The Sony DSC-D700 caused quite a stir in the Digital Photography world when it was announced last year. Many people were excited by it's specifications: five times zoom, full SLR-TTL viewfinder, 1.5Megapixel CCD and all the manual controls you'd expect to find on a true SLR.

Unfortunately due to the high price ($1699) and short supply (the newsgroups were buzzing with availability news earlier this year) it's not had the impact we all expected it would. Those who did venture (and were fortunate enough) to get hold of one weren't disappointed, finally I've got my hands on one and have the opportunity to share an in-depth review of the camera with you.


Rumours abound about a successor to the D700, my contacts at Sony tell me that they will indeed be releasing a new version of the camera, although the CCD will remain the same (1.5 Megapixels), some improvements will be made in the firmware and image quality, the case will become a trendy black and (most importantly) the newer camera will sport a firewire connector.

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