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Camera Menus

The A900's menus (accessed by pressing the MENU button in any mode) are very similar to the A700; a few bits have moved around, but not much. They're grouped into four sections; Record (4 pages), Custom (3 pages), Playback (2 pages) and Setup (3 pages). The menus are navigated using either the multi-controller or the control dials (rear scrolls horizontally through the menus, front scrolls up and down individual menus). It's a fast and efficient system.

Record menu

The record menu provides for configuration of settings which will affect the final image file as well as the behavior of some of the automatic settings. Many of the more common options can be accessed using the Quick Navi function or by pressing one of the external buttons, so there's not much need to visit this menu on a regular basis in everyday photography. The options for each item are revealed by pressing the center button on the multi-controller.

Option Values / Actions Notes
Page one
Image size  • L: 24M
 • M: 13M
 • S: 6.1M

- 6048 x 4032
- 4400 x 2936
- 3024 x 2016

Aspect Ratio  • 3:2
 • 16:9
 • RAW
 • cRAW
 • cRAW & JPEG
 • Extra Fine
 • Fine
 • Standard

- uncompressed RAW
- compressed RAW
- JPEG is a 'Fine'
- JPEG is a 'Fine'

D-Range Optimizer

 • Off
 • Standard
 • Advanced Auto
 • Advanced
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

Custom Button  • AF Lock
 • AF/MF control
 • Optical Preview
 • Intelligent Preview
 • ISO
 • White Balance
 • Exposure Comp.
 • Flash Comp.
 • Drive Mode
 • AF Area
 • Image Size
 • Quality
 • Creative Style
 • D-Range Optimizer
 • Flash Mode
 • Memory

Define the setting controlled by the 'C' button

– Saves the current settings

Creative Style  • Standard
 • Vivid
 • Neutral
 • Clear
 • Deep
 • Light
 • Portrait
 • Landscape
 • Sunset
 • Night View
 • Autumn Leaves
 • B/W*
 • Sepia*

• Custom options:
Contrast (+3 to -3)
Saturation (+3 to -3)
Sharpness (+3 to -3)
Brightness (+3 to -3)
Zone Matching (-1 to +2)

- creative styles are best thought of as 'starting points' that can be customized and saved into one of the six registers for immediate recall

*saturation option not available

Color Space  • sRGB
 • AdobeRGB
Page two
Flash Mode

 • Autoflash
 • Fill-flash
 • Rear sync.
 • Wireless

- AUTO / scene modes only
Flash control  • ADI flash
 • Pre-flash TTL
Flash Compens.  • +3 to -3 slider  
Exposure Step  • 0.5 EV
 • 0.3 EV
ISO Auto Range  • 400-1600
 • 400-800
 • 200-1600
 • 200-800
 • 200-400
Page three
AF-A setup

 • AF-A
 • DMF (direct manual focus)

- adjusts function of 'AFA' position on focus mode dial
AF area  • Wide
 • Spot
 • Local
Priority Setup .  • AF
 • Release
Choose whether the camera will release the shutter without focus lock
AF Illuminator  • Auto
 • Off
AF w/ shutter  • On
 • Off
– determines whether half-press activates the AF.
Long Exposure NR  • On
 • Off
- exposures of 1 second or longer
High ISO NR  • High
 • Normal
 • Low
 • Off
- ISO 1600 and higher
Memory  • Select Register (1,2 or 3) Allows you to save current settings to one of three custom memory registers
Rec mode reset   Displays a 'Reset recording mode? OK /Cancel dialog box.

Custom menu

In addition to the record menu options the A900 also has three pages of custom menu options which allow for personalization of the camera to a very high degree (the options are basically identical to the A700 except those that relate to the Intelligent Preview function).

Option Values / Actions Notes
Page one
AF/MF button  • AF/MF control
 • AF lock
AF/MF Control  • Hold
 • Toggle
Choose if the AF/MF button must be held or toggles focus mode.
AF drive speed  • Fast
 • Slow
Focus speed can be reduced for awkward subjects such as macros
AF area Disp.  • 0.3 sec display
 • 0.6 sec display
 • Display off
Controls how long the selected AF area is illuminated in the viewfinder
Focus Hold Button  • Focus Hold
 • Optical preview
 • Intelligent Preview
Determines function of focus hold button (on lenses that have one).
Auto Review  • 10 secs
 • 5 secs
 • 2 secs
 • Off
Preview Function

 • Intelligent
 • Optical Preview

Defines function of DOF button
Page two
AEL button • AEL hold
• AEL toggle
 • Spot AE hold
 • Spot AE toggle
Choose if the AEL button must be held or toggles AE lock, additionally this can be set to spot meter.
Ctrl dial setup  • Front SS / Rear F/no
 • Front F/no / Rear SS
Sets the function of the control dial in P and M modes
Dial Exp Comp.  • Off
 • Front dial
 • Rear dial
allows you to set one of the dials to offer direct access to exposure compensation.
Ctrl dial lock  • On
 • Off
When selected (on) the control dials only function when the shutter speed and aperture are displayed on-screen / in the viewfinder
Button ops.  • Exclusive Display
 • Quick Navi
Determines whether pressing the external buttons (ISO etc) brings up a dedicated menu or allows you to change settings directly on the Quick Navi screen.
Release w/o Card  • Enable
 • Disable
Release w/o Lens  • Enable
 • Disable
Rec. info. disp  • Auto rotate
 • Horizontal
Controls whether the recording information display is rotated or not
Page three
Exp. Comp. Set  • Ambient & flash
 • Ambient only
Bracket order  • 0, -, +
 • -, 0, +
Custom Reset Enter Displays a 'Reset custom functions? OK /Cancel dialog box.
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