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Sony patents contact lens camera with blink-triggered shutter

Sony has patented a contact lens that comes with an integrated miniature camera module and all its components, such as image sensor, lens, processor, storage and even a wireless module to transfer images to a smartphone or other connected device. Read more

Helium Core turns iPhone into fully-fledged imaging rig

A sleek iPhone case with plenty of room for mobile photography and videography attachments is seeking crowd-funding on Kickstarter. Read more

Surprisingly sharp: Inmacus 18mm HD Wide Angle Kit lens review

Don't write off smartphone camera accessories just yet – a three-lens bundle from Singapore-based Inmacus produces surprisingly good results. Read more

DxOMark Mobile report: Nextbit Robin

The Nextbit Robin looks like your standard smartphone, but its cool blue exterior houses the first real cloud-based phone. It's an innovative device, but unfortunately its camera falls short of the best in its class. Read more

Huawei clarifies Leica involvement in P9 camera design

Huawei has released a statement clarifying Leica's involvement in creating its P9 and P9 Plus camera module. Read more

Nikon SnapBridge now available for Android, iOS to follow this summer

Nikon's SnapBridge app is now available for Android. First announced as a feature on the Nikon D500, SnapBridge allows photographers with a compatible Nikon digital camera to maintain a connection to a mobile device using Bluetooth low energy. Read more

Huawei P9 Leica-branded dual-cam made by Sunny Optical

The Huawei P9's camera may bear Leica's name, but the innovative dual-cam module comes from Sunny Optical Technology of China. Read more

DxOMark Mobile report: HTC 10 rises to the top

Announced earlier this week, the HTC 10 is the Taiwanese manufacturer's latest flagship model and comes with a top-end camera specification. The attention to camera functionality has evidently served the device well, as it shoots to the top of DxOMark's mobile rankings to share the first spot with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Read more

Microsoft Lumia 950 camera review

In addition to strong camera specifications like a 1/2.4"-type 20MP Sony sensor and Zeiss branded F1.9 lens, the Lumia 950 boasts some tantalizing mobile photography features like Raw capture and extensive manual controls. Unfortunately, its imaging feature set is behind the competition in some notable ways. Read more

Meizu reveals PRO 6 with 21MP camera and 10-LED flash

Chinese mobile device manufacturer Meizu has launched the PRO 6. It will be sold alongside the PRO 5 with the same 21MP 1/2.4-inch sensor and F2.2 aperture, but updates its dual-tone flash with 10 LEDs arranged in a circular pattern on the back plate. Read more

HTC 10 is the first smartphone with OIS in front and rear cameras

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has today launched its latest flagship model, the HTC 10. While the predecessors we tested were frankly disappointing in the camera department, looking at its specs it seems like the 10 has the potential to turn things around for HTC. Read more

Huawei Mate S camera review

The Huawei Mate S boasts a 13MP RGBW sensor, an F2.0 lens and optical image stabilization, with a build quality that places it at the premium end of the market. While its spec positions it against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4, if your priority is imaging capabilities the Mate S can't quite match the competition. Read more

Huawei launches P9 and P9 Plus with Leica dual-camera

Huawei has launched the P9 and P9 Plus in London today. The new models jointly replace last year's P8 and are the first products coming out of Huawei's collaboration with camera maker Leica. Read more

Dual-camera rumored to be reserved for large iPhone variant

We've seen several rumors about the next iPhone generation coming with a dual-lens camera setup. Now it seems that, like image stabilization, this premium imaging feature will be available only in a larger model. Read more

Google Photos for Android updated with non-destructive editing

Google has launched version 1.17 of its Google Photos for Android app and the update brings an important improvement: non-destructive editing. Read more

MediaTek launches Imagiq ISP for dual cameras

Smartphones bearing dual cameras are on the rise, and MediaTek's new Imagiq image signal processor is prepared to take advantage of them. Read more

