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EyeEm update for iOS comes with EyeZoom

EyeEm, a photo sharing platform and image marketplace, has released an update to its iOS app, taking it closer to the recently-overhauled Android version. The redesign attempts to put more focus on the images by changing font sizes and moving controls around, and the new EyeZoom feature lets you zoom into images by tapping on them. Read more

EyeEm updates its Android app for clutter-free viewing

The image sharing platform and marketplace EyeEm has released an update to its mobile app for Android devices. The new version includes some modifications under the hood to improve performance and make future upgrades easier, but it's the cleaner, redesigned interface that most users will notice first. Read more

Photojournalist Ben Lowy shows off updated EyeEm app

Photojournalist Ben Lowy famously brought mobile photography to mass media when his Hipstamatic images from Kabul, Afghanistan were published by the New York Times Magazine in 2011. He's also well known for an image of Hurricane Sandy taken with his iPhone which made the cover of TIME Magazine last year. Today on Connect we look at some of his most recent work using EyeEm's new Clara filter to document life in Sarajevo.