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Google and MIT team up on clever method to remove reflections and obstructions from photos

Researchers at MIT and Google have developed a technique for removing unwanted reflections and obstructions from photos. Taking advantage of the parallax effect, this method could prove quite useful in locations where shooting behind glass or a fence is the only option. Read more

NCTech announces single-shot 360 camera for Google Street View applications

UK imaging systems firm NCTech is to introduce a four-sensor, single-shot camera that it says can create a 360 degree image of a street scene or an interior in less than two minutes. The iris360 uses four lens units in front of four 10MP sensors arranged at 90 degree intervals, and images can be uploaded directly to Google Street View. The lenses are triggered simultaneously and the resultant images are stitched together automatically in-camera. Read more

Google and GoPro unveil 16-camera 'Array' VR rig

During the re/code Code Conference earlier this week in California, GoPro’s CEO Nick Woodman detailed a rig the company is working on that will accommodate six Hero4 cameras to record multi-angle footage for virtual reality uses. Google revealed a similar setup at its I/O 2015 conference yesterday, with the primary exception being that it holds 16 GoPro action cameras rather than six. The rig is called Array, and it was made in partnership with GoPro for Google's new Jump virtual reality platform. Click through to read more

Google develops 'coherent' image identification algorithm

Google is working on an image identification technology at its Research Labs in Mountain View, California. The latest complex algorithm from the search engine giant is able to systematically 'produce captions to accurately describe images the first time it sees them', creating coherent sentences rather than individual tags. Read more

Google Photo Sphere now available for iOS

Google's Photo Sphere feature for capturing 360° spheric panoramas was launched in 2012 with the camera app in Android 4.2. Since then it has only been available for devices running Google's mobile OS - until now. The Photo Sphere team at Google has just launched a version for Apple's iOS devices, dramatically increasing the potential user base of its app. Read more

Google Camera app now on Kitkat and adds Lytro-like effect

So far Google's in-house camera app has only been available on Nexus devices but now a new version of the app is available to anyone in the Google Play Store. The app only works on devices running Android Kitkat 4.4 but Google is planning to make it work on older versions too. It comes with a minimalist design and a brand new feature called Lens Blur to simulate shallow depth-of-field. Learn more

Snapseed features creep into Google+ for Android app

Google has launched an update for its Google+ for Android app, which offers many features found in the popular editing program Snapseed. Most of the new features are imaging-related and make Google+ a more powerful image editing, storing and sharing platform. Integration with Google+ allows continuous editing across devices, and editing is non-destructive. See more on

Google's Project Tango creates 3D-maps of your surroundings

Google has announced Project Tango, an initiative that aims to develop mobile devices that are capable of capturing 3D-maps of your surroundings. Formerly a division of Motorola, Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP) has been working with academic and industrial partners from nine countries, and used research from the last decade in the areas of robotics and computer vision. According to Google the goal of the project is 'to give mobile devices a human scale understanding of space and motion.' Click through for more.

Ricoh and Google team up to get Theta spherical pictures on Google Maps

Ricoh has updated the suite of apps provided with the Theta spherical image camera, to allow users to post images from the Theta to Google Maps and Google+. According to Ricoh, these new abilities are a result of collaboration with Google to make the Theta's images compatible with Photo Sphere XMP, Google's standard for panoramic images. Click through for more details. 

What the Android 4.4.1 update means for Google's Nexus 5 shooters

A major software update promises to fix the bevy of camera issues Nexus 5 users started complaining about as soon as they got Google's newest smartphones in hand. So does the Android update make for a more responsive camera? We put our refreshed Nexus 5 through its photographic paces on

Make your own Google Street View virtual tours

Google is reaching out to photographers to help capture and record the planet's most hard-to-reach places using Android's Photo Sphere feature. A new tool lets users upload and connect their 360-degree photo spheres to create virtual tours that can be shared in Google's Street View. Learn more on