Updated with Editor's note: Apple launches 9.7-inch iPad Pro with 12MP camera

UPDATED: Apple's latest iPad Pro variant combines the 9.7-inch form factor of the iPad Air series with the desktop-level processing power of the original iPad Pro, providing an alternative for those who find the latter's 12.9-inch display and overall dimensions too large. Read more

iPhone SE is a compact-sized iPhone 6s

When Apple launched the iPhone 6 in 2014, some users weren't happy about the new model's 4.7-inch screen and the device's overall larger dimensions than its iPhone 5s predecessor. With today's launch of the Apple iPhone SE, Apple once again has a compact option with top-end specification on offer. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge takes top spot in DxO Mobile rankings

DxOMark has put the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge through its testing, and with a score of 88 out of 100 the device moves into the top spot in DxO's mobile rankings. Read more

Instagram is changing its feed to use algorithm

Instagram has confirmed in a blog post that it will change the way the photos and videos of your friends are displayed in its stream. Chronological sorting will be scrapped in favor of a new algorithm that sorts images based on 'the likelihood that you'll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post.' Read more

Kodak Alaris launches revamped Moments app

Kodak Alaris has announced a major update to its Moments image sharing app, which allows for direct printing to Kodak Picture Kiosks and online ordering of print products. The company has added to the app what it calls visual storytelling capabilities. Read more

Samsung announces in-house 12MP dual-pixel sensor

Samsung has announced a new smartphone image sensor that offers 12MP resolution, 1.4μm-pixel-size and Dual Pixel technology for fast focusing. Interestingly, those are very similar specifications to that of the Sony IMX260 sensor that has been found to be used in Samsung's new flagship smartphones S7 and S7 edge. Read more

What a view: Aukey Super Wide Angle lens quick review

Aukey is a mobile device accessory maker that has been in the clip-on lens business for quite some time. We've had a chance to try out one of the company's latest models, the 'Super Wide Angle' lens which at 238 degrees offers quite an extreme angle of view. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S7 teardown reveals Sony IMX260 Dual-pixel sensor

At the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge the Korean manufacturer did not provide any official information about the makers of the the new devices' camera module. However, now a teardown from Chipworks has confirmed rumors that the S7 captures its images on a Sony IMX260 sensor with 12MP resolution, 1.4um pixel size and dual pixel AF across the entire sensor. Read more

Corephotonics launches 5x zoom and low noise smartphone camera modules

Corephotonics, a provider of computational camera solutions based in Israel has launched a new dual-camera module for smartphones called Hawkeye. Hawkeye combines a standard 13MP camera module with a second 13MP module that uses proprietary folded optics. Read more

Raw workflow goes mobile: Hands-on with Adobe Lightroom for Android 2.0

Unlike iOS, Android supports the capture and processing of Raw photos. Chances are that if you own a late model mobile device running either Lollipop or Marshmallow, you should now be able to use the Adobe DNG Raw format, the headline feature in the recently updated Lightroom for Android 2.0. We tried out the new Raw workflow, from mobile to desktop and back again. Read more

Leica and Huawei announce partnership to 'reinvent smartphone photography'

We've seen established members of the optical industry partner with smartphone makers before – Nokia high-end phones used to come with Carl Zeiss branded lenses, and Schneider Kreuznach optics have been used in various models from Chinese manufacturer Oppo. Now it seems we could soon see Leica-branded lenses and other imaging technology in Huawei smartphones. Read more

Oppo announces first sensor-based IS for smartphones

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has a history of launching smartphone models with novel camera features and concepts, and has just launched the first sensor-based image stabilization system for smartphones at MWC. Oppo calls it the smallest image stabilizer of its kind, and claims it's able to correct for shake with greater precision than current optical stabilization systems. Read more

