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Setup menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Language  • English
 • French
 • German
 • Spanish
 • Portuguese
 • Italian
 • Dutch
 • Danish
 • Swedish
 • Finnish
 • Polish
 • Czech
 • Hungarian
 • Turkish
 • Greek
 • Russian
 • Korean
 • Chinese (traditional)
 • Chinese (simplified)
 • Japanese
Date Adjust  • Format
Date format
Time format
 • Date
 • Time
World Time  • Set
 • Set destination time
 • Set hometown time
Selects home and a visited destination time zone from a selection of 51 cities.
Text Size  • Standard
 • Large
Sound Effects  • Volume
 • On
Remote Control
One Push File Format
Defines when the camera's beep noise occurs
LCD Display  • Guide Display
 • Display Color
Choose between 12
Controls the display of shooting mode and settings when the mode dial is turned
LCD Display Settings  • Brightness Level
-7 to +7

 • Blue to Amber (15 steps)
 • Magenta to Green (15 Steps)
Flicker Reduction  • 50Hz
 • 60Hz
Interface Options  • Video Output
 • USB Connection
Folder Name  • Date
Create New Folder  • Create new folder
 • Cancel
Copyright information  • Embed Copyright Data
 • Photographer
 • Copyright Holder
Auto Power Off  • 1 min
 • 3 min
 • 5 min
 • 10 min
 • 30 min
 • Off
Reset  • Reset
 • Cancel
Return to default settings
AA Battery Type  • Auto-detect
 • Lithium
 • Nickel-Metal Hydride
 • Alkaline
Pixel Mapping  • Ok
 • Cancel
Dust Removal  • Dust Removal
 • Start-up action
Manually perform the dust removal process or engage it to occur at start-up
Sensor cleaning  • Mirror Up
 • Cancel
Locks the mirror in the up position to allow manual sensor cleaning
Format  • Format
 • Cancel
Format the SD card
Firmware Info/Options  Displays Firmware version  

Custom Function menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
1. EV Steps 1: 1/2 EV
2: 1/3 EV
2. Sensitivity Steps 1: 1 EV Steps
2: As EV Steps
3. Expanded Sensitivity 1: Off
2: On
Allows the use of ISO 80 to 51200
4. Meter Operating Time 1: 10 sec
2: 3 sec
3: 30 sec
Exposure metering timer on time
5. AE-L with AF locked 1: Off
2: On
AF-AE Lock on
6. Link AE to AF point 1: Off
2: On
When set to On the camera links AE to the AF point
7. Bulb (B) Mode Options 1: Mode 1
2: Mode 2
Mode 1: Press and hold shutter
Mode 2: Press to start, press again to stop exposure
8. Auto Bracketing Order 1: 0 - +
2: - 0 +
3: + 0 -
4: 0 + -
9. One-Push Bracketing 1: Off
2: On
When 'on,' a single shutter press takes all bracketed shots
10. WB when using Flash 1: Auto White Balance
2: Unchanged
3: Flash
11. AWB in Tungsten Light 1: Subtle correction
2: Strong correction
12. Color temp. steps 1: Kelvin
2: Mired
Adjust color temperature by temperature or Mired (filter) steps. (K value always shown)
13. Superimpose AF area 1: On
2: Off
Show AF points in VF
14. AF with remote control 1: Off
2: On
Enable or disable AF during remote trigger
15. AF.S Setting 1: Focus-priority
2: Release priority
16. AF.C Setting 1: Focus-priority
2: FPS-priority
17. Release while charging flash 1: Off
2: On
Is the shutter locked while waiting for the flash to charge?
18. Flash in Wireless Mode 1: On
2: Off
Defines whether the built-in flash adds to the flash output in wireless mode
19. Saving Rotation Info  1: On
 2: Off
Is orientation data written in JPEG metadata?
20. Save Menu Location Reset Menu Location
Save Menu Location
21. Catch-in focus  1: On
 2: Off
Shutter releases when subject passes pre-set focus distance (AF.S mode/lenses with MF modes only)
22. AF Fine Adjustment  1: Off
 2: On
Apply All
-10 to +10
Apply One
-10 to +10
Applies a correction to the default AF. The same correction can either be applied to all lenses or on a lens-by-lens basis to up to 20 lenses.
23. Using aperture ring  1: Off
 2: On
Reset Custom Function  • Reset
 • Cancel
Reset all custom functions to 1 (default)
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Total comments: 9

Very puzzled by your review. For instance no mention of the very poor on/off switch the near impossible to get a grip on the SD card door. Images do not come even close to my Panasonic fz200 and I have found like many others, it will not update with firmware. My old K200d SUPER blows it away even with only 6 megapixels


I have arthritis in both of my hands and have never had any trouble opening the SD card door.


When I compare the dynamic range of K30 against D7000 and T5i, it looks like K30 under performs. However, that might be because the K30 default contrast in all modes is pretty high compared to the other two. Maybe dpreview should mention that when it presents dynamic range results.


In the RAW Standard studio scene comparison, the k-30 appears to be back-focusing a bit. look at the small writing on the Kodak grey scale


And the "Q" on the queen card is sharper than anything


I called the corporate office myself and spoke with Joe Virgil, who was apologetic, but insisted he couldn’t do anything because the part was being shipped from the Phillipines and there were 65 other service orders suffering from the same problem. I explained that his supply problem was now a customer service problem as we had reached the 7th week of this ordeal. After ordering a part, if it has not arrived in 5 weeks, they are supposed to provide a replacement and this has yet to happen.
When you purchase a camera, you also purchase warranty and customer service with it. This has now past over two months since I initially sent off my camera for repair and the company is refusing to honor its warranty. I have bought a DSLR from one of their competitors and am completely disgusted with Pentax — DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS. I’ve yet to receive my camera back (10 weeks and counting!) or any kind of a firm timeline of when that might happen.

1 upvote

Hi ebaker,

Did you get the repaired camera from them?


I actually liked the camera…. until it didn’t perform as promised. I bought this camera because I work at an aquarium and need to take photos for our marketing. A month after purchase, the telephoto lens drew humidity into the body and condensation formed, thus killing the LCD screen.
While it claims to be weather resistant, it couldn’t even handle humidity.
What is worse is that after sending the camera in on July 6 for repair under the warranty, I have yet to get any kind of a realistic timeline of when I would receive my camera back. After the fifth week of hearing, “Call back next week” I requested a replacement. This caused the customer service rep to become extremely rude and tell me that they were in the midst of a corporate merger so he couldn’t help me. I requested to speak with a manager, he refused to give me their name or number. He insisted he needed to call the corporate office and said he would call me back by the end of the week. Of course, that never happened.

1 upvote

“…the only major barrier to fast and efficient operation is the relegation of movie shooting to the exposure mode dial.” Seriously is the time difference between turning the mode dial and pressing a button to enter the movie function all that relevant – you are talking about an extra second at the most !

Total comments: 9