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Raspberry Pi enthusiast sends camera 120,000 feet above England

David Akerman, a ballooning hobbyist based in England has been working with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to use their products for high-altitude photography. Using a Raspberry Pi computer hooked up to the company's new camera module, Akerman created a lightweight 'eye in the sky' that he recently sent up to more than 120,000 feet above the United Kingdom. Click through for more details - and images - on

Creators of Raspberry Pi computer announce $25 camera module

The makers of Raspberry Pi - the popular low-cost computer - have announced the development of a new camera module, expected to cost $25. Since the first version of Raspberry Pi was released early last year, more than half a million of the inexpensive boards have been sold to eager enthusiasts all over the world, and put to use doing everything from running games to powering a voice-activated coffee machine (yes, really). Details on the forthcoming camera module are vague, but it is expected to offer at least 5MP resolution and the ability to capture HD video. Click through for more details.