Camera review: Google turns its attention to imaging on new Nexus 5

The Nexus 5 is Google’s latest showcase smartphone, bringing with it Android 4.4 (aka KitKat) and some new imaging features. This time around, Google is talking up the Nexus 5’s camera, highlighting its optical image stabilization and revamped HDR mode. We put the phone through its photographic paces to see how it holds up in the real world on

Google reworks Android to allow for Raw imaging

Google has given its camera API a complete makeover in an attempt to make app development easier for programmers. When the new API rolls out, it will allow apps to save Raw files and will also enable burst shooting. Learn more on

Google working on Raw format for Android

It looks like Raw capability for Android is in development. After digging into the publicly-available application programming interface (API) for Android 4.4 Kitkat, code-reading sleuth Josh Brown made some observations on his Google+ page that indicate the possibility of storing uncompressed images alongside JPEG ones. 'Looks like Google was working on a new Camera API, but it didn't make the KitKat release', he said. Learn more on

Non-destructive photo editing feature coming in Android 4.4 KitKat

Google is giving a sweet treat to photographers in its new KitKat operating system. Android 4.4 will be shipping with a non-destructive photo editing feature in the native Gallery app. From what we've seen of the software so far, it appears to offer a huge collection of some of the most advanced editing tools available on any mobile photography app. Learn more on

Google+ reaches out to photographers with new imaging features

Google is reaching out to photographers once again by announcing a bevy of forthcoming features on its social networking site Google+ that will be a boon to photographers: full-resolution photo backups for iOS users, improved search through advanced photo recognition software, and better image editing tools. See what else is new on

Google+ gets improved Raw-to-JPEG conversion

Google+ has introduced improved Raw-to-JPEG conversion for a number of cameras with some help from Nik Photography. As before, Raw files may be uploaded to Google+ for storage, and are automatically converted to JPEGs for previewing. The conversion from Raw has been fine-tuned for about 70 cameras, including high-end models like the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Nikon D800 and D800E. Click through for the full list of cameras and see how it handles a Raw file from the Sony RX100.

Photojournalist gives new perspective on Google Glass

What happens when you give Google Glass to a skilled photographer? Richard Koci Hernandez is a San Francisco Bay Area-based photojournalist and prolific iPhone photographer who's recently been trying Google's new wearable technology to capture his surroundings. See how his style translates behind Google Glass, today on

App news for photographers: Google+ updates and more

Connect, our sister site has just published a roundup of this week's photography-related app news. From major updates to Google+'s mobile app to new apps for iOS users including AnalogCamera, Oggl and Viewmatic, there's plenty going on. Click through to for more details. 

Google releases more photocentric Google+ app for Android

At last week's I/O developer conference Google announced a number of upgrades to the photo section of its Google+ social network, including features such as 'Auto-Highlight', 'Auto-Enhance' and 'Auto'-Awesome'. To make the same experience available on its mobile platform the search giant has released an upgraded Google+ app for Android. Click through to Connect to find out more.

In-depth look at Google+ Photo Update with the Team that Designed it

At its I/O developers conference a couple of days ago Google introduced various updates to its Google+ social networking platform, many of which will be of interest to photographers. As well as changes to layout, images can be 'auto-enhanced', made into panoramas and animations, and the system can also select the best facial expressions in group shots. Click through for more details on

Google Glass inspires etiquette guide and SNL mockery

While the sketch comedy television show Saturday Night Live mocked the awkwardness of Google Glass wearers this week, the Wall Street Journal offered up an etiquette guide for Glass wearers. Even Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has warned we will have 'develop some new social etiquette' to accommodate the new technology. WSJ's advice covers when and where to don the wearable tech, and more tips for early adopters. Read on at 

You won't be able to wear Google Glass until 2014

Google's 'Project Glass' has seen quite a bit of buzz since the wearable communication device was made available to a limited amount of beta testers earlier this year. In an interview with the BBC, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt discussed when Google Glass will be commercially available and how the device will change human interaction and social norms. We look further into Google Glass at

