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Instagram now supports multi-account use

If you're juggling multiple Instagram accounts for personal and professional use, the latest version of the app is about to make life a little easier. Version 7.15 for iOS and Android adds support for up to 5 accounts. Read more

Sony Xperia Z5 camera review

The Sony Xperia Z5 currently shares the top spot in DxoMark's mobile rankings with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. With a 23MP BSI CMOS sensor, F2.0 lens and hybrid AF system it's easy to understand how it might have ended up at the top of the rankings. Our full review digs into image quality as well as our experience using the Z5 for photography. Read more

Photo Mate R3 brings improved Raw editing on Android

Photo Mate, arguably the most comprehensive Raw image editing app for Android, has received a substantial update. Version R3 comes with an all-new rendering engine for both Raw & JPEG editing. This includes improvements to all the important adjustments, such as contrast, shadows, highlights and exposure. Read more

Apple patent describes use of curved image sensor to design small camera module

A patent was recently granted to Apple describing how a spherical image sensor can be used to design a very compact camera module. The sensor is spherically curved and eliminates the need to correct for curvature of field, meaning a simpler, brighter and ultimately smaller lens design can be used. Read more

DxOMark Mobile report: OnePlus 2

Like its predecessor, the OnePlus 2 offers the specification of a high-end phone at a budget price point. The camera's 13MP resolution isn't anything out of the ordinary these days, but optical image stabilization and a laser-assisted AF system tend to be found only on expensive top-end models. Find out where its appealing camera specs land the OnePlus 2 in DxOMark's mobile rankings. Read more

Panasonic to launch Lumix DMC-CM10 without phone functionality

Panasonic has announced that the next version of its Lumix DMC-CM1 smartphone will dispense with its phone functionality to concentrate on being a camera. The Lumix DMC-CM10 will initially only be available in Japan, and is very much the same as the original DMC-CM1, but while it will run on the Android 5.0 operating system it will not be equipped to make phone calls. Read more

MaxCurve curve editing tool for iOS connects with Photoshop on a desktop

MaxCurve is an app for iPhone and iPad that, as the name suggests, relies predominantly on curves for image editing. Overall, there are 20 curve adjustments available which are grouped into so-called kits. Another key feature of MaxCurve is its ability to connect, via Wi-Fi, to a desktop version of Photoshop that is running on a Windows PC or Mac. Read more

Olloclip launches Studio accessory-mount case for Apple iPhone

Mobile phone add-on-lens manufacturer olloclip has announced it is to introduce a new case for the iPhone 6 series that makes it easier to fit additional accessories to complement the process of shooting movies and stills with its products. Read more

DxOMark Mobile report: HTC One A9

In the HTC device lineup the One A9 sits just below the flagship One M9. However, in the camera department, with its faster F2.0 aperture and optical image stabilization, it actually offers some advantages over the M9. There is also a dual-LED flash and the A9 is, like the M9, capable of recording DNG Raw files. However, with a DxOMark Mobile score of 78 the HTC A9 doesn't place itself among the best current smartphone cameras. Read more

DxOMark Mobile report: BlackBerry Priv

The Blackberry Priv combines Google's Android operating system with BlackBerry's security features and a slider form factor with hardware qwerty-keyboard. In the camera module an 18MP sensor works together with a Schneider Kreuznach designed lens and optical image stabilization. The camera is capable of recording 4K video and there is also a dual-tone LED flash. DxOMark recently published its test results – find out how it rates. Read more

Sony uses 12 Xperia Z5 smartphones to record 48K 360 degree video

A team at Sony has custom designed and 3D-printed a rig that mounts onto a tripod and can hold 12 Xperia Z5 Compact smartphones, making it possible to record 4K video simultaneously for immersive video. Stitched together in post production, the clips create some impressive 48K 360-degree footage. To test and demonstrate the setup, Sony recorded various winter sports scenes at the Rise Ski & Snowboard Festival in Les Deux Alpes. Read more

Apple patent describes dual-camera design

Looking at a new Apple patent that has recently surfaced, it appears we might see a dual-camera setup in future iPhone generations. The design uses two camera modules, one with a wide-angle lens and another with a longer focal length. Throw some Apple software wizardry into the mix and you get yourself a smartphone zoom lens that should get close in quality to fully optical zooms and much better than existing digital zooms. Read more

