK sales drop but market researchers still positive

The market for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras in the UK fell for the first time in September according to research from GfK Retail and Technology. The number of units sold fell 1% while price competition saw the value of those sales reduced by 17%, compared to the same time in 2010. DSLR sales, by comparison, rose 6%, though value fell 1%. The picture across Europe was mixed, though. Click here to read more.

Nokia launches Lumia 800 with F2.2 Carl Zeiss-branded lens
Phone maker Nokia has launched a range of Windows Phone-based models, including the Lumia 800 with Carl Zeiss-branded lens. The range-topping Lumia 800 includes an 8MP sensor that sits behind a 28mm equivalent lens with F2.2 maximum aperture. The phone's camera features include manual exposure and white balance control as well as continuous AF and dual LED flash. Video recording is only 720p30, however.
October 25
Just Posted: In-depth Sony SLT-A77 review
Just Posted: our in-depth review of the Sony SLT-A77. Sony's latest flagship APS-C camera is the long-awaited replacement for the well-respected A700 DSLR and the most sophisticated camera to use the company's SLT design. We've paid particular attention to the benefits offered by its two key features: its 24MP CMOS sensor and its autofocus system that continues to operate at the camera's maximum 12fps shooting speed. We also had a look around for signs of the infamous 'ghosting' glitch that put some people off previous SLT models. Click here to see what we found.
Photographer turns himself into living, fully-functional DSLR
Michigan photographer Tyler Card has turned himself into a DSLR for Halloween. Not content with building a wearable DSLR costume, Card proceeded to install his real Nikon DSLR, a Speedlight and a laptop into the design to allow himself to shoot the event. He had the foresight to shoot a video of the process, which we thought was too good to not share. (via PopPhoto)
Olympus issues firmware v1.1 for PEN E-P3, fixing minor bugs
Olympus has updated the firmware for its range-topping PEN E-P3 mirrorless camera. Firmware v1.1 corrects a bug that stopped the buttons working if the touch screen was contacted when an optional electronic viewfinder is used. It also corrects the fault by which the AF points were not shown when the camera is used with an Eye-Fi card. Users must download the Olympus Digital Camera Updater software to apply the update.
October 24
GoPro launches HD Hero2 and WiFi accessory allowing video streaming
GoPro has launched the HD Hero2, an updated version of its sports video camera. The latest version features an 11MP sensor (up from 5MP) and can now shoot 1080p30 video at a choice of 170deg, 127deg or 90deg angles-of-view (the original Hero could only shoot 1080 at 127deg or lower resolutions at 170deg). The redesigned lens is claimed to be twice as sharp as its predecessor. It also gains an external mic port and Mini HDMI socket. The company has also launched the WiFi BacPac accessory allowing live streaming from the camera from the Hero2. It can also be used to control either HD Hero via the included remote or using an App on a smartphone or tablet.
Fujifilm offers X100 firmware v1.11 and Japanese company offers custom covers
Fujifilm has released updated firmware for its X100 premium large-sensor compact camera. Firmware v1.11 improves autofocus performance at close range and corrects a couple of bugs with the camera's operation. Meanwhile, Japanese company Aki-Asahi has begun offering custom coverings for the camera, including wood and leather covers in a variety of colors and textures. (Via PetaPixel)
Canon announces Pixma Pro-1: 12-ink A3+ printer
Canon has announced the Pixma Pro-1, the first A3+ (13") printer to use 12 separate inks. The Pro-1 uses remote, tube-fed ink tanks to provide 12 inks plus a 'Chroma Optimizer' that coats the print to give an even finish and improved black density. The printer features a new, 12,288 nozzle print head (up from the 7,680 used on the 5200 II), and can produce an A3+ print (11x14") in 2 minutes, 55 seconds at standard quality. The 'Pro' designation indicates it is the first Canon printer whose purchase counts towards Canon Professional Service (CPS) membership. The MSRP is £799/€899.
October 23
First Impressions: Using the Nikon V1
The Nikon V1 is the more enthusiast-oriented of two cameras in Nikon's brand new 1-system. Reviews Editor Barnaby Britton has been using the Nikon V1 since it arrived in the dpreview office and shares some initial impressions ahead of a full review.
Just Posted: Preview and first impressions of using the Nikon V1
Just Posted: Hands-on preview and real-world shooting experience with the Nikon 1 system. Launched last month, the Nikon J1 and V1 small-sensor mirrorless cameras have created a lot of discussion among our readers. We've been using both the Nikon J1 and V1 for some time, and ahead of our usual full review treatment we have prepared a brief hands-on preview, preview video and a 3-page article about using the higher-end V1 model.
October 22
Book Review: Figures and Fictions: Contemporary South African Photography

