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Compared to... Panasonic FujiFilm S8000fd and Lumix DMC-FZ18

Below you will find a studio comparison between the S8000fd and the two cameras it is most likely to be weighed-up against by consumers, the Panasonic DMC-FZ18 and the Olympus SP560UZ. All are 18X zooms offering 8MP resolution cameras.

Studio scene comparison (@ lowest ISO settings)

  • Olympus SP-560UZ : Aperture Priority mode, ISO 50, Default Image Parameters, Manual white balance, +0.7 EV compensation

  • Panasonic DMC-FZ18: Aperture Priority mode, ISO 100, Default Image Parameters, Manual white balance, +0.66 EV compensation

  • Fujifilm FinePix S8000fd: Aperture Priority mode, ISO 64, Default Image Parameters, Manual white balance, +0.67 EV compensation
  • Lighting: Daylight simulation, >98% CRI
Olympus SP-560UZ
Panasonic DMC-FZ18
Fujifilm S8000fd

ISO 50, 1/30 sec, F5

ISO 100, 1/60 sec, F4.5

ISO 64, 1/40 sec, F4.5
2,749 KB JPEG
3,361 KB JPEG
2,914 KB JPEG

As you'd hope, all three of these super-superzooms perform well at their lowest sensitivity settings. There's very little to choose between the results. The Olympus and its Fuji cousin produce rather less saturated colors than the Panasonic but this, along with sharpening and contrast curves, can all be tweaked on the Olympus if you want to add that touch of Teletubby to your photos.

However, while in image quality terms the three are virtually indistinguishable, the sensitivities of the cameras are not the same. The Panasonic is able to get results of very similar quality to the Olympus but using half as much light.

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