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Rear of camera controls

The controls on the rear of the camera run along the bottom of the LCD monitor (except the media select switch).


Electronic Viewfinder / LCD Monitor switch

This switch allows you to enable an image on either the LCD monitor or the Electronic Viewfinder. Sony has clearly chosen not to follow Minolta and HP in having a proximity sensor for the EVF.

Pressing this button cycles through the screen display modes:
 • Plain live view display (no overlay)
 • Live view with overlaid information
 • Live view with overlaid information and live histogram
Self-timer / Thumbnail index

In record mode pressing this button engages or disengages the self-timer. In play mode it switches to a 3x3 thumbnail index view.
Digital Zoom / Magnify

In record mode this engages digital zoom. In play mode this button is used to magnify the displayed image.
Image Review

Instantly reviews the last image / movie, in this mode you can zoom into the image but not browse images on the media card. In my opinion it would have been far better to do away with the dedicated play mode and allow this button to enter a fully shooting-priority play mode.
CF / Compact Flash / Memory Stick

This switch controls which media slot the F828 is using. As soon as you flick the switch the camera examines the media in the slot and updates the number of frames remaining (record mode) or the displayed image (play mode).

Lens barrel controls

The button / switch controls on the right side of the lens barrel fall naturally under your left thumb. Most of the buttons are operated in the same way as described on the previous pages, that is you hold a button and turn the command dial to change the setting. The ring at the front of the lens barrel is the zoom ring, it is mechanically linked to the zoom mechanism and is smooth but just stiff enough so as not to be easily knocked, this dial has a rubber coating. The second dial is the focus-by-wire


Pop-up Flash

Flick this spring loaded lever to pop-up the flash, this simply triggers the electronic release mechanism and the flash quickly lifts out of its housing.
Flash mode

Hold button and turn command dial.
 • Auto
 • Flash On
 • Slow Sync
 • Flash Off
Metering mode

Hold button and turn command dial.
 • Multi-pattern
 • Center-Weighted Average
 • Spot
Macro focus

Press this button to toggle macro focus on or off.
/BRK Drive / Bracket mode

Hold button and turn command dial.
 • Single
 • Speed Burst (2.5 fps, max 7 frames, no LCD review during shooting)
 • Framing Burst (2.3 fps, max 7 frames, LCD review after each shot)
 • Multi Burst (16 images on a single 1 mp frame, custom interval)
 • Bracket
FOCUS Focus mode

This switch controls whether focusing is carried out automatically or manually by the focus-by-wire ring.
Nightshot / Nightframing mode

Hold button and turn command dial.
 • Off
 • Nightshot
 • Nightframing
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I have had this camera since it came out 2003, I love it and still use it. It uses 2 memory cards, one called Compact Flash and the other is a Memory Stick PRO Duo and this must be used with an Adaptor. (this is how it is spelled on the Adaptor). I have had only on problem with it and it had to do with some of the wires that read the card of the Flash. Not sure how that happened but I got it fixed and has been working well. Now that it is 12 yrs old, I just started to have problems with the charger. I am looking for a new charger for it. I would like to have some lens adapters like a zoom lens. I have looked but have never found any.



Hi Wizphotogal,
I had for a long time Sony CS-717 which gave up recently, so I found used SC-828 which is just better copy of 717.
What kind of problem do you have with charger ?
There are sets of lens adapters - wide - tele and macro which you can add ( I had those for 717 and they fit to 828) Ones I have are Wide x 0.5 which splits to become macro and tele x2.0
mine is vision optics titanium - don't remember how much I paid.
but it works OK, hope it helps


The memory stick I need for this DCS-F828 is about 13/15" X 1/8"....larger than those on the market today.



I have an older version of the DSC-F828 but cannot find a memory stick to fit it....would anyone know where I could get one?

Thanks Tom


Try Ebay, they have the full size adapter cases that will accept the newer style memory sticks. The adapters are cheap about 1.00 ea last time I checked. had the camera for 13 years & time to upgrade to newer & betterer!

Total comments: 5