August 19
Pro Camera comes to more Nokia Lumia smartphones

Initially exclusive to the Lumia 1020, the manual photography app comes to more Nokia models. 

iPhotographer magazine hits Apple's digital newsstand

A new digital magazine for iPhone photographers is available in iTunes.

Sanna Dullaway Adds Color to the Most Iconic Photos in History

General-interest blog The Roosevelts has posted a selection of artist Sanna Dullaway's colorized images, showing what iconic images might have looked like to the photographer that captured them. Among the (exceeding well-done, it must be said) adjusted images are Malcolm Browne's iconic shot of monk Thich Quang Duc's self-immolation, Alfred Eisenstaedt's famous image of the kiss in Times Square on VJ Day, and Anne Frank's haunting 1942 portrait. Click through for a selection of shots, and links to both the full article and Sanna's website.

When Bad Weather Means Great Photography

Landscape photographer Carsten Krieger is no stranger to poor weather, but in this article he explains how you can get great shots even when the sun is hidden from view. His three-page article features several images taken in Ireland which should provide plenty of inspiration for those damp, rainy days that are just around the corner. Click through for a link to the full article. 

August 18
Gorgeous color photos of America in the 1930's and 40's

World War II and Depression-era America was mostly documented in black and white. That's why these color photos of the time belonging to the Library of Congress are so engrossing. Shot in color at the same time as more widely recognized black-and-white photos, these images offer a vivid look into American life in 30's and 40's. We've picked a few favorites of the more than 1500 images total contained within the Library of Congress' Flickr account. 

Full 360-degree camera rig takes your 3D portrait with 60 DSLRs

Printing in 3D is in the news a lot lately, but applications are usually limited to industrial prototypes. A company called Captured Dimensions has a different use for this technology. They've rigged 60 DSLRs in a 360-degree array to capture 3D portraits. The likeness is then printed using a substance containing gypsum powder, resulting in a 3D sculpture of 1/12 to 1/5 scale. Ready for your 3D closeup? Click through for more details (including how much it'll set you back).

August 16
Bolivian airline's demise documented in haunting photos

Photographer Nick Ballon stumbled across the Lloyd Aero Boliviano headquarters on an annual trip to Bolivia. He was captivated by the expansive property and dilapidated buildings he saw, and his curiosity sparked a photo series and collaboration with Bolivian writer Amaru Villanueva Rance. Six months exploring the grounds, talking with employees and researching the long history of the dying airline has resulted in a stunning photo series and a book called Ezekiel 36:36. Click through for a glimpse into the L.A.B. 

Your Instagram followers can earn you free pie, and more

Popular Pays connects Instagram influencers with participating businesses.

ThinkTank introduces TurnStyle sling bag

ThinkTank has announced a new sling-style camera bag. Called the TurnStyle, it's available in three different models, the smallest of which is targeted to mirrorless camera owners. TurnStyle 5 is designed to hold a mirrorless body and up to four lenses. ThinkTank claims the larger TurnStyle 10 and TurnStyle 20 will hold a standard DSLR body and up to three and four lenses, respectively. All three are built with weather-resistant materials and include a rain cover. Click through for details.

What The Duck #1427

We've been fans of Aaron Johnson's comic strip 'What the Duck' for years. 'WTD' is one of the best satirical comic strips in the world, and it's published here every week, as well as being included in our weekly newsletter. Barbed, topical and always amusing, we hope you enjoy WTD as much as we do. 

August 15
User experience: In-depth look at Canon EOS 70D's Dual Pixel AF system

Following last week's update to the Canon EOS 70D preview, we've been spending a little more time with the camera to get a feel for its new Dual Pixel CMOS phase-detect autofocus system. What we've seen so far has impressed us: in live view the camera offers very responsive AF, eliminating the annoying focus seek we’ve seen in past models. We have a complete rundown, with samples, on how the Dual Pixel AF performs in both live view and movie mode, as well as a brief studio and low light analysis. Click through to read our review-in-progress.

Van Genderen's Lumia 920 film made it all the way to Sundance. 

