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Mountain Magic: Shooting in the Lofoten Islands

Way up in Norway's arctic northwest lies a small, yet incredibly beautiful and diverse archipelago, home to some of that country's most magical landscapes and a truly wonderful winter atmosphere. Photographer Erez Marom shares his experience of shooting in the Lofoten Islands in Arctic Norway, from a traditional fishing village to mountains and ice-covered lakes. Learn more

Hands-on with the Panono panoramic ball camera

The Panono is a ball-shaped panoramic camera with 36 individual camera modules and a built-in accelerometer. We got our hands on a prototype and met with its Berlin-based creators. See what we thought of the crowd-funded camera on

Motrr Galileo puts new spin on iPhone panorama photography

The Motrr Galileo works in combination with the Sphere iOS app to automate the panorama capturing process with much more precision than handheld shooting allows. This speeds the entire process up considerably and should, at least in theory, lead to better image results. We put it to the test on

30 years after rollout, take a tour of Space Shuttle Discovery's flightdeck

Space Shuttle Discovery was rolled out from the factory thirty years ago this month, and in an operational career spanning 39 missions, she spent 365 days in space and travelled almost 150 million miles. Discovery can currently be found on display at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Virginia but if you're curious about what it looks like inside, click through for a 360-degree interactive panorama of the flight-deck of the most travelled shuttle ever to fly. 

Editorial: Why I can't stop taking iPhone Panoramas

Apple launched a new iPhone last week, with plenty of features designed to appeal to photographers. In this article, Barnaby Britton takes a look at what it's like to use as a camera.

Behind the Shot: Lost in Space
Nature photographer Erez Marom takes us through the complicated process he went through to achieve his image 'Lost in Space'.
Photographer reveals massive 360-degree Tokyo panorama

If you haven't seen the 600,000 pixel, 360 degree Tokyo panorama that's flying around the internet, clear your schedule for the next hour and take a look. It's a work from photographer Jeffrey Martin, who previously documented London in a similar fashion. With a lot of storage and processing power, Martin captured the photo with a Canon 7D, 400mm F5.6L lens and a robotic assistant. Click through and check it out.

Spinpod wants to help you snap better panorama pictures

Capturing the perfect panorama shot with a smartphone can be tricky. A new gadget currently gaining ground on Kickstarter could help you achieve a perfect panning motion, and even aid in motion time lapse photography. Spinpod works with both iOS and Android devices, as well as cameras. See it in action on

Hands-on with Photosynth for Windows Phone 8

Last week Microsoft released the Windows Phone 8 version of its Photosynth 360 degree panorama app, making it compatible with latest generation smartphones such as the Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X or Samsung Ativ Odyssey. We installed the app on Samsung's first Windows Phone 8 device, the Ativ Odyssey, and had a closer look at what it can do. Click through for our hands-on article.

The DSLR Field Camera
The field camera has been the tool of choice for generations of landscape photographers, with resolution and image quality that remains impressive even by today's standards. Here's how you can get similar results with a modern DSLR, tilt/shift lenses and some digital darkroom magic.
Total: 10, showing: 1 – 10