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Play display contd.

Play: Thumbnail View

Pressing the THUMB button enters this 3 x 3 thumbnail view where you can scroll around the images and perform various image manipulations. Select DELETE while in thumbnail view and you can selectively delete images, move around and mark the images to be deleted.
Select PROTECT to mark/unmark images as protected. This sets the image file's read-only flag which protects it from accidental deletion (though not from Memory Stick formatting). Select PRINT to mark/unmark images to be printed on a DPOF compatible printer. This creates a DPOF compatible text file instructing the printer as to which images are to be printed.
Select COPY to copy images from one Memory Stick to another. After selecting the images you want press SET then COPY, the camera will buffer the images then ask you for the destination Memory Stick.

Play: Image Information

While in thumbnail view mode pressing THUMB button once more enters this three thumbnail information display mode which shows basic exposure information for the selected image.

Play: Rotate

Select ROTATE to rotate the current image in 90 degree steps. This does not rotate the JPEG file itself, instead it simply marks the correct orientation in the files header. The DSC-F707 does not have a orientation sensor.
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Astronomy Dominie

Today I was comparing one of my first digital camera (F707) with my latest compact camera (RX100 M3) ,aside from resolution the quality of images produced by this two gems are so identical (in good light indeed) . So have we really needed to upgrade our Camera every one or two years to take better photos ? (Thank you SONY anyway , Your engineers doing their duty well)


The Sony F707 was my very first camera, which I purchased way back in June of 2002. Although today (3/2015) I own newer DSLR cameras from Nikon (D200 & D7000), I still love using the Sony F707. After all these years, it continues to deliver excellent image quality...and it has significant sentimental value to me. I just recently purchased a second used F707 on eBay to have as a backup-backup camera in the event that my original F707 quits on me. I wish Sony would produce an F727? model (or a limited edition F707)...I would be the first to buy.


The F717 was my first digital camera and loved it!

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Arguably, still, a cool camera!

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one of sony greatest hit camera.

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Total comments: 5