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Facebook SDE blogs about copyright theft in 2012, gets flamed in 2014

Back in 2012, Jesse Chen - now an engineer at Facebook, but then a fresh graduate - wrote a blog post. In that post he explains how to get rid of the 'ugly copyright overlay' typically used in image proofs, posted online or sent out by professional photographers after events. Essentially a short guide to image theft, the post went unnoticed at the time, but two years later it has come back to haunt Chen, creating a storm of righteous anger from photographers on social media. Read more

American Society of Media Photographers warns about new Facebook T&Cs

Another day, another controversial change to Facebook's terms of service. The American Society of Media Photographers has warned its members to 'beware' Facebook's proposed new terms of service, which - the A.S.M.P claims - would allow the social media giant to 'exploit your name, likeness, content, images, private information, and personal brand by using it in advertising and in commercial and sponsored content - without any compensation to you'. Click through for more details. 

Facebook introduces shared photo albums

Facebook has started rolling out shared photo albums to select users of their social networking website. Currently, photo albums are limited to the user that created it. Shared albums will allow users to create a gallery that can be used by as many as 50 friends, each of whom can upload up to 200 photos. You can learn more about shared photo albums and when you can try it for yourself on our sister site, Connect.

Canon announces PowerShot N Facebook ready edition

Canon has created a 'Facebook ready' variant of its social-media-focused PowerShot N digital camera. The 'Facebook ready' version will only be available directly from Canon (in the US, at least) and has a dedicated Facebook connect button in the place of the connect-to-device one on the standard N. Once the camera has been taught your login details, you can upload images with a choice of who gets to see them, once posted. The 1/2.3" 12MP sensor camera will cost $299.

New cheat sheet tells you how to keep photos sharp when sharing

The cautious photographer is always conscious of what's happening to their images when they're being shared online - whether they're being resized, re-compressed or otherwise modified from the original. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter all treat images differently, but a new cheat sheet can help you keep your pictures sharp by detailing the pixel dimensions of just about every component on the major social networking sites. Click through for more details on connect.dpreview.com

Nikon gets social with Facebook app

After company president Makoto Kimura made it clear that Nikon really is forward-thinking in an interview earlier this week, the camera manufacturer has launched its My Nikon World Facebook application and community. My Nikon World is designed for photographers to display and share images, compete in challenges and learn from pros and peers. Click through for more details at connect.dpreview.com.

'Liking Isn't Helping' - ad campaign uses jarring press photos to spur action

It's all very well 'liking' a charitable cause on Facebook, but what difference does it make? Crisis Relief Singapore is running an ad campaign called 'Liking Isn't Helping' which uses photos showing victims of war and natural disasters to encourage volunteerism - with an ironic twist. The images are composites of real press photos and Facebook-style thumbs ups, accompanied by the message that 'Liking isn't helping'. Click through for more details.

Facebook Home seeks to change how we share images

With the announcement of Facebook Home, a launcher or 'skin' that can be installed on top of the Android operating system of your mobile phone, the social networking giant has instantly transformed the role and importance of images in social media, bringing them to the forefront in a way that not even its desktop Timeline feature could. We are having a closer look at what Facebook Home is and what it means for image sharing.

Service lets you order prints of any Facebook photo

While the privacy and permissions surrounding Facebook-shared photographs have always seemed like a bit of a gray area, a new service is pushing the envelope further. Photos At My Door lets users log in with their Facebook account and access photos of friends. You can then order prints of those photos or even print them on coffee mugs, mouse pads and iPhone cases. Read more about the service and our take on it at connect.dpreview.com.

Facebook further pushes photo prominence in the News Feed

Facebook has announced an upcoming update to the way photos are presented in user News Feeds. More space will be devoted to images, displaying them more prominently on the page. This is the second redesign that focuses on bigger pictures since July last year. The result of the redesign is not too dissimilar to Google+. In addition, the News Feed can be filtered to view only photo-based updates. The company says it is rolling the changes out in the coming weeks to both desktop and mobile version.

Facebook pushes photo prominence in timeline

Facebook has updated the way photos are presented in the timeline section of users' profiles - devoting more page space to the images and making it easier to give some images prominence. The result is an awful lot like the Google+ gallery view, and the Flickr interface for viewing contacts' images but appears to crop all images to square format. The Facebook update gives the ability to 'highlight' specific images (making them four times larger) but doesn't just present your own images - images with you tagged in them will be intermingled with your own shots, so it's not an optimal way to showcase your photography, unless you ruthlessly de-tag yourself from other peoples' photos.

Facebook creates Camera app for photo sharing and viewing on iOS

Facebook has announced a free app called Camera that focuses on viewing and sharing photos. Instead of showing what your friends are doing and thinking, it just dives straight to their photo galleries. The app also allows you to share multiple photos at a time, including descriptions and tagging. There are also tools for cropping and applying filters to your images. The app allows Facebook to be used in a much more Instagram-like manner (and it seems too soon for this to be a product of the Facebook buyout). Updated with first impressions.

Facebook buys photo sharing service Instagram for $1bn

Just as Instagram looked to expand its ambitions as a mobile photo sharing network, it has been bought by Facebook for $1bn. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says his company 'need[s] to be mindful about keeping and building on Instagram's strengths and features, rather than just trying to integrate everything into Facebook.' He stresses the importance of growing the service independently of Facebook and voices support for Instagram's recent expansion to easily share images from other Apps, such as Hipstamatic and Camera Awesome.

Facebook adds higher resolution photo viewing

Facebook has added high resolution photos and full screen photo viewing. From today, the photo viewer will show the highest resolution image available, rather than offering a download link for higher-res images (up to 2048 pixels along each edge). An option to expand the photo to fullscreen has also been added. The changes also include adding a simplified version of the sRGB color profile to each image, increasing its chances of displaying color correctly.

Facebook Lightbox vs Google+: which better presents your images?

Facebook is making its first steps towards taking photography seriously with the launch of its Lightbox display interface. The change, which is being rolled-out to users in the coming weeks, darkens the rest of the screen when a photo is selected and shows images in greater detail than before (up to 960 pixels in each dimension). How does this presentation compare to the more obviously photo-friendly Google+ service?

Total: 15, showing: 1 – 15