PIX 2015
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Play mode display

Switching to play mode displays the last image taken. If the camera has not displayed the image before (it's not cached) there's a slight delay before the full resolution image is shown. Clean display mode with no overlaid information.
Press the display button to overlay basic file and date information. Press once more for exposure information and 4-way histogram (red, green, blue and luminance).


You can switch to magnify mode either by pressing the magnify button or by turning the sub command dial. Magnification is available from x1.1 to x5.0 (should be more in my opinion), move around the magnified image using the multi-way joystick.

Thumbnail index

Press the self-timer / thumbnail button to display a 9 image thumbnail index. Using the delete option in thumbnail mode allows you to delete a single image, all images in this folder or selected images (as demonstrated on the right).

Other features

Select Resize from the Play menu to produce a resized copy of the current image. Any smaller image size can be selected. Select Rotate from the menu to rotate the current image in 90 degree steps. This does not rotate the JPEG file itself, instead it simply marks the correct orientation in the files header.
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Where to get Sony original np fm 50 battery for dsc r1, in india.

Thank you all for your attention.



Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1: 14.3-71.5mm f/2.8-4.8
Zeiss 73.8∠5.11 ∅ 2.8 ev (Wide)
Zeiss 17.1∠14.9 ∅ 4.8 ev (Tele)

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We use this daily (2014). It is slow, but with 2 x 285HV (Original), for product shots. It does a very good job. The color is slightly off. It sits upon a Tiltall tripod from about 25yrs ago. (spotting a trend here). I figure that if I have the equipment sitting around, might as well put it to use.


Who’s “we”? Do you have a mouse in your camera bag?

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Pascal Parvex

Had this camera before I bought my first DSLR, the 5D Classic. It is a capable camera, the first time I bought a Sony, as Canon did not have something comparable. I shot two Tokio Hotel concerts with this one, some pictures with 3200 ISO that turned out usable. Just the red tones are a little bit too speckled. Bought a DSLR afterwards because the R1 is quite slow.


Agreed about the speed of handling, and by today's standards, the higher ISO settings are quite poor.

But where these aspects don't really matter, its IQ from the superb Zeiss lens can still give a modern dlsr a run for its money. And it would have to be a top of the range one as well, with top jolly optics.

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