Google shares Glass tech specs ahead of launch

As Google Glass beta testers - so-called 'Explorers' - prepare to receive the first round of the wearable augmented reality tech, Google is also bracing the rest of us for what's to come. The company is pushing the Glass announcements this week with the release of its MyGlass app in the Google Play store and a developer preview of the Mirror API, along with the most revealing tech specs we've seen yet. Click through to check out the detailed specs and more at

Free online tool creates 'Hyperlapse' videos using Google Street View

Online user experience company Teehan + Lax has created a free tool for creating 'hyperlapse' videos using Google Street View. The term 'hyperlapse' describes timelapse videos which incorporate camera movement - something that is typically extremely difficult and time-consuming to perfect. The team at Teehan + Lax began experimenting with Google Street View as a guide for choosing locations, but realised that it could be used as source material. Click through for more details. 

The Google Glass effect: How wearable camera tech will change everything

As Google Glass and other wearable cameras look to become the latest tech trend, some futurists are raising the red flag of caution. If everyone is wearing a constantly recording, super subtle camera, what are the implications for personal privacy, the law and our own safety? We look at some interesting implications of this new technology and the ways it could change our society at

Google+ app update adds Snapseed editing and location sharing abilities

Google has updated its Google+ social media app for both Android and iOS. The latest version of the iOS app adds some of the company's Snapseed app features including basic editing tools and a limited selection of filters. While the Android version doesn't offer the Snapseed features yet, like the iOS app it offers the ability to share location, and improves the way one can see images and interact through posts. Click through to read more about the updates at

Google announces Nik Collection plugins suite for $149

Google has announced the Nik Collection, a bundle of all six of Nik software's imaging plugins for $149, or 70% off the original price. Consisting of Dfine 2.0, Viveza 2, HDR Efex Pro 2, Color Efex Pro 4 Complete Edition, Silver Efex Pro 2, and Sharpener Pro 3.0, the collection uses a single installer which is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Lightroom, and Apple Aperture. It's available now as a download from the Nik Software site for $149, with a 15-day free trial available. Google is also offering existing users of any Nik plugin the entire collection for free. Click through for more details on Connect.

Photographer uses Google Drive to share full resolution images on Google+

Frustrated by size limitations when uploading images to Google+, photographer Trey Ratcliff discovered a way to get around the limitations, and upload original full-resolution photos. In a blog post, he has put together a step-by-step guide on how to do it, which involves using Google Drive - Google's cloud storage service - and sharing images directly from there to Google+. Click through to read about how - and why - he did it. (via Reddit)

Google pulls plug on desktop version of Snapseed

Google has announced it will no longer sell the desktop version of its Snapseed image editing application for both Windows and Mac. Existing customers will continue receive support and updates. The company will continue to offer the Snapseed mobile app on iOS and Android. In a blog post, the company has announced, as a part of its 'spring cleaning' it has decided to shut down Snapseed and Google Reader, among other products. Click through for Google's full statement and a link to our review of Snapseed for Mac, published last year. 

Picasa web is now redirecting to Google+

Users looking for their Picasa Web Albums are now redirected to Google+ Photos. This change comes on the heels of Google's announcement in December 2012 saying the company's social media channel 'Google+ is the new home for your photos.' Two updates to Picasa's desktop app also promoted Google+ integration, encouraging users to tag photos with Google+ contacts and Circles. Click through for more information and to find out how to still access your pictures on Picasa.

Google Drive adds photo preview and video streaming

Google has announced the addition of a photo and video preview feature to its Drive cloud-storage service. Following the lead of competitor Dropbox, Google Drive now allow users to navigate photo and video files in a preview screen. Currently this feature is available only for its Android app users. The browser-based version of Google Drive will be updated in the next few days. Learn more about what file types are supported on

Google demonstrates view behind the Glass wearable camera

Google has announced that its 'Glass' interactive head-mounted camera is now available for beta testing. Users who want to get their hands on an early version of the augmented eyewear can apply on social media channels, Google+ or Twitter. The company released a video today to promote the technology, showing what the world looks like through its camera. Read more about the Google Glass and instructions to sign up for beta testing on

Google updates Image Search with preview panel

Google has rolled out an updated version of its Image Search feature with faster browsing speeds and a redesigned UI. Users can now view larger versions of images in a preview window with an option to flip through images using arrow keys, and limited metadata, including the pixel dimensions of the original file, is displayed alongside the thumbnail. Click through for more information and a link to Google's blog post.