CameraLends Peer-to-Peer equipment sharing service launches iPhone app, a peer-to-peer camera gear sharing service that was established in 2013, has just launched a mobile app. The service allows for private rental of cameras, lenses and accessories of all types. Read more

Zeiss optics included in latest ExoLens accessory lenses for the iPhone

Smartphone accessory lens manufacturer ExoLens is to introduce three new lenses that use optics and designs from Zeiss. The lenses will be a zoom macro adapter as well as wide-angle and telephoto converters that will screw into a frame that fits around the phone. Read more

Samsung launches Galaxy TabPro S Windows tablet

Samsung has launched a new convertible tablet at CES which appears to be squarely aimed at Microsoft's Surface Pro model. Like the Surface Pro, the Galaxy TabPro S runs Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system and can be used with a keyboard cover that attaches via a pin connector. While on the Microsoft device the keyboard cover is an optional accessory, with the TabPro S it is included in the package. Read more

CamFi is an alternative wireless controller for your Nikon or Canon DSLR

CamFi is a new option for those photographers looking to control their Nikon or Canon DSLR wirelessly. The device mounts on the hot shoe of compatible DSLRs and creates a Wi-Fi network that you can connect to using a PC or Mac as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. At $130 CamFi is priced well below manufacturer-provided options for high-end DSLRs. Read more

Phabulous: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - DxOMark Mobile Report

The Galaxy Note 5 is the latest model in Samsung's line of Note large-format smartphones. In terms of camera specifications the Note 5 offers very similar hardware to what we've seen on the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+. A 1/2.6-inch 16MP CMOS sensor is combined with a fast F1.9 aperture and an optical image stabilization system. DxOMark has just completed its Mobile report on the Note 5's camera, and we've published the findings over at Read more

DxOMark Mobile report: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

DxOMark has completed its full mobile report into the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone's camera. With a DxOMark Mobile score of 87 the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ just snatches the smartphone camera crown from the Sony Xperia Z5 and places itself on top of the DxOMark smartphone rankings. Read more at

DxOMark Mobile Report added to our iPhone 6s Plus review

DxOMark has just released its full report into the technical ins and outs and real-world performance of the iPhone 6s Plus's 12MP camera. We've added DxO's findings into our previously-published in-depth review of the iPhone 6s Plus and you can read the whole thing over at

Ricoh launches Theta+ Video app for iPhone

Ricoh Imaging has announced THETA+ Video for Apple's iPhone. The app allows for editing of 360° footage and time-lapse videos that have been captured with one of Ricoh's THETA cameras. You can trim video clips, choosing from four viewing formats including Little Planet, which "projects" the video on a small planet floating in space, and apply 10 different filters. Read more on

Lightroom for mobile for iOS 2.1 brings iPad Pro support and Point Curve

Adobe has today launched version 2.1 of Lightroom for mobile for Apple iOS devices. The update comes with a number of new features, some of which take advantage of new hardware in the Apple iPad Pro and the new iPhone models 6s and 6s Plus. Read more

Flickr launches 360 degree image viewing app for Samsung Gear VR

Image sharing platform Flickr has announced today its app for the Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset. It allows you to view the tens of thousands of 360-degree panorama images that have been uploaded by Flickr users in an immersive way that allows for panning by moving your head. Read more

Apple iOS 9.2 adds iPhone support for USB camera adapter for direct photo transfer

Apple released a number of software updates yesterday including iOS 9.2. In addition to a large number of bug fixes, the update adds iPhone support for the company's Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, making it possible now to transfer images directly from a camera to your iPhone. Previously, only iPads were supported. Read more

Apple launches battery case for iPhone 6s

Battery life is still one of the most obvious weaknesses of smartphones and many devices, even high-end models, will struggle to get through an entire day of normal use without charging. Apple's iPhones are no exception, which is why there is an abundance of aftermarket battery packs and cases available for the range, but until today no Apple-branded battery expansion had been available. Read more

Lightroom Mobile for Android is now free to use

In October, Adobe released Lightroom 2.0 for iOS which, unlike previous versions, can be used as a stand-alone app on your Apple mobile device, without a paid subscription to the company's Creative Cloud services. Apparently customer response to the move has been very positive and Adobe has decided to do the same with the Android version of the app. Read more

