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Camera Menus

Record menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Clock set  • HH:MM, MMM/DD/YYYY
 • Date order
 • Clock format
World Time  • Destination
 • Home
Selects your home time zone and that of your current location. (From 33 regions)
Fn Button Set  • Aspect ratio
 • Quality
 • Metering Mode
 • i.Exposure
 • Guide lines
Auto review  • Review
1 Sec
3 Sec
5 Sec
 • Clock format
1 Sec
3 Sec
5 Sec
Highlight  • Off
 • On
Blinking highlights in playback mode
Economy  • Power Save
1 Min
3 Min
5 Min
10 Min
 • Auto LCD Off
15 Sec
30 Sec
Monitor  • Brightness
+/- 3
 • Contrast and Saturation
+/- 3
LCD Mode  • Off
 • Auto Power LCD
 • Power LCD
Auto mode brightens the LCD when needed. Power LCD brightens at all times.
No.Reset  • Reset File No. in the camera?
Reset  • Reset Rec Settings?
 • Reset Setup/Custom Parameters?
Options are presented sequentially
Beep  • Muted
 • Low
 • High
Video Out  • NTSC
 • PAL
TV Aspect  • 16:9
 • 4:3
Selects output ratio of video output
HDMI  • Auto
 • 1080i
 • 576p
Selects the output from the HDMI port. 480p is selected instead of 576p when NTSC is selected under 'Video Out'
Viera Link  • Off
 • On
Allows the remote control from a Panasonic Viera TV to control the camera
Language  • English
 • German
 • French
 • Spanish
 • Italian
 • Polish
 • Czech
 • Hungarian
 • Dutch
 • Turkish
 • Portuguese
 • Finnish
 • Danish
 • Swedish
 • Japanese
Version Disp.  • Body Firmware version
 • Lens Firmware version
Scene Menu  • Off
 • Auto
Shows a mode selection menu when mode dial is turned to a scene setting [Example]
USB Mode  • Select on connection
 • PC
 • PTP
Format  • Yes
 • No

My Menu

The G1's My Menu isn't quite as sophisticated as the custom menu we've seen on some DSLRs, but it is perhaps more useful to the average user as it simply remembers the five most recently used menus, and thus in most cases shows the settings you change most often.

Playback menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Slide Show  • Start
 • Duration
1 sec
2 sec
3 sec
5 sec
Favorite  • Off
 • On
 • Cancel
When enabled allows you to mark images as favorites by simply pressing the up arrow.
Rotate (Select image)  
Rotate Disp.  • Off
 • On
Is the image rotated on playback
DPOF Print  • Single
 • Multi
 • Cancel
Protect  • Single
 • Multi
 • Cancel
Resize (Select image)
Trimming (Select image)  
Aspect Conv  • 3:2
 • 4:3
Converts 16:9 images to other aspect ratios
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marc petzold

I still like to have my G1 as a walk-around tool, for just the photograph by accident. the kitlens still performs well, even with the distortions, but therefore PTlens comes in way handy, all in all, even 2014 a good walk-by setup for the unexpected shot.