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Travel tripods: Comparing 5 aluminum kits

What makes a compact tripod a good traveling companion? We've collected 5 aluminum 'travel' tripod and head combinations that are compact, but are also comfortably tall and hold up a reasonable amount of gear. In this roundup we cover their features, functions and finish quality, and we put them to work in the studio and in the field. Read more

Accessory Review: Manfrotto 190 Carbon Fiber Tripod

Lauded as a compact semi-professional model and constructed of cross-woven carbon fiber, the new 190 ($409.88 body only) would be an eye-catching addition to any camera kit. Manfrotto made several updates to the new model, but do they place it far enough beyond the old 190, which cost $259.95, to justify the price hike? Find out in our review

Manfrotto 190 Series Carbon Fiber Tripod Review
Manfrotto is back with a revision of the wildly popular 190-series tripod. Does the shiny new model sport must-have upgrades, or will the older 190 model still suffice? Read on to find out.
PPE 2013: Hands-on with new Manfrotto 190 tripods

We're at the Photo Plus Expo in New York, and this morning we got an opportunity to look at Manfrotto's new 190-series tripods. The 190 series has been among Manfrotto's most popular products for a long time, and the recently announced updates take up less space when folded, and add some interesting and well-thought-out improvements to the design. Click through for a quick hands-on with the new Manfrotto 190-series. 

Manfrotto revamps 190 series tripods with updated design

Manfrotto has updated its popular 190 series tripod range, with a substantially reworked design. The mechanism for switching the centre column to the horizontal position has been redesigned to reduce weight and folded length, and now pops out from the centre casting only when needed. A rotatable bubble level has been added underneath the head platform, and the leg angle selectors redesigned for easier operation. The tripods come in either carbon fibre or aluminium, with a choice of three- or four-section legs. Prices range from £185 to £360.    

Manfrotto creates Arca-Swiss compatible 'Top Lock' quick release

Manfrotto UK has announced a 'Top Lock' quick release system for its tripod heads that's compatible with standard Arca Swiss-type plates. It uses a clamp design that allows the camera to dropped in from above rather than slid in from the side, and three bubble levels to help keep the camera straight. The Top Lock release is available as an add-on adapter, or pre-installed on the company's top-end 054, 055, 056 and 468MG ball heads.

Manfrotto launches StilePlus line of stylish camera bags

Manfrotto has launched the StilePlus line of camera bags aimed at fashion-conscious photographers. Intended to appeal to shutterbugs who want a practical but stylish camera bag, the company offers this range in three varieties: the  Diva 15 Tote Bag, Bravo 50 Backpack and Amica 10 shoulder bag. The bags are available in a variety of colors and sizes. UK prices start from £39.95, £69.95, £19.95, respectively. U.S. prices have yet to be confirmed.

Accessory Review: Manfrotto 294 Carbon Fiber Tripod

Carbon fiber is recognizable by its distinctive 'woven' appearance and useful because of its impressive strength-to-weight ratio. This makes it a great choice for structures and products that need to be light and portable, but capable of supporting a lot of weight. For this reason, carbon fiber is all the rage in the high-performance world of motorcycles, cars, boats and also photography. Manfrotto's 290 Series is aimed at photographers on a budget. Should the Manfrotto 294 CF be on your shopping list? Find out in our review.

Accessory Review: Manfrotto 294 Carbon Fiber Tripod
Carbon fiber has made its way into the tripod market, and Manfrotto's 290 Series is aimed at photographers on a budget. Will the Manfrotto 294 CF match competing models? Find out in our review.
Accessory Review: Manfrotto Solo VI DSLR Holster Bag

Just Posted: Our quick review of the Manfrotto Solo VI DSLR holster bag. The Solo VI is Manfrotto's premiere holster-style bag, and Manfrotto claims it is big enough to accomodate a full-frame DSLR with a 100-400mm lens attached. The distinctive Solo VI belongs to Manfrotto's 'Stile' range of bags, but is there substance behind the stile? Click through to find out. 

Accessory Review: Manfrotto Solo VI DSLR Holster Bag
The Manfrotto Solo VI DSLR holster bag is designed to house a full-frame DSLR with 100-400mm lens attached. The Solo VI excels in the style department and is well made, but will it suit the needs of the average holster-bearing photographer? Read on to find out.
Report: Around The Show, PPE 2011
The interviews are done, the pictures have been taken, the video footage is awaiting editing, and the dry sandwiches and warm coke have been consumed. We're heading home from PPE 2011 now, but here's a taste of some of the things that didn't quite make it into our other coverage.
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