Adam Koplan reviews 'Figures and Fictions: Contemporary South African Photography.' Edited by curator and art historian Tamar Garb to accompany an exhibition at London's Victoria and Albert Museum, the book looks at the work of 17 photographers who have been pushing forward the country's burgeoning post-apartheid photographic scene.

October 21
Just Posted: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX100V review
We've just posted our review of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX100V. This Sony superzoom features a 16MP 'Exmor' back-illuminated CMOS sensor, 10fps burst capability, a 30x (27-810mm equiv.) optical zoom and the ability to output 1080p60 HD video. This latest model also includes some very useful scenes modes including Backlight Correction HDR for capturing scenes with a wide dynamic range, and Hand-held Twilight mode for cleaner low-light images. How does this camera stack up against the competition? To find out, we've taken this opportunity to publish studio comparison samples for both the Nikon Coolpix P500 and the Olympus SP810 UZ.
Adobe Carousel - Senior Product Marketing Manager Chris Quek explains
Adobe Senior Product Marketing Manager Chris Quek explains the company's cloud-based Carousel image sharing and editing service. When Adobe Carousel was announced, back in September 2011, the initial responses were that it looked like an expensive cloud storage service. But it's a little more ambitious than that. Quek talked us through what Adobe Carousel offers and where it might go next.
Rihanna settles copyright case with photographer LaChapelle
Pop singer Rihanna has settled the copyright dispute with photographer David LaChapelle. LaChapelle had claimed the music video for the singer's single 'S&M' contained elements similar enough to his photos for it to infringe his copyright. In July a New York judge rejected Rihanna's lawyer's attempts to have the case dismissed on the basis of 'fair use.' Terms of the settlement were not made public.
October 20
Sony USA: too soon to know impact of Thai flooding on SLT-A65 and NEX-7
Sony USA says it is too soon to know what effect the floods in Thailand will have on A65 and NEX-7 shipments. In response to reports from Japan that the launches will be delayed, a spokesman said: 'In Japan, a press announcement was made on October 20th regarding launch delays to the Japanese market. This does not apply to the US market, as the impact of the flood on US product shipping is still under investigation.' He also said that, as a: '"temporary emergency operation", Sony is planning to move production of Alpha / NEX to another factory facility in Thailand that was unaffected by the flood.' Nikon, meanwhile, has made no further comment, beyond confirming that its sole factory making APS-C DSLRs is currently out of action. So far the company's Chinese-made 1 Series mirrorless models and lenses appear unaffected. Updated: Nikon issues revised statement.
Article: It's all about the details
Photography/software author Ellen Anon takes a look at some of the best software techniques for getting the excellent detail out of your shots. From Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom to Topaz Labs and Nik, there is no shortage of software tools that can be used to enhance detail in an image, so Ellen walks us through the most efficient ways to use these applications, and where they each excel.
October 19
Article: Macro shooting - point-of-view and capturing the moment
In Part Four of his series on creating compelling macro photographs, Erez Marom talks about composition and timing. Taking photographs from a similar point-of-view to that of the subject gives a more natural image, he argues. He also considers the importance of capturing not just an interesting subject, but an interesting moment, to create a captivating image.
Lytro camera overview and discussion with CEO Ren Ng
Lytro Founder and CEO Ren Ng showed us the Light Field Camera and talked us through some of what it can do. Having played with the camera, we've written an overview in which he discusses the shooting and sharing experience, gives some more details about using Light Field images and tells us about 'Camera 3.0.'
Lytro announces Light Field Camera
Plenoptic camera maker Lytro has unveiled its first product - the Lytro Light Field Camera. Available in early 2012, the camera will come in 8Gb and 16Gb versions, costing $399 and $499, and capable of storing 350 and 750 images respectively in their internal memory. The cameras feature a 35-280mm equivalent, constant F2 lens with what the company is calling an 11 megaray sensor, that captures photos that can be refocused after shooting. Company Founder and CEO Ren Ng showed us the camera and talked us through the shooting experience.
Samsung and Google unveil Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0

