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Record Menu (P/A/S/M exposure modes)

Pressing the MENU button in record mode overlays the record menu over the live scene preview (black background used for clarity).

Although a similar layout to previous Cybershot digital cameras (a row of options along the bottom of the screen) the menu font is now smoother, the selection bar clearer and the little 'tick mark' animates as you select an option.

Record Menu Options

Record menu Options Notes
ISO  • 800
 • 400
 • 200
 • 100
 • 64
 • Auto
Set to 'Auto' the camera will vary sensitivity automatically depending on the amount of available light. Note that since our pre-production preview Sony has added the ISO 64 option.
Image Size  • 8M
 • 3:2
 • 5M
 • 3M
 • 1M
 • VGA
- 3264 x 2448
- 3264 x 2176
- 2592 x 1944
- 2048 x 1536
- 1280 x 960
- 640 x 480
Picture Quality  • Fine
 • Standard
- (JPEG)
- (JPEG)
Mode  • RAW
 • Voice
 • E-mail
 • Normal
BRK  • +/- 1.0 EV
 • +/- 0.7 EV
 • +/- 0.3 EV
Only available if Mode is 'Exposure Bracketing'
Multi Burst  • 1/7.5
 • 1/15
 • 1/30
Only available if Mode is 'Multi Burst'
Flash Level

 • High
 • Normal
 • Low

Picture Effect  • Solarize
 • Sepia
 • Negative Art
 • Off
Color  • Real
 • Standard
Saturation  • +
 • Normal
 • -
Contrast  • +
 • Normal
 • -
Sharpness  • +
 • Normal
 • -

Other mode menus

Auto record menu, a limited number of options, you can change the image size and the record mode.

Movie clip record menu, allows you to select between 640 x 480 (30 fps)*, 640 x 480 (16 fps) or 160 x 112 (8 fps).
* Memory Stick Pro or CF Microdrive Only

Scene record mode, a wider range of options although you can not control saturation, contrast or sharpness. An example of the 'pop-up' mode display which appears when you turn the mode dial.

Play Menu

Pressing the MENU button in play mode overlays the play menu over the displayed image (black background used for clarity).

Menu layout is quite similar to record mode, press the 4-way controller left/right to choose an option then depress it fully to select.

Play Menu Options

Record menu Options
Folder  • Select folder [clip]
Protect Enters a browsing mode with the following options:
 • Protect
 • Exit
DPOF Enters a browsing mode with the following options:
 • Exit
Print Enters a browsing mode with the following options:
 • DPOF image (looks for a USB print device)
 • This image (looks for a USB print device)
 • Exit
Slide  • Interval: 3, 5, 10, 30 sec, 1 min
 • Image: Folder, All
 • Repeat: On, Off
 • Cancel
 • Start
Resize  • 8M
 • 5M
 • 3M
 • 1M
 • VGA
 • Cancel
Rotate  • 90° CCW
 • 90° CW
 • Ok
 • Cancel
Divide  • Movie clips only

Set Up Menu

Turn the mode dial to the Set Up position to enter the camera's main setup menu. The menu is divided across five pages each of which can be quickly accessed by first moving down the tabs on the left side of the screen and then pressing the right arrow to 'enter' the page.

Set Up Menu Options

Record menu Options Notes
Camera 1
AF Mode  • Single
 • Monitor
 • Continuous
Digital Zoom  • Smart
 • Precision
Date/Time  • Day & Time
 • Date
 • Off
Red Eye Reduction  • On
 • Off
Hologram AF  • Auto
 • Off
Auto Review  • On
 • Off
Camera 2
Expanded Focus  • On
 • Off
Hot Shoe  • On
 • Off
Pop-up Flash  • Auto
 • Manual
If set to Manual the camera enables flash if opened manually
Memory Stick / CF Tool
Format  • OK
 • Cancel
Create REC Folder  • OK
 • Cancel
Change REC Folder  • OK
 • Cancel
Setup 1
LCD Brightness  • Bright
 • Normal
 • Dark
LCD Backlight  • Bright
 • Normal
EVF Backlight  • Bright
 • Normal
Beep  • Shutter
 • On
 • Off
Language  • Portugese
 • Italian
 • Spanish
 • German
 • French
 • English
Setup 2
File Number  • Series
 • Reset
USB Connect  • PictBridge
 • PTP
 • Normal
Video Out  • NTSC
 • PAL
Clock Set  • OK
 • Cancel
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I have had this camera since it came out 2003, I love it and still use it. It uses 2 memory cards, one called Compact Flash and the other is a Memory Stick PRO Duo and this must be used with an Adaptor. (this is how it is spelled on the Adaptor). I have had only on problem with it and it had to do with some of the wires that read the card of the Flash. Not sure how that happened but I got it fixed and has been working well. Now that it is 12 yrs old, I just started to have problems with the charger. I am looking for a new charger for it. I would like to have some lens adapters like a zoom lens. I have looked but have never found any.



Hi Wizphotogal,
I had for a long time Sony CS-717 which gave up recently, so I found used SC-828 which is just better copy of 717.
What kind of problem do you have with charger ?
There are sets of lens adapters - wide - tele and macro which you can add ( I had those for 717 and they fit to 828) Ones I have are Wide x 0.5 which splits to become macro and tele x2.0
mine is vision optics titanium - don't remember how much I paid.
but it works OK, hope it helps


The memory stick I need for this DCS-F828 is about 13/15" X 1/8"....larger than those on the market today.



I have an older version of the DSC-F828 but cannot find a memory stick to fit it....would anyone know where I could get one?

Thanks Tom


Try Ebay, they have the full size adapter cases that will accept the newer style memory sticks. The adapters are cheap about 1.00 ea last time I checked. had the camera for 13 years & time to upgrade to newer & betterer!

Total comments: 5