Samsung Gear 360 records spherical video and stills

Together with its new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge flagship phones, Samsung has announced the Galaxy Gear 360 camera at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Gear 360 is a ball-shaped device that uses two 15MP cameras with F2.0 fisheye-lenses to record 30MP spherical still images or 360-degree video with a resolution of 3840 x 1920 pixels. Read more

Adobe’s Lightroom for Android app update lets you shoot and process Raw

Adobe has released a major update to its Photoshop Lightroom for Android mobile app, now achieving feature parity with its iOS counterpart — and even surpassing it in one major way. A brand new in-app camera lets you shoot in Adobe Camera Raw DNG format. Read more

Samsung launches Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with dual-pixel AF

Samsung has launched the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, the successors to the flagship models Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Despite only fairly moderate design changes, a lot of new technology is incorporated. In the camera department pixel count has been reduced to 12MP for larger 1.4um pixels which means a 56 percent increase in size compared to the Galaxy S6. Samsung has also introduced a new AF system it calls Dual-Pixels, which splits every single pixel into two photodiodes for on-chip phase detection. Read more

Quick review: Nextbit Robin camera

The Nextbit Robin is a different kind of smartphone. It's an Android device with a fresh modern design, but its most important feature is the one you never see – it's fully integrated with the cloud, backing up and archiving your phone's images, apps and files so you never run out of local storage. We got ahold of an early unit to test out its camera and unique interface. Read more

Monument is an intelligent personal photo storage device

Cloud photo storage services are abundant, but not all photographers are willing to pay the monthly fees associated with large storage amounts. Monument, a project currently seeking crowdfunding, aims to bring the organization and syncing features found in cloud services like Google Photos to a photography-centric storage device that you keep in your own home. Read more

DxOMark Mobile report: Sony Xperia M5

In terms of processing power, look and feel the Sony Xperia M5 ranks below Sony's Xperia Z flagship line of smartphones. However, like the Z-models it's dustproof, waterproof and has a lot to offer in the photography department. The rear camera provides a 21.5MP Sony Exmor sensor with on-chip phase detection combined with an F2.2. lens, as well as 4K video recording. Scoring 79 in DxOMark's Mobile testing, it sets the bar as the best mid-range device in DxO's rankings. Read more

Instagram now supports multi-account use

If you're juggling multiple Instagram accounts for personal and professional use, the latest version of the app is about to make life a little easier. Version 7.15 for iOS and Android adds support for up to 5 accounts. Read more

Sony Xperia Z5 camera review

The Sony Xperia Z5 currently shares the top spot in DxoMark's mobile rankings with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. With a 23MP BSI CMOS sensor, F2.0 lens and hybrid AF system it's easy to understand how it might have ended up at the top of the rankings. Our full review digs into image quality as well as our experience using the Z5 for photography. Read more

Photo Mate R3 brings improved Raw editing on Android

Photo Mate, arguably the most comprehensive Raw image editing app for Android, has received a substantial update. Version R3 comes with an all-new rendering engine for both Raw & JPEG editing. This includes improvements to all the important adjustments, such as contrast, shadows, highlights and exposure. Read more

Apple patent describes use of curved image sensor to design small camera module

A patent was recently granted to Apple describing how a spherical image sensor can be used to design a very compact camera module. The sensor is spherically curved and eliminates the need to correct for curvature of field, meaning a simpler, brighter and ultimately smaller lens design can be used. Read more

DxOMark Mobile report: OnePlus 2

Like its predecessor, the OnePlus 2 offers the specification of a high-end phone at a budget price point. The camera's 13MP resolution isn't anything out of the ordinary these days, but optical image stabilization and a laser-assisted AF system tend to be found only on expensive top-end models. Find out where its appealing camera specs land the OnePlus 2 in DxOMark's mobile rankings. Read more

Panasonic to launch Lumix DMC-CM10 without phone functionality

Panasonic has announced that the next version of its Lumix DMC-CM1 smartphone will dispense with its phone functionality to concentrate on being a camera. The Lumix DMC-CM10 will initially only be available in Japan, and is very much the same as the original DMC-CM1, but while it will run on the Android 5.0 operating system it will not be equipped to make phone calls. Read more

