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Menus cont.

Wireless menu

Here you'll find options for sharing photos and setting up the a7R as a wireless 'host'.

Option Values / Actions Notes
Page one
Send to smartphone  • Select on this device
 • Select on smartphone

Send to computer  • Activate Requires PlayMemories Home on Mac or PC
View on TV  • Activate With compatible HDTVs
One-touch (NFC)

 • PlayMemories Camera Apps
 • Application management
 • Smart Remote embedded
 • Add'l apps

Choose the app that is run when you 'tap' your NFC-compatible device to the camera.
Airplane mode  • On
 • Off
WPS Push  • Activate For connecting to WPS-compatible access points
Page two
Access point set  • Select
 • Manual setting
Edit device name  • Edit  
Disp. MAC address  • Display  
SSID/PW reset  • Reset Removes automatic connections with all Wi-Fi devices
Reset network settings  • Reset  

Application menu

There's nearly nothing to see in this menu, as the 'meat' of the applications are found underneath the first option. See the Features page for more on the a7R's Wi-Fi features.

Option Values / Actions Notes
Page one
Application list  • List Here is where you'll find all of the installed apps, plus tools for downloading and managing them
Introduction  • Service introduction
 • Service availability

Playback settings

Date and time settings get their own section (although they could just as logically be part of the Setup section).

Option Values / Actions Notes
Page one
Delete  • Multiple images
 • All with this date
When choosing the first option, you'll want to change to thumbnail view, for easier browsing.
View mode  • Date view
 • Folder view (still)
 • Folder view (MP4)
 • AVCHD view
Image index  • 9 images
 • 25 images
Display rotation  • Auto
 • Manual
 • Off
Slide show

 • Repeat
     • On
     • Off
 • Interval
     • 1 sec
     • 3 secs
     • 5 secs
     • 10 secs
     • 30 secs

Rotate  • Rotate  
page two
Enlarge image  • Enlarge  
4K still image playback  • Playback Requires a 4K television and HDMI cable
Protect  • Multiple img.
 • All with this date
 • Cancel all with this date
Specify printing  • Multiple img.
 • Cancel all
 • Print setting

Setup menu

The last part of the menu system covers things like viewfinder and monitor settings, USB and HDMI connections, and folder management.

Option Values / Actions Notes
Page one
Monitor brightness  • Manual
     • -2 to +2
 • Sunny weather
Viewfinder bright.  • Manual
     • -2 to +2
 • Sunny weather
Finder color temp.   • -2 to +2  
Volume settings   • 0 - 15  
Audio signals  • On
 • Off
Page two
Tile menu  • On
 • Off
Shows the 'landing page' for the menus
Mode dial guide  • On
 • Off
Displays information about the function of the selected item on the mode dial.
Delete confirm  • Cancel first
 • Delete first
Display quality  • Standard
 • High
Power Saving Start Time  • 30 Min
 • 5 Min
 • 1 Min
 • 20 Sec
 • 10 Sec
Page three
Cleaning mode  • Enter
 • Cancel
Performs auto sensor cleaning procedure
Demo mode  • On
 • Off
Remote control  • On
 • Off
HDMI Resolution  • Auto
 • 1080p
 • 1080i
CTRL for HDMI  • On
 • Off
Allows camera control with TV remote when connected to a compatible TV
HDMI Info. Display  • On
 • Off
Page four
USB Connection  • Auto
 • Mass storage
 • MTP
 • PC Remote
USB LUN Setting  • Multi
 • Single
Language  • English
 • French
 • Italian
 • Spanish
 • Japanese
 • Chinese

Varies by region
Date/time setup

 • Daylight savings
     • On
     • Off
 • Date/time
     • Set
 • Date format
     • Y-M-D
     • M (English)-D-Y
     • M-D-Y
     • D-M-Y

Area select  • Select Choose time zone on a map
Page five
Format  • Enter
 • Cancel
File number  • Series
 • Reset
Select REC folder  • Select  
New folder  • Create  
Folder name  • Standard
 • Date form
Recover image DB  • Recover May be needed if images are edited on your computer.
Page six
Display media info  • Still images
 • Movie
Displays the number of stills and minutes of video remaining on the memory card.
Version  • Display Shows the firmware version for the body and lens.
Setting reset  • Camera settings reset
 • Initialize
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Total comments: 804
By Zerg2905 (7 months ago)