A Day in the Life of the KKK: Anthony Karen talks trust & photojournalism

Photographer Anthony Karen has built a career around gaining access to ostensibly inaccessible societies. After a trip to Haiti documenting Vodou rituals, he has gone on to photograph white supremacist groups, the infamous Westboro Baptist Church and the Ku Klux Klan. His compelling photos and unrestricted access to the KKK resulted in a collaboration with the Discovery Channel, and has published an interesting profile of his work, in which he explains his approach. Click through for extracts, and some of his compelling images. 

August 14
New test scene beta begins with Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 samples

We've been working on a brand-new studio comparison scene for some time, and we've decided to give you a sneak peek, using images from the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7. We'll be speaking more about this new scene (and the new interface that goes with it) very soon, but for now we wanted to let you have a look, try it, play around and tell us what you think. As well as the new scene, you'll find two new options - 'daylight' and 'low light' simulation modes and the option to 'normalize' resolution to simulate print and web output, as well as 100%. Click through for more. 

At a release event for LG's G2 smartphone, twenty people were injured trying to win a 13-megapixel G2 smartphone.

This $1,200 wristwatch will tell you the time and take your picture, too.

Lowepro introduces Photo Sport Shoulder bag in two sizes

Lowepro has announced the Photo Sport Shoulder bag, in two sizes for both DSLR and mirrorless ILC camera kits. The Photo Sport Shoulder 18L is designed to fit a 'pro DSLR without grip' and a standard zoom lens, with a second small lens and room for accessories, including a 10" tablet computer. The smaller Photo Sport Shoulder 12L is designed for an interchangeable lens camera with two lenses, and similar capacity for accessories - including a 10" tablet - as its bigger companion. Both bags are available now for $84.99 and $74.99 respectively.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 Real-world Samples

We've just published a gallery of real-world samples shot using the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7. The GX7 is Panasonic's latest Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens camera, and one of the company's most interesting models yet. It features a new 16MP sensor, tiltable EVF and LCD, and offers several enthusiast-friendly features including highlight and shadow tone adjustment, an electronic (entirely silent) shutter and in-body image stabilization - a first for Panasonic. Click through for a link to our gallery of real-world shots. 

Tyra Banks makes cinemagrams fashionable

Will Banks' investment in Flixel give cinemagrams renewed popularity?

Did you miss it? Take a look at the Perseid meteor shower's peak

While some of us were sleeping this weekend, photographers around the northern hemisphere were capturing the Perseid meteor shower as it peaked. The annual shower continues through August 24th, but it reached its highest activity levels on August 11th and 12th as debris from a passing comet produced as many as 100 meteors per hour. This year's relatively dim waxing crescent moon meant more meteors were visible to eager stargazers. has put together an impressive gallery of shots. Click through to take a look. 

August 13
'Film was never this sharp': Breaking Bad photographer interviewed

Commercial photographer Frank Ockenfels III has worked on several high-profile blockbusters like Harry Potter and Men in Black 3, as well as a number of TV shows, and his most recent work is currently being used to promote the season five finale of Breaking Bad on AMC. PopPhoto has published an interview with him, in which he explains how he got started in the TV and movie business, the equipment he uses, and why he bases his career around the concept of 'never having just one idea'. Click through for a link to the full article. 


Has the modern era of digital photography made the printed snapshot a lost art?

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 Sample Images

We've just posted a 39-image gallery of real-world samples shot on the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 zoom compact. Spanning the equivalent of 20-1200mm the FZ70's lens is the largest zoom available in a consumer compact, and we've spent a few days testing it out in a variety of situations, to see what this new superzoom can do. Click through for a link to our gallery of real-world samples. 

Epic fail? 70-200s of all makes among least reliable lenses

Which words spring to mind when you think about 70-200mm zoom lenses - solid and dependable or fragile and unreliable? Lensrentals' Roger Cicala has just published an analysis of the failure rates of the 12,000 lenses he rents out, and the results may surprise you. Even having taken into account popularity and accidental damage, five 70-200s turn up in his highest failure rate table - including the latest models from Canon and Nikon.

August 12

Leaked photos show two versions of rumored accessory.