Google launches Cardboard Camera VR app for Android

As a followup to its Cardboard headset and Cardboard app, Google has launched a new VR content creation tool for Android called Cardboard Camera. With Cardboard Camera, users are able to record 360-degree panoramas for viewing with Cardboard VR headsets. Read more

Pulse aims to bring advanced wireless control to your DSLR

Pulse, a project currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, aims to bring wireless control to many Nikon and Canon DSLRs. The device consists of a wireless controller that attaches to a camera's hot shoe and plugs into its USB port, connecting to Android and iOS smartphones over Bluetooth. Read more

New generation Samsung A7 and A5 launched with OIS and F1.9 lenses

Samsung has today officially launched a new generation of its A-series smartphones, and although the new devices range below the high-end Galaxy S and Note models in the Samsung line-up, they come with promising-looking specifications - especially in the camera department. Read more

Apple iPhone 6s Plus camera review

The iPhone 6s Plus is the iPhone 6s' bigger brother and, apart from the larger 5.5-inch screen, mainly distinguishes itself from the smaller model by offering optical image stabilization system in its camera module. Compared to its predecessor, the 6s Plus ups camera resolution to 12MP, adds 50% more phase detection sensors and is capable of 4K footage. Our review tests its camera performance. Read more

Lumu Power meters light, flash and color temperature

The team behind the Lumu smartphone light meter has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of Lumu Power, their next generation device. In addition to ambient light levels, the Lumu Power is also capable of measuring flash exposure and color temperature. Read more

LifePrint portable printer uses augmented reality app to bring photos to life

A portable photo printer called LifePrint, now seeking funding on Kickstarter, creates 'living' photos by combining a printed photograph with a digital video. An augmented reality app makes this possible, so that when a print is viewed through a smartphone's camera, the video appears where the photo is located, making it seem as if the image - called a HyperPhoto - has come to life. Read more

Huawei demonstrates ultra-fast charging battery technology

While processing power and camera quality in smartphones have been improving at a fast pace in recent years, battery life and charging times have only made comparatively small steps forward and remain a major bottleneck in smartphone performance. Chinese manufacturer Huawei has presented some potential battery tech advancements: two prototype removable lithium-ion batteries that can be fully recharged in only a few minutes. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S7 rumored to come with 1/2-inch 12MP sensor

We've all witnessed the megapixel race in digital cameras and, just a few years later, the trend has caught on in the smartphone camera sector. Lately though, manufacturers seem to putting more of an emphasis on low light performance. This may be the case with the newest Samsung Galaxy device, expected to launch in early 2016, which is rumored to use a 1/2-inch 12MP imager. Read more

Macro stick-on lens brings close-up capability to smartphones

Most smartphone cameras seriously struggle when it comes to macro photography. A number of accessory macro attachment lenses are available, but many of them are device-specific and bulky enough to discourage carrying every day. Now the makers of the 150x Micro Phone Lens microscope attachment have come up with an ultra-portable and very affordable solution compatible with virtually all smartphone cameras - a stick-on macro lens. Read more

DSCO by VSCO simplifies GIF-creation

Animated GIFs are more popular than ever and there are a number of apps available to help with their creation. Now VSCO, the company behind the successful VSCOCam app, has launched its contribution to GIF-making. Read more

Snapseed for Android update brings DNG Raw editing

Google has announced Snapseed version 2.1 for Android, introducing the ability to edit Raw DNG files. While quite a few high-end Android smartphones have allowed Raw shooting for some time, editing those files hasn't been easy. This update to the extremely popular Snapseed app will certainly change that. Read more 

Samsung launches enormous 18.4-inch Galaxy View tablet

With smartphone screens growing larger and nearing what used to be tablet territory, it's probably natural that the latter are increasing screen size as well. Apple launched the 12.9-inch iPad Pro in September and now Samsung, which already has the 12.2-inch Galaxy Tab Pro in its line-up, has gone one step further and launched the gigantic Galaxy View with an 18.4-inch display. Read more

DxOMark Mobile report: Motorola Droid Turbo 2

The Droid Turbo 2 is Motorola's latest high-end device, bearing a 21MP sensor and an F2.0 aperture. Camera specs are mostly shared with the Moto X Style, but the new provides a more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset, shatter-proof display and a battery good for 48 hours on a single charge. With a DxOMark Mobile score of 84 the Droid Turbo 2 cracks DxOMark's top mobile rankings. Read more

