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Record mode display

Here you can see an example of the live preview image as seen on the LCD/EVF just prior to taking a shot, note the composition bracket in the center of the frame. Various settings information is displayed along the top and down the right side of the display (in this case):

Battery life (in minutes), image size and quality, remaining frames, Memory Stick status (bar graph), Flash status, White Balance setting, Macro focus, ISO 100, +0.3 EV compensation.

A half-press of the shutter release causes the cameras autofocus and metering systems to lock, a steady green dot indicates a good AF lock and you can now see the exposure shown on the right side of the display. After fully depressing the shutter release a brief review image is shown (for just half a second which is a bit too fast). Writing to the Memory Stick continues 'in the background' while the camera returns to composition mode.
Pressing the 4-way controller to the left in record mode displays the last image taken as above. This display can be instantly removed by half-pressing the shutter release. An example of movie capture mode, here the time indicator shows available space for 4 minutes 56 seconds at the current setting (see later in the review for more detail).
Example of Shutter Priority mode (before half-pressing the shutter release). Note the blue jog-dial indicator in the bottom right of the screen, a click and roll of the jog-dial will change shutter speed. Example of Aperture Priority mode (before half-pressing the shutter release). Note the blue jog-dial indicator in the bottom right of the screen, a click and roll of the jog-dial will change aperture.
Switching to NightFraming mode immediately removes the Infrared filter (you'll hear the click) and the display turns green. The two IR lamps on the front of the lens bathe the subject in IR light. Fully depressing the shutter release takes a shot in normal mode. NightShot mode operates in the same way as NightFraming, except that the final shot is taken in the same IR sensitive mode used for focusing.

Manual Focus

Flipping the focus switch (side of lens barrel) to the MANUAL setting enables manual focusing using the focus-by-wire ring on the front of the lens barrel. During focusing the center portion of the frame is magnified (to take up the whole view) and the current focus distance is displayed in metres.

Play display

Switching to play mode immediately displays the last image taken. The F707 uses a "rough thumbnail" image initially (example above) while it loads the full resolution image from the Memory Stick. After a second or so a higher resolution image is shown. Note that you don't have to wait for this image to be able to scroll between images and that you can use the jog-dial as well as the 4-way controller.
Pressing TELE on zoom magnifies the image in several steps up to x5.0. Once magnified you can use the 4-way controller to move around the image. In the examples above you can see magnification of x2.7 and x5.0 (scrolled).
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Astronomy Dominie

Today I was comparing one of my first digital camera (F707) with my latest compact camera (RX100 M3) ,aside from resolution the quality of images produced by this two gems are so identical (in good light indeed) . So have we really needed to upgrade our Camera every one or two years to take better photos ? (Thank you SONY anyway , Your engineers doing their duty well)


The Sony F707 was my very first camera, which I purchased way back in June of 2002. Although today (3/2015) I own newer DSLR cameras from Nikon (D200 & D7000), I still love using the Sony F707. After all these years, it continues to deliver excellent image quality...and it has significant sentimental value to me. I just recently purchased a second used F707 on eBay to have as a backup-backup camera in the event that my original F707 quits on me. I wish Sony would produce an F727? model (or a limited edition F707)...I would be the first to buy.


The F717 was my first digital camera and loved it!

1 upvote

Arguably, still, a cool camera!

1 upvote

one of sony greatest hit camera.

1 upvote
Total comments: 5