Lytro CEO admits layoffs, promises 'breakthrough' products in 2014

Lytro CEO Jason Rosenthal has acknowledged that the company made a 'small number' of layoffs earlier this year and that there are some 'kinks' to be worked out with its unique 'light field' camera. Meanwhile, according to an article by tech blog SFGate, industry sources report that the Lytro camera 'isn't selling well so far', due to its price and lack of appeal to professional photographers. Rosenthal is, however, bullish on the future of the company, promising 'multiple [...] breakthrough products' in 2014. More details are available after the link.

What's up, dock? Sigma USB Dock review

Sigma has been doing lots of good things recently, and one of its most interesting recent products is the USB Dock. This device connects a lens to a computer and, in concert with Sigma's Optimization Pro software, allows the user to do such things as update the firmware and configure detailed autofocus microadjustment settings. In our quick review we take a close look at how it works and what it can do. Click through to find out more.  

This just in: Camera enthusiasts are 'intense' (who knew?)

New York Times writer Nick Bilton recently wrote an article about his experience with Leica cameras and lenses, and was surprised when this was met by an aggressive influx of 'vehement messages from all kinds of photographers and camera fans'. Not only did Canon and Nikon fans attack him for not writing a similar piece about their favorite brands, but according to Bilton many Leica fans were also critical of his article, as well as his selection of 'experts'. Click through for more on this surprising development.

Cardboard printers? Samsung concepts look to cheaper, sustainable future

New printer concepts from Samsung look to lower-cost and sustainable materials as a way to reduce prices and environmental impact. Receiving recognition at the 2013 International Design Excellence Awards, these three designs take a page from Ikea's flat-pack, assemble-it-yourself playbook, using materials like corrugated cardboard and Polyethylene plastic to create printers with exteriors that are easier to manufacture. Will your next printer come with a cardboard shell? Click through and take a look at the concepts.

AFP sports photographer captures double 'lightning' bolt

Olivier Morin, photographer for Agence France-Presse (AFP) managed to capture champion runner Usain 'lightning' Bolt approaching the finishing line at the same time as an actual lightning bolt lit up the sky behind him. The image, captured at the IAAF World Championships in Moscow, was taken using a remote-controlled camera, one of five that Morin had set up by the side of the track to cover the finishing line. Click through for more details, and a closer look at the 'double lightning' shot. 

BlackBerry for sale?

The company formally known as RIM is looking to 'explore strategic alternatives.'

Leaked photo allegedly from 20MP Sony Honami

A photo uploaded on Picasa was reportedly taken by Sony's unreleased 'Honami' smartphone.

New iPhone announcement rumored for September 10

Will we see the next gen iPhone in a few weeks?

August 11
Nokia ad takes us inside the new Lumia 1020

Nokia's new Lumia 1020 smartphone packs some impressive features, most notably a 41MP imaging sensor capable of high-resolution stills and video. A new Nokia advert goes deep (literally) into this aspect of the phone's hardware with a virtual look inside the imaging pipeline of the 1020, showing the entire process of image capture from the shutter opening and light coming through the lens to the creation of a digital image. The result is pretty stunning. Click through to see for yourself.

Walker Evans' iconic 'American Photographs' turns 75

Walker Evans' iconic images of American life in the early 20th century helped elevate photography to the status of fine art. His 1938 book 'Walker Evans: American Photographs' celebrates its 75th anniversary this year and the Museum of Modern Art is commemorating this milestone by bringing it back into print with an accompanying exhibition of his work. Click through and take a look at some of Walker's captivating images of American society in last century.

National Geographic drones help capture Serengeti wildlife close up

What's the safest way to get close up photos of lions on the Serengeti? Send in a robot. And an aerial drone. That's what photographer Michael Nichols and his team did, producing incredible images for a National Geographic feature. From a nearby car, Nichols and crew directed a small remote-controlled robot outfitted with a Canon camera toward lion prides as they hunted, slept and well, do everything lions do. And we do mean everything.