MaxCurve curve editing tool for iOS connects with Photoshop on a desktop

MaxCurve is an app for iPhone and iPad that, as the name suggests, relies predominantly on curves for image editing. Overall, there are 20 curve adjustments available which are grouped into so-called kits. Another key feature of MaxCurve is its ability to connect, via Wi-Fi, to a desktop version of Photoshop that is running on a Windows PC or Mac. Read more

Olloclip launches Studio accessory-mount case for Apple iPhone

Mobile phone add-on-lens manufacturer olloclip has announced it is to introduce a new case for the iPhone 6 series that makes it easier to fit additional accessories to complement the process of shooting movies and stills with its products. Read more

DxOMark Mobile report: HTC One A9

In the HTC device lineup the One A9 sits just below the flagship One M9. However, in the camera department, with its faster F2.0 aperture and optical image stabilization, it actually offers some advantages over the M9. There is also a dual-LED flash and the A9 is, like the M9, capable of recording DNG Raw files. However, with a DxOMark Mobile score of 78 the HTC A9 doesn't place itself among the best current smartphone cameras. Read more

DxOMark Mobile report: BlackBerry Priv

The Blackberry Priv combines Google's Android operating system with BlackBerry's security features and a slider form factor with hardware qwerty-keyboard. In the camera module an 18MP sensor works together with a Schneider Kreuznach designed lens and optical image stabilization. The camera is capable of recording 4K video and there is also a dual-tone LED flash. DxOMark recently published its test results – find out how it rates. Read more

Sony uses 12 Xperia Z5 smartphones to record 48K 360 degree video

A team at Sony has custom designed and 3D-printed a rig that mounts onto a tripod and can hold 12 Xperia Z5 Compact smartphones, making it possible to record 4K video simultaneously for immersive video. Stitched together in post production, the clips create some impressive 48K 360-degree footage. To test and demonstrate the setup, Sony recorded various winter sports scenes at the Rise Ski & Snowboard Festival in Les Deux Alpes. Read more

Apple patent describes dual-camera design

Looking at a new Apple patent that has recently surfaced, it appears we might see a dual-camera setup in future iPhone generations. The design uses two camera modules, one with a wide-angle lens and another with a longer focal length. Throw some Apple software wizardry into the mix and you get yourself a smartphone zoom lens that should get close in quality to fully optical zooms and much better than existing digital zooms. Read more

CameraLends Peer-to-Peer equipment sharing service launches iPhone app, a peer-to-peer camera gear sharing service that was established in 2013, has just launched a mobile app. The service allows for private rental of cameras, lenses and accessories of all types. Read more

Zeiss optics included in latest ExoLens accessory lenses for the iPhone

Smartphone accessory lens manufacturer ExoLens is to introduce three new lenses that use optics and designs from Zeiss. The lenses will be a zoom macro adapter as well as wide-angle and telephoto converters that will screw into a frame that fits around the phone. Read more

Samsung launches Galaxy TabPro S Windows tablet

Samsung has launched a new convertible tablet at CES which appears to be squarely aimed at Microsoft's Surface Pro model. Like the Surface Pro, the Galaxy TabPro S runs Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system and can be used with a keyboard cover that attaches via a pin connector. While on the Microsoft device the keyboard cover is an optional accessory, with the TabPro S it is included in the package. Read more

CamFi is an alternative wireless controller for your Nikon or Canon DSLR

CamFi is a new option for those photographers looking to control their Nikon or Canon DSLR wirelessly. The device mounts on the hot shoe of compatible DSLRs and creates a Wi-Fi network that you can connect to using a PC or Mac as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. At $130 CamFi is priced well below manufacturer-provided options for high-end DSLRs. Read more

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