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Shooting mode display

The DSC-R1 provides for a range of different shooting mode 'live view' displays ranging from a clean view with no overlaid information to detailed information, histograms and animated zebra pattern which indicates area of over-exposure. You change display mode by pressing the display button on the rear of the camera, grid lines and the zebra pattern are activated via the setup menu.

Normal display, only AF area is shown More detail shown including battery life, flash mode, WB mode, image size and capacity
Live histogram display Live histogram display with 'zebra pattern' enabled, note that the pattern scrolls
Normal display with 'thirds' grid lines enabled Here an example of changing one of the hold and turn dial settings in live view

Typical shooting sequence

Live view before exposure Half-press of shutter release locks auto focus (as indicated by the green brackets) and exposure
After exposure a 'record review' image is displayed showing the result  

Auto focus area mode

Multi-point AF: camera automatically selects from five of the AF areas arranged in a cross Center area AF: camera uses just the center area for focusing
Spot AF: you can freely move the area around the screen (virtually limitless)  

Manual focus

During manual focus (as you turn the MF ring) the center of the frame is magnified up to full size, the R1's large sensor and large maximum apertures make it easy to locate the focus point (because when not in focus the image is more blurred than it would be on a consumer digital camera). The magnified display is very detailed, much better than most live view manual focus implementations.

Here out of focus at 0.56 m Now in focus at 0.39 m
After about a second the live view returns to normal  
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Where to get Sony original np fm 50 battery for dsc r1, in india.

Thank you all for your attention.



Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1: 14.3-71.5mm f/2.8-4.8
Zeiss 73.8∠5.11 ∅ 2.8 ev (Wide)
Zeiss 17.1∠14.9 ∅ 4.8 ev (Tele)

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We use this daily (2014). It is slow, but with 2 x 285HV (Original), for product shots. It does a very good job. The color is slightly off. It sits upon a Tiltall tripod from about 25yrs ago. (spotting a trend here). I figure that if I have the equipment sitting around, might as well put it to use.


Who’s “we”? Do you have a mouse in your camera bag?

Pascal Parvex

Had this camera before I bought my first DSLR, the 5D Classic. It is a capable camera, the first time I bought a Sony, as Canon did not have something comparable. I shot two Tokio Hotel concerts with this one, some pictures with 3200 ISO that turned out usable. Just the red tones are a little bit too speckled. Bought a DSLR afterwards because the R1 is quite slow.


Agreed about the speed of handling, and by today's standards, the higher ISO settings are quite poor.

But where these aspects don't really matter, its IQ from the superb Zeiss lens can still give a modern dlsr a run for its money. And it would have to be a top of the range one as well, with top jolly optics.

Total comments: 6