Only Gold? This camera deserves a rare element not yet found on Earth. This is The First and (probably not) The Last, The Alpha and Omega of all cameras. Ever. And ever. A-men! Hallelujah! Cheers, and cheers again! :) :) :)

By kadardr (7 months ago)


By Zerg2905 (7 months ago)

Right. Cheers! :D :D :D

By PaulDavis (7 months ago)

Bionztaniumx make? Which name made sense to some chemist.

By itsmeavi (7 months ago)

Kryptonite :P

By bobbarber (7 months ago)

OK. I'm convinced. Time to save up.

By petemod (7 months ago)

Only Gold? This camera deserves Platinum!

By thx1138 (7 months ago)

A list of cons as long as the pros and not all of them are minor, it got a fair result. Now combine an A7r with say a good AF system like in a m4/3 camera, triple the battery life and improve several other annoyances and then it might warrant a 90%. At the moment it's a superb sensor wrapped in an ok body. If only Olympus could fit this sensor to an E-M1.

By Juck (7 months ago)

m43 lol

By thx1138 (7 months ago)

Sorry what's the point of your comment ???

1 upvote
By Jabba23 (7 months ago)

@thx1138 with all of the things you want it to be, it becomes a dslr again. The compromises are there because not all of the technology is available yet or it is but it would put it out of the price range of far too many people to make it viable.

Stu 5
By Stu 5 (7 months ago)

Or being held back for the replacement camera or because the camera was rushed to market.

By thx1138 (7 months ago)


That's a ridiculously long bow to draw and completely incorrect. Yes tripling battery life would be tough, but they have to do better, getting 200 shots if you are conservative is just not good enough. Other than that there's no excuse for the AF given how good Olympus and Fuji are on that front, there's no excuse for the lack of electronic first curtain shutter, given the A7 has it and there's no excuse for the cumbersome menu system. None of these require the camera to magically grow in dimensions.

1 upvote
By Yxa (7 months ago)

You mean the Nikon D800?

fabio riccardi
By fabio riccardi (7 months ago)

I have a question about lenses for full frame mirrorless cameras.
I notice that pretty much all the Sony lenses for these cameras have relatively small maximum aperture. The 55mm normal lens is 1.8, vs the 1.4 we are accustomed to for normal full frames. Similarly for the rest of the line. I guess that bright lenses also mean heavier, larger, lenses, which don't quite make sense on smaller camera bodies.
This kind of defeats the purpose of a full frame sensor, where you can benefit from the shallow depth of field it allows.
On APS sized sensors, brighter lenses can still be fairly compact. Fuji, Panasonic, and Olympus lenses are all much brighter than the new FF mirrorless Sony.
Brighter lenses on APS sensors deliver equivalent DOF and look than the dimmer lenses on FF. At the end what is gained with the full frame is lost with the smaller maximum practical aperture.
What do you guys think?
- Fabio

Comment edited 4 minutes after posting
1 upvote
joao 43
By joao 43 (7 months ago)

I think you should consider the A-mount lenses, like Zeiss 1.4's and Sigma's 1.4. If that is not enough you still have Voigtlander 35mm 1.2, 50mm 1.1 and 1.5, 75mm 1.8 and Leica's 0.9, 1.4. Do you have any lens on Fuji or Olympus that gives you the same DOF and same light gathering? I don't think so....
I don't think Fuji or Olympus offered anything better on the first year.