Super charged? Motorola Droid Turbo 2 preview and samples

The Droid Turbo 2 is Motorola's latest high-end model for US carrier Verizon, and in terms of specification ranks even above Motorola's current flagship Moto X Style. With the Sony 1/2.4-inch 21MP IMX230 sensor and an F2.0 aperture, the camera specification is pretty much identical but the Droid Turbo 2 offers improved performance in a few key areas. We got our hands on the Turbo 2 before launch - check out our impressions sample images. Read more

InVisage posts short movie shot with its QuantumFilm HDR smartphone sensor

For a few years now, InVisage has been working on a new kind of smartphone image sensor that claims to offer higher dynamic range and zero rolling shutter than the chips currently found in mobile devices. It appears the technology is now at a stage where its benefits can be demonstrated, and for this purpose InVisage has commissioned a short movie called Prix  shot entirely on a prototype device using InVisage's QuantumFilm technology. Read more

Quick review: Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

Usually at DPReview Connect we focus on high-end devices from established smartphone manufacturers. However, sometimes we come across devices from lesser-known manufacturers that, because of their specification and price point, have the potential to make excellent alternatives for budget-minded mobile photographers. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 is such a device. Read more

Instagram's Boomerang app creates animated-GIF-like video loops

Following the success of last year's excellent Hyperlapse app for creating smoothly stabilized time-lapse videos, Instagram has today launched its second 'special feature app'. Boomerang captures a burst of still images over one second and combines them into a video that plays backwards and forwards continuously, resembling something not unlike an animated GIF. Read more

HTC One A9 launches with 13MP and OIS

HTC has today announced its newest member of the One smartphone family, the One A9, which slots into the HTC device line-up just under the flagship One M9. In the camera department the new model comes with a lower 13MP sensor resolution than the M9 with its 20MP chip, but on the plus side offers a slightly faster F2.0 aperture and an optical image stabilization system which could easily make it the better option in low light. Read more

Microsoft provides additional detail on Lumia 950 and 950XL cameras

Earlier this month Microsoft launched the long-awaited successors to the Nokia Lumia 930 and 1520: the Lumia 950 and 950XL. Now a post on the Microsoft Devices Blog provides some more detail about the camera hardware and software in the new models, along with some impressive-looking sample images. Read more

DxOMark Mobile report: Apple iPhone 6s

The camera in the new Apple iPhone 6s comes with an increased pixel count, better responsiveness and an updated panorama mode. Our friends at DxO have just released their full report on the iPhone 6s camera, and you can read the whole thing at our sister site, Connect. Read more

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 comes with larger screen and more power

Today Microsoft not only launched two new smartphones with PureView camera, but also the latest incarnation of its high-end Surface Pro tablet capable of running full desktop apps, such as Adobe Photoshop CC or Lightroom. Read more

DxOMark Mobile report: Google Nexus 6P

With its 5.7-inch QHD AMOLED display the Nexus 6P is a little smaller than last year's Nexus 6 in terms of both display size and overall dimensions. It comes with an aluminum shell and overall high-end specs, along with a new 12.3MP Sony sensor and an F2.0 aperture. DxOMark's mobile evaluation puts it at third place in its rankings - find out why. Read more

Can the iPad Pro be a serious editing tool for imaging professionals?

When the original iPad was launched, speculation began about when tablets would replace laptops for most users. That has yet to happen, and in the hands of photographers tablets are more often used for presentation rather than image editing. The iPad Pro has the hardware to become a serious image editing device, but will it become one in reality? Lars Rehm weighs in. Read more

Motorola Moto X Style / Pure Edition camera review

Replacing the 2014 Moto X, Motorola's flagship Moto X Style has received a complete overhaul in the camera department. It comes with a Sony IMX 230 1/2.4-inch 21MP BSI CMOS sensor and a dual-LED flash, while an F2.0 aperture and 4K video recording remain unchanged from the predecessor. We put its camera through our range of studio and field tests for this full review. Read more

DxOMark report puts Sony Xperia Z5 on top of mobile rankings

DxOMark has published its test results for the Sony Xperia Z5, a high-end smartphone with a 23MP 1/2.4" BSI CMOS sensor, F2.0 lens and dual-LED flash. Calling its hybrid AF system 'impressive in all conditions,' the Z5 takes the top spot in DxO's rankings, sending the Samsung S6 Edge to second place. Read more

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