Google and Samsung have announced the Galaxy Nexus smartphone - the first to use the latest version of the Android operating system. Android 4.0 (also known as Ice Cream Sandwich) features a series of enhancements for photographers, including support for what the companies are claiming is a 'zero shutter lag exposure.' The camera app included in the software also supports digitally stabilized zoom, single-motion panorama shooting and the ability to take HD snapshots as video is being shot. Ice Cream Sandwich also features a redesigned album layout and a photo editor, allowing cropping, rotation and simple image corrections. The Galaxy Nexus handset has a 1280x720 screen and 5MP camera capable of using Android 4.0's 'zero shutter lag' feature.

October 18
Adobe admits using 'synthetic blur' image in deblur demo
Adobe has admitted an image used in its 'image deblur' presentation was artificially blurred for the purposes of the demonstration. The company said the blur on the image was 'more complicated than anything we can simulate using Photoshop's blur capabilities.' It described the move as 'common practice in research' and defended the use of the image because 'we wanted it to be entertaining and relevant to the audience.' The other images shown were the result of camera shake, it said.
Olympus shares suffer as former CEO goes on the attack

Former Olympus CEO Michael Woodford has launched a scathing attack on the company, following his removal from his post. Olympus had said Woodford was removed from his post over a difference in strategic direction between him and the rest of the Board of Directors. In a frank interview with the Financial Times, Woodford calls this 'utter nonsense' and states his belief that his removal relates to an investigation he had commissioned, into unusual payments and his suggestion that the board's Chairman and Vice Chairman should stand down over the issue. In response to suggestions that Olympus may try to prosecute him for disclosing this information, Woodford says: 'Bring it on.'

Canon launches Pixma MG4120, MG3120 and MG2120 all-in-one printers
Canon has unveiled the Pixma MG4120, MG3120 and MG2120 photo printers. The wireless MG4120 and MG3120 printers offer 4800 x 1200dpi 4-ink printing at rates of up to 9ipm for black and white text documents, and 6 and 5ipm for color documents respectively. Both can be operated wirelessly with the latest version of the company's Easy-PhotoPrint App for iOS or Android smartphones and feature Auto Duplex (double-sided) printing capabilities. The MG2120 leaves out Wi-Fi and prints documents at 4ipm color (8ipm mono). All three printers will be available at an estimated retail price of $129.99, $79.99 and $69.99 respectively.
Canon EOS-1D X professional DSLR announcement and overview
Canon has announced the launch of the EOS-1D X, its latest flagship professional DSLR. The 18MP camera is built around a full-frame sensor capable of shooting at up to 14 frames per second (12fps with AF), allowing it to replace both the 1D Mark IV and 1DS Mark III in Canon's lineup. Despite looking like previous 1D cameras, it's been extensively reworked (it includes more professional video features than any other Canon DSLR), so we took the opportunity to talk to Canon USA's Technical Advisor, Chuck Westfall about the camera and its features.
Canon EOS-1D X overview

The EOS-1D X is the latest in Canon's professional DSLR range, and replaces both the EOS-1D Mark IV and EOS-1DS Mark III. We talked to Canon USA's Chuck Westfall to help guide you through the latest features.

October 17
Just Posted: Nikon V1 + 1 Nikkor 10-100mm f/4.5-5.6 VR Preview Samples
Just Posted: Still and video samples from the Nikon V1 with 1 Nikkor 10-100mm f/4.5-5.6 VR lens. We've had a Nikon V1 in the office for a few days now, and we've spent that time shooting with, and getting to know the camera. To whet your appetite ahead of a detailed preview and full review, we've published a 30-image samples gallery from the V1 with the unusual 10-100mm power zoom lens, as well as three video samples shot using the same combination.