Apple and Google teaming up to buy Kodak patents

Financial news service Bloomberg is reporting Apple and Google are working together to purchase some of Kodak's imaging patents. The companies are said to be working together - lending more weight to reports in the Wall Street Journal from back in August. The story suggests the two companies, along with the groups of smaller companies with whom they'd been preparing bids, will offer more than $500m for the patents. Such a figure would give Kodak access to $830m of external funding that is dependent on the value of the patent deal.

Google+ adds topic-focused Communities feature

Google has added Communities, the ability to create topic-focused groups, to its Google+ social network. The Communities option makes it easier for people with common interests to discuss and share photos around themes. Connect has highlighted a couple of photography-related groups that have already started to attract members.

Connect: Why Google+ has become a key community for photographers

While Google's social experiment may not have taken off for other users, photographers have flocked to Google+ and somehow transformed it into one of the most vibrant photographic communities in recent years. What makes it so attractive to photographers and how are they using the platform to interact?

Google acquires Nik Software with focus on mobile users

Google has acquired Nik Software, the San Diego-based maker of standalone and plug-in image editing tools. While Nik has a wide portfolio of products for photographers, industry insiders agree that the impetus behind the move was to acquire Snapseed, Nik's mobile image editing and sharing app. In light of Facebook's earlier acquisition of the highly popular Instagram app, the acquisition of one of its rivals is seen as an effort to make Google+ more attractive to mobile photographers. Financial terms have not been disclosed but Google's Senior Vice President of Engineering has stated the company's committment to Nik's plugins and high-end software.

Flickr introduces users to Aviary as Picnik ends

Flickr has added the option to use the Aviary photo editing service, following Google's decision to close the Picnik service that had previously been offered. Flickr users will be able to make basic edits and image corrections using Aviary which, unlike Picnik, is HTML 5-based - allowing its use on non-Flash devices such as the iPad. However, while Aviary offers similar cropping, filter and sticker options, it loses Picnik's paintable curves adjustments and other more advanced options.

Canon adds Google Cloud Print capability to Pixma wireless all-in-ones

Canon has added Google Cloud Print compatibility to its MG8220 and MG6220 Wireless all-in-one printers. The service allows remote printing from Gmail or Google Doc from mobile devices or computers running Google's Chrome browser. Firmware updates may be required for existing printer users. Support will be added to the MX892 in May.

Facebook Lightbox vs Google+: which better presents your images?

Facebook is making its first steps towards taking photography seriously with the launch of its Lightbox display interface. The change, which is being rolled-out to users in the coming weeks, darkens the rest of the screen when a photo is selected and shows images in greater detail than before (up to 960 pixels in each dimension). How does this presentation compare to the more obviously photo-friendly Google+ service?

Google Launches Student Photography Competition via Google+

Google has launched a worldwide photography competition for student photographers. The 'Google Photography Prize' will be hosted on Google+ - the search giant's social networking service. Prizes will be awarded by a jury of photography professionals, including curators at London's Saatchi gallery. 

Samsung and Google unveil Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0

Google and Samsung have announced the Galaxy Nexus smartphone - the first to use the latest version of the Android operating system. Android 4.0 (also known as Ice Cream Sandwich) features a series of enhancements for photographers, including support for what the companies are claiming is a 'zero shutter lag exposure.' The camera app included in the software also supports digitally stabilized zoom, single-motion panorama shooting and the ability to take HD snapshots as video is being shot. Ice Cream Sandwich also features a redesigned album layout and a photo editor, allowing cropping, rotation and simple image corrections. The Galaxy Nexus handset has a 1280x720 screen and 5MP camera capable of using Android 4.0's 'zero shutter lag' feature.