Comment edited 34 seconds after posting
Max Savin
By Max Savin (7 months ago)

All sorts of fast lenses can be used on this camera and are available now. Various adapters allow me to use my Nikon, Canon, and Leica lenses. I would get a Sony adapter if I owned any Sony Alpha lenses. This camera is a dream come true.

fabio riccardi
By fabio riccardi (7 months ago)

My point is that large aperture lenses are impractical on these bodies.
Sony is making small aperture lenses because they fit better the size of the A7.
On smaller sensors, large aperture lenses are still small enough to fit the size of the body.
I guess that my question then is: if small body/lens size is an important factor, does FF still make sense?
- Fabio

By HFLM (7 months ago)

However most need adaptors and use manual focus. This is not for everybody. A landscape shooter may however be o.k. with it.
A-mount lenses are larger together with adaptor, as would be fast lenses. Even 2.8 zooms would be very large and heavy.
For me the A7s make sense only with smaller primes.

By Dennis (7 months ago)

I think there are already FF cameras with faster lenses available. If you make bigger lenses, then what's the selling point versus those cameras ? Personally, when I had f/1.4 lenses on APS-C, I shot them at f/1.8 or f/2 for shallow DOF - f/1.4 on FF is too shallow for my tastes. Anyway, when you why people would choose this camera over a FF DSLR, I don't think the omission of f/1.4 primes is significant.

Erik Magnuson
By Erik Magnuson (7 months ago)

To be fair, the Zeiss is also T-1.8 while the other brands 1.4's are often darker than spec at T-1.6 or T-1.7. The real difference is much less than the f-numbers imply.

By TrojMacReady (7 months ago)

Actual measured transmission values of the 55mm lens are similar to those of most f/1.4 lenses.

Also, the theory that FF offers no benefit when apertures are smaller, is limited to situations where the shutterspeed is the limiting factor. Which isn't always the case. Reminds me of the Sony R1, when people were making a similar argument about its smaller apertures compared to its smaller sensor predecessors.
Until the output made them realize that the R1 still showed clear benefits in many situations.

By ihv (7 months ago)

While sometimes it might feel like gambling, Sony has to be congratulated for pushing new ideas.

joao 43
By joao 43 (7 months ago)

It's such a shame a site like this one with so many mistakes.
I'll clear one, the kit lens is sold apart. Please Dpreview correct because your wrong.

"although because it's a kit lens only available for the a7 - and not currently available separately"

It's sold by Amazon and several stores. The current price is 549€ on
You guys should really get the story right, specially after the A7 flop review.


Comment edited 4 minutes after posting
Richard Butler
By Richard Butler (7 months ago)

It's not so much a case of being wrong, it's a case of not knowing enough about other markets - it's not sold separately in the US and Sony US don't necessarily know what Sony Europe is doing.

I'll clarify the text.

joao 43
By joao 43 (7 months ago)

It was a mistake. Error. Like many things in A7's review.... you should take advantage of A7's users here on Dpreview that might know more a thing or two... A simple quick search would do trick on this matter, since you took the trouble to write on the conclusion. It's been available quiet some time now, even US customers can buy things abroad. The US are not the world when you write to all other countries.


By Juck (7 months ago)

You need a hobby mate

By RFC1925 (7 months ago)

I hear cameras and photography are good.

By ric63 (7 months ago)

I have heard the same thing.
Mr Fox Talbot would be amused.

1 upvote
joao 43
By joao 43 (7 months ago)

Juck. :D I'm not the one reviewing cameras for a living, I use them for a living. The remark "not currently available separately" has been widely used before, and does consumers no good. It's available and a quick search over google shows it. Best wishes.

1 upvote
Ben O Connor
By Ben O Connor (7 months ago)

Conculution page; Mic jack-headphone jack/port written twice... Or are these two different thing ?

Comment edited 3 minutes after posting
By D1N0 (7 months ago)

Depriving people of their opportunity to complain about "only silver". How can you!

By MustangJoe (7 months ago)

Don't worry. They'll find something to complain about.

By Ryan_Valiente (7 months ago)

only gold?

what the hell DPR!

1 upvote
By Kwick1 (7 months ago)

Interesting that, in the summary, there's no mention of high ISO capabilities - good, bad or otherwise.

By thx1138 (7 months ago)

Same as D800(E), so pretty good especially when downsampled.

By BobYIL (7 months ago)

A well deserved Gold rating..

By Bervilat (7 months ago)

Look at the tiny text on the studio image. Veeery nice IQ.

1 upvote
Total comments: 804