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Ansix introduces LensPacks: Rear lens caps with Velcro for bags

Ansix Engineering has taken to Kickstarter with its LensPacks, a rear lens cap backed with Velcro that can be attached to the inside of a camera bag. It's designed to speed up lens changes - when a lens swap is necessary, the photographer can twist the current lens into the fixed lens cap, then twist a different lens off of another cap. Read more

Wundershine smart frame prints, displays and stores your favorite images

Dutch startup Wundershine has re-imagined the photo frame with Makerframe, a wooden frame that can print and display your images thanks to a built-in inkless thermal printer. Still in the development phase, the system is controlled via Android or iOS app. A simpler model called Reframe that doesn't include the printer is also in the works. Read more

ProGearX announces new line of GoPro accessories

ProGearX has announced the availability of several new accessories for mounting GoPro action cameras to a variety of surfaces. Among the new accessories is an extendable pole, body mounts, and a kit for mounting the action cam on different sports boards. The accessories are available now, and ProGearX will be showcasing them during CES 2015 next month. Read more

Flashpoint Budget Studio Monolight Review

The Flashpoint Budget Studio Monolights are Adorama's answer for cash-strapped photographers looking to build their own studio. Is there enough bang to back the budget price tag? Find out in our review.

Ten items you should have in your camera bag

What's in your camera bag? A camera (hopefully) and maybe a lens or two, but that's probably not everything that you need. In this article we'll be looking at ten items that deserve a place in every photographer's kit bag, whatever sort of photography you enjoy doing. Click through for the list.

8 months with the Vanguard Up-Rise 33 camera bag

The Vanguard Up-Rise 33 offers a unique expansion capability, making it a good choice for everyday carry, with the ability to adapt to larger and smaller loads.

Phottix BG-5D III Battery Grip for Canon EOS 5D Mark III Review
The Phottix BG-5DIII battery grip doubles the battery life of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and mirrors the functionality of Canon's BG-E11 battery grip. Does it perform on par with its more expensive competitor? Read on to find out.
Sony RX100 Custom Grip by Richard Franiec

Photographer Gary Dean Mercer Clark reviews the Richard Franiec Custom Grip for the Sony RX100. "Having medium sized hands with long fingers, I had to find a solution for holding this tiny camera without it slipping or popping out of my hands."

Tamrac Evolution 9 Photo Backpack Review

The Tamrac Evolution 9 Sling Backpack is do-it-all pro backpack capable of carrying everything but the kitchen sink. Read on for the full review.

Flash Options for Sigma DP1M, DP2M and DP3M
Are there compact flash solutions for the Sigma DP1M, DP2M and DP3M? Photographer Gary Dean Mercer Clark discusses the Sigma EF 140 DG compact flash and the Metz 20 C-2 " Auto" flash as pocketable flash solutions for Sigma's tiny super high resolution 30 MP equivalent APC sensored cameras.
11 Cool Photography-Related Kickstarter Projects
We've scoured Kickstarter for the most intriguing photgraphic tools and inventions that are soon to hit the market. Whether you shoot with an iPhone, DSLR or dedicated video camera, there's something on our list for you.
10 Photography Accessories for Under $250
Photography can be an expensive hobby, but there are plenty of fantastic accessories available which won't break the bank. In this buyers' guide Matt Golowczynski focusses on ten accessories for less than $250 that deserve a place on your holiday season shopping list.
Total: 12, showing: 1 – 12