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JPEG Image Size & Quality

Like most recent Sony digital cameras the DSC-P71 offers two JPEG modes of Fine and Standard, these can be used in combination with any of the wide range of image sizes; 2048 x 1536, 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 960 or 640 x 480.

Standard Test Scene

To give an impression of what some of the combinations of image size and quality produce the table below is a cross reference of some of them:

  • 2048 x 1536 Fine
  • 2048 x 1536 Standard
  • 1600 x 1200 Fine
  • 1280 x 960 Fine
  • 640 x 480 Fine

Images below are cropped 240 x 100 area of the image magnified 200% (nearest neighbour).

2048 x 1536
1,347 KB
812 KB

1600 x 1200
Fine 882 KB

1280 x 960
Fine 556 KB

640 x 480
145 KB


As we've come to expect (of Sony digital cameras) the DSC-P71 offers five levels of sharpening adjustment from +2 to -2 (where 0 is normal). The differences between -1, 0 and +1 are very subtle, although if you look closely you'll note less 'halo' artifacts on the -1 image. The +2 and -2 settings allow you to experiment at the extremes of sharpening. It's nice to see a camera at this (price) level offering sharpening control but it would be even nicer if Sony also standardized adjustment of colour saturation and contrast.

Sharpening: +2
Sharpening: +1
Sharpening: 0 (Normal)
Sharpening: -1
Sharpening: -2
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