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Movie Mode

The LX7's movie mode has been enhanced quite a bit compared to the LX5. Forget 720p - the LX7 can record Full HD video at 1080/60p with stereo sound, using the AVCHD Progressive codec. The bit rate is a whopping 28 MBps at this setting, so you'll want a large (not to mention fast) memory card if you're using this mode. If you want interlaced video for some reason, then a 1080/60i option is at your disposal. For both of these modes, you can keep recording for up to 30 minutes. You can also step down to the 720/60p resolution, which has unlimited recording times (outside of Europe).

If you want to avoid AVCHD entirely - which you might, since it's difficult to edit and share - then you can also use MPEG-4 (a step up from Motion JPEG used on the LX5). You can record video at 1920x1080, 1280x720, and 640 x 480, all at 30 progressive frames/second. MPEG-4 video is much easier to work with on your computer, though note that recording stops when the file size reaches 4GB, which takes about 24 minutes at the 1080/30p setting.

As you'd expect, you can use the LX7's optical zoom while recording a movie, with continuous autofocus support. The image stabilizer is available, as well, though the LX7 does not have the 'active' mode of some of Panasonic's other cameras (though it doesn't really need it). Movie recording can be a totally point-and-shoot experience (just hit the red button in any mode), or you can adjust the exposure manually. To do the latter, just put the camera into Creative Video mode, where you can adjust the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. A wind cut filter is available for shooting outdoors.

The LX7 also supports high speed 720p video recording at 120 frames/second. When played back at normal speed, everything appears to be moving in slow motion.

Still photos can be taken while recording a movie, though the resolution will be limited to 3.5 Megapixels.

Video 1

Below is a sample video that I recorded at the 1080/60p setting. I converted the video from AVCHD using Final Cut Pro X. If you'd like to view or convert the original MTS file, you can download it using the link below.

Download original AVCHD file (43.1 MB, 1920 x 1080, 60 fps, MTS format)

Video 2

The main problem with this video is the sound - as you can hear, the LX7's tiny inbuilt microphone is really struggling with the wind noise in this breezy environment. On the plus side, detail capture is high and footage is smooth and stable, even when the lens is zoomed all the way in.

Download original AVCHD file (44.5 MB, 1920 x 1080, 60 fps, MTS format)
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Total comments: 14
Miso Peru

Dissapointing image quality | Video realistic as a positive surprise.
- excellent 1080p video
- large aperture 1.4-2.3 Carl Zeiss lens - advantage indoors/low light
- external flash hot-shoe - for me very important taking pictures at the party
- compact size
- quite intelligent camera...HDR

- extremely low image quality when viewed 100%....though OK for web/email/social media
- aprox. 7mmx5mm small sensor, hence not surprised why low image quality and 1.4-2.3 aperture on the lens
- in video recording when turning the aperture ring or exposure dial the click are quite nosily recorded
-menu/set button would expect to get deeper inside of the menu instead menu/set takes you out of the menu....keep happening to me all the time.
- uncomfortable holding with right hand (I have a bit bulky hand)


Have this and other real slr's and this is fantastic camera bar none! 10 megapixel is fine to me. I can crop and always resize smaller anyway. Exceptional detail from that magic summicron leica lens. Really a great camera is all about the lens not the pixel count.

No regrets at all....

1 upvote

This was a great line of cameras for light travel for serious people.
I have a feeling they will to the same with GX series. If so, I jump panasonic ship.
I don't have time for goofy cameras. Olympus has shown some convictions so far.

Panasonic should go back to make just microwave oven and kitchen appliances.


The LX7 offers a lot of camera for its money! I liked it from the very beginning.

However, my comment emphasizes its robustness. I was careless enough to let it drop from about 7 m unto a stone floor. It survived! It fell on the left upper edge (where the flash pops out).There is a dent, and the cover warps out by less than a mm. The flash needs fingernail assistance to pop out. Apart from that, there is not the slightest flaw in the optical quality of the photographs. I am amazed!


My LX5 survived several bad incidents. I am sure my LX7 will do what it can to keep on ticking.

disraeli demon

Just upgraded to this from an LX3 and I'm loving it. Snappier all round, better noise control, faster burst rate and the combination of step zoom plus lens resume (resets the lens to the focal length it was at when the camera powered down) means I'm shooting much more in the middle of the range instead of slamming from full wide to full tele all the time.

(Plus, high-speed video at 720p!!!)

I did quite a bit of research before this upgrade, and while I was tempted by the rangefinder-style layout of the Fuji X20 (but too big for my taste and limited video) and the flip-out touch-screen of the Olympus XZ-2 (but there are stories of focussing issues and it lacks that high-speed video option) in the end, this was the one for me.

RP McMurphy

The door on my LX3 is long snapped off
v annoying

1 upvote

Dear Jeff Keller,
I really enjoy reading your reviews. BUT why do you keep harping on the allegedly 'flimsy' door of the battery/card compartment? I've been with the LX series since the LX3 and this door is totally adequate. Ok,when it's open it wobbles a bit,but it's normally closed and then it's perfectly ok.
Just treat it as you would treat the rest of the camera.
Of course,if you let your 5-year-old 'use' it,it will soon become flimsy...


I have to agree on this point. I've never had any issues with the door on my Panasonic cameras.

I guess it could be down to the fact I'm pretty regimented in how I change batteries/cards (I open the door, pop out the battery/card and close it again - makes sense to me not to leave a door open no matter how solidly built it is) but really as long as you don't travel round with it open I can't see how it could be a problem


Neither can I , but they have to BS about a lot of nits to have much to say.

Joseph Broz

The photo software that ships with the Lumix LX7 will not work with Windows 8. Does anyone know when Panasonic will fix this?


Unfortunately, Panasonic cannot fix the nightmare that is Windows 8.

Victor Stan

Windows 7 works good, why do people rush so early to new OS? It's common sense that it takes a minimum of 6 months for any OS to be polished. Well in the case of Microsoft it takes forever since they only make a new OS because they aren't able to fix their current one. But always wait at least half a year to jump the bandwagon man!


The only way to tolerate Windows 8 is to use the free app Classic Shell. Makes windows 8 work like windows 7 but better.

Total comments: 14