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Mountain Magic: Shooting in the Lofoten Islands

Way up in Norway's arctic northwest lies a small, yet incredibly beautiful and diverse archipelago, home to some of that country's most magical landscapes and a truly wonderful winter atmosphere. Photographer Erez Marom shares his experience of shooting in the Lofoten Islands in Arctic Norway, from a traditional fishing village to mountains and ice-covered lakes. Learn more

Behind the Shot: Winter Paradise
Nature photographer Erez Marom tells the story of his Aurora Borealis shot 'Winter Paradise'.
Behind the Shot: Lost in Space
Nature photographer Erez Marom takes us through the complicated process he went through to achieve his image 'Lost in Space'.
Auroral photography: A guide to capturing the Northern Lights
Ben Hattenbach is a wilderness photographer who explores the remote corners of the planet. In this articles he shows us some of favorite images of the Northern Lights and explains how to find an aurora and how to equip yourself to capture it. He also gives advice on camera settings and composition.