August 10
Tough Decision? We round up the best rugged cameras of 2013

Over the past few weeks we've been reviewing this year's collection of weatherproof tough cameras, and in this article we're rounding them up, comparing their relative strengths and weaknesses and taking a more detailed look at how their image quality and feature sets stack up. Even if you've read the full reviews, we recommend clicking through and reading our final, definitive roundup of this year's class of waterproof rugged compacts. Click through for a link. 

August 9
Olympus stems losses but PEN sales disappoint

Olympus has announced reduction in its camera business's losses but PEN sales have fallen behind expectations. The predominantly medical company said PEN sales had fallen 12% in the first quarter, but that it expected the year's income from mirrorless models to be consistent with last year's figure of ¥9bn ($90m). The company blamed the fall on its delay in releasing the E-P5 and said the camera business is on track to break even this financial year.

Hand-painted Olympus E-P5 comes with bonus... Vespa?

Money may not buy happiness, but it can buy you some pretty weird things. Luxury London store Harrods has a long history of catering to the 1%, and its exclusive 'Olympus Pen Art Edition' kit includes two Olympus E-P5 camera bodies - one hand-painted - with an assortment of lenses and accessories, all bundled together with a customized Vespa scooter. We presume this must have made sense to someone. Just how much will it set you back? Click through for more details.

Daily photo journal app Blipfoto now for Android

Blipfoto collects ongoing daily photo projects efforts from around the world.

Behind the Shot: Nautilus

In the latest of his series of 'Behind the Shot' articles, landscape photographer Erez Marom shows us how he got his stunning shot inside an icecave in Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Iceland. As well as setup and equipment choice, Marom also gives us a detailed look at the post-processing required to achieve the final result. Click through for a link to the full article. 

App news for photographers: 500px, Linea, Instagram and more

We round up the best photocentric app news.

Would you use your smartphone as a digital back?

Badass Cameras plans Kickstarter for medium-format smartphone back.

What The Duck #1429

We've been fans of Aaron Johnson's comic strip 'What the Duck' for years. 'WTD' is one of the best satirical comic strips in the world, and it's published here every week, as well as being included in our weekly newsletter. Barbed, topical and always amusing, we hope you enjoy WTD as much as we do. 

August 8
Join the Q: In-depth Pentax Q7 review

We've just published our review of the Pentax Q7. The Q7 is of course the latest miniature interchangeable lens camera in Pentax's Q line, and the first to use a larger 12MP 1/1.7 inch BSI CMOS sensor. Despite a larger sensor than its predecessors, the Q7 is fully compatible with all seven of Pentax's existing Q-mount lenses, and offers a range of fun and useful features designed to appeal to enthusiasts and novices alike. But is it any good? Click through and read our full review to find out. 

Nikon rethinks 1 System and cuts 2013 forecast citing poor sales

Nikon has lowered its sales and revenue estimates for this year, prompting a rethink of its 1 Series mirrorless cameras. Nikon cites poor market conditions, a large drop in compact camera sales and, most interestingly, a 'deceleration' in mirrorless camera sales growth. Nikon's measures against these changing conditions include accelerating production of entry-level DSLRs and 'reconsider[ing] product planning' of their Nikon 1 mirrorless camera system. Follow the link for additional details.

Ricoh issues fifth feature-enhancing upgrade for GR Digital IV

Ricoh has released firmware v2.30 for its GR Digital IV enthusiast compact. The latest update is the fifth for the GRD IV, and adds a couple of features, slightly modifies the camera's behavior and fixes some minor bugs. The latest update brings the white balance options of the GRD IV into line with the more recent, large sensor, GR model, for which Ricoh has also said it will provide function-enhancing firmware.

Lomography raises more than $1M for production of New Petzval lenses

Lomography's campaign to raise funds to bring the centuries-old Petzval lens back into production via Kickstarter has now raised more than $1 million - ten times the original target. The 'New Petzval' lens looks and functions much like the originals, with a brass exterior, and the aim is to produce it in both Canon EF- and Nikon F- mounts. The lens is expected to be available next spring. 

YouTube co-founders launch new MixBit video app

Do we need another video sharing app?

Auto image upload settings reveal thief's photos.