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Camera Menus

The A55's menus are grouped into six sections; Record, Custom, Playback, Memory, Date and Time, and Setup. The left and right arrows on the multi-controller jump between menus while the up and down (or control dial) scroll through them. It's very easy to navigate once you're used to it.

Record menu

The record menu provides for configuration of settings which will affect the final image file as well as the behavior of some of the automatic settings. Many of the more common options can be accessed using the Function button or by pressing one of the direct access buttons, so there's not much need to visit this menu on a regular basis in everyday photography. The options for each item are revealed by pressing the center button on the multi-controller.

This menu has, compared to previous Alphas, slightly grown in size which is mainly due to the inclusion of movie and panorama modes in the A55. Settings that are not available in the current shooting mode are still visible but grayed out.

Option Values / Actions Notes
Page one
Image size  • L: 16M
 • M: 8.4M
 • S: 4.0M
- 4912 x 3264
- 3568 x 2368
- 2448 x 1624
Aspect Ratio  • 3:2
 • 16:9

Quality  • RAW
 • Fine
 • Standard
Movie file format  • AVCHD
 • MP4
Movie size  • 1920 x 1080 (AVCHD only)
 • 1440 x 1080 (MP4 only)
 • VGA (MP4 only)
Movie audio rec  • On
 • Off
SteadyShot  • On
 • Off
Page two
Panorama size  • Standard
 • Wide
Only available in Panorama mode
Panorama direction  • Right
 • Left
 • Up
 • Down
Only available in Panorama mode
3D Pan image size  • 16:9
 • Standard
 • Wide
Only available in 3D Panorama mode
3D Pan direction  • Right
 • Left
Only available in 3D Panorama mode
Flash control  • ADI Flash
 • Pre-flash TTL
AF illuminator  • Auto
 • Off
SteadyShot  • On
 • Off
Color Space  • sRGB
 • AdobeRGB
Page three
Long exp. NR  • On
 • Off
Subtracts a 'dark frame' image if shutter speed is greater than 1 second.
High ISO NR.  • Auto
 • Weak
Increases noise reduction at ISO 1600 or above.

Custom menu

The A55's custom menu is split across two pages. Most functions will be immediately familiar to previous Alpha users but there are also a couple of new inclusions such as EVF-related settings or the Auto+ mode options. None of the functions would require regular visits to this corner of the menu system.

Option Values / Actions Notes
Page one
Eye-Start AF  • On
 • Off
Sets the camera to AF if it detects an eye has been put to the viewfinder.
Finder/LCD setting  • Auto
 • Manual
Switch between rear LCD and EVF
AEL button  • AEL hold
 • AEL toggle
Does the AEL button have to be pressed or held to retain AE lock?
Focus hold button  • Focus hold
 • DOF preview
Focus magnifier  • On
 • Off
Press delete button for magnification when activated
Red eye reduc.  • On
 • Off
Release w/o lens  • Enable
 • Disable
Page two
Grid line  • Rule of 3rds grid
 • Square grid
 • Diag+square grid
 • Off
Histogram  • On
 • Off
Display rec data  • For live view
 • For viewfinder
Select format of the recording info display
Auto review  • 10 sec
 • 5 sec
 • 2 sec
 • Off
Auto+ cont advance  • Auto
 • Off
Continuous shooting in Auto+ mode
Auto+ image extract  • Auto
 • Off
Saving all images that were shot continuously in Auto+ mode
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Total comments: 6

I can only confirm that at least the first generation model is totally unreliable.
As others described often enough the camera would just turn off mid shooting, with only the first half of the shutter sound (shutter count 32k).

Sony insists on charging you for replacing the Shutter unit, which will likely die again within the next 15-50k.

Design flaws can happen, but Sony Customer Service is just terrible. Definitely not going to buy into their systems.


It seems Sony A55 is very unreliable camera.

While I was taking photos, camera suddenly went black Fully dead. I verified battery is 100% charged.

I tried to contact the repair centre and no feed back. I am very much frustrated as my friend who took Cannon at the same time with me has had no issues with his and I have many other friends ho use Nikon never had issues with their cameras. I feel sorry for my decision to go for SONY DSLR.

1 upvote

I think that the fixed mirror means the cameras are relatively small -- 23 per cent smaller and 26 per cent lighter than the Sony Alpha DSLR-A550, to be precise. They're very light, but with a solid and comfortable rubberised grip.


It does, or rather, did. Strangely, Sony decided, presumably for sound commercial reasons, to delete this body shape when they released the current model, the A58, which is bigger than the A55, 33, 35, and 37 which were all this shape. I like my cameras small (as well as light) so this shape definitely interests me more than the A58.

1 upvote

I love it. It is easy to use and I have never had any mechanical issues with it. I especially love the rapid shooting feature. My grandchildren never stay steady for a second. With this feature, I can go back and delete the frames I don't like. I also used it at professional sporting events at a great distance using the zoom lense with great success. I've also used the portrait function for stills. Great camera!


I have not had a good time with this camera. Just over a year after buying it the camera stopped working and SONY charged me £117 for the repair. Now just 7 months later the camera has a different fault and will not focus or take photos. Sony want a further £117 for repairs!! I feel this is not what i expected from a camera at this price and SONY are not interested in the fact that possibly I have a poor quality camera. I would NEVER recommend a Sony camera to anyone

1 upvote
Total comments: 6