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Under the Hood/What's New

Currently the second highest resolution sensor in Nikon's DSLR lineup, the D7000's 16.2MP CMOS offers a standard ISO range of 100-6400 and 1080p HD video recording. NEF (Raw) files can be recorded in either 12-bit or 14-bit quality. The D7000's shutter is tested to 150k actuations - the D90's shutter, by contrast, is tested to 100k actuations.
Brand new in the D7000 is a 39-point AF system. This is the Multicam 4800DX sensor... ...and this is the focusing array, as seen through the D7000's viewfinder - all 39 points indicated here for clarity. This is 12 points fewer than the system used in Nikon's D300S, but 28 more than the D90. Of the total 39 points, 9 are cross-type.
A pentaprism distinguishes the D7000 from it's lower-end cousins the D3100 and D5000, which use pentamirror viewfinders. Pentaprisms are heavier, and add to the cost of the camera, but offer a brighter viewfinder image. Although not a 'new' feature as such, the D7000 is a much more capable video camera than the D90 and D300S. As well as quality and sound options it is also possible to trim movies in-camera (which isn't an option on the D90).
The D7000's Fn button can be assigned to a range of different functions, including a viewfinder virtual horizon display, framing grid and as a shortcut to enable use of one of 9 non-CPU lenses. The D7000 provides a virtual horizon type electronic spirit level - shown here in Live View mode. It can also be displayed in the viewfinder 'on demand' (using the Fn button - see below) at which point it takes over the exposure compensation bar.
New in the D7000 is a fine-tunable 'Auto2' AWB setting, designed to give slightly warmer color rendition. Available separately is a new MB-D11 battery grip for the D7000. Unlike the D300 and D300S, adding the grip doesn't make the D7000 any faster, but it does aid handling. Like the camera, the grip is constructed from magnesium alloy, and is weather-sealed.
The D7000's EN-EL15 battery is new too, and in this view you can see the safer, short-proof contacts... ...and here's its new dedicated charger - the MH-25.
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Hello all,

How to check shutters in D7000 ?

Michael 59

I recently upgraded or downgraded "depending on how you look at it" from the D3200 to the D7000. Although I lost MP, I gained a lot more features. My first D7000 had serious focus, back focus, and pixel issues. After contacting the seller and receiving another one, I finally had a good one and was very pleased. Years ago I had a D5100 which is said to have the same sensor as the D7000, but I find the D7000 images to look much better. I would recommend the D7000 to anyone serious about photography but not able or willing to spend too much money. Be sure you use a good prime lenses like a Nikkor 35mm f1.8 or the 50mm f1.8. Otherwise you will be wasting your time and/or money.

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Bas Veerkamp

It took me a while to get juse to the d7000 the ergonomics are just fine only lighter body after my d200 which was outdated a long time ago on which i got
great foto's only the colors are very different from my old d200 which i liked a lot never thought about the 10 mp


Very subjective to speak to responsiveness as it depends greatly on the skill of the photographer, subject matter, time of day/night, etc. However, the Canon 60D and other Canon products are quick, but they have far less keepers as the AF module is not as accurate as the Nikon family of DSLR’s.


I think that this camera takes exceptional photos, I chose this model over the newer D3200 just for the additional photo taking features rather than the new user features. Kit lens is great for beginners and takes decent photos.

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As an upgrade to the D80 , the D7000 is a definite improvement , but build quality is still lacking , next to say, the D300S .

That being sad , the camera handles well ,even if the video function is still an option I scorn .

The main problem I have, is the slow flash sync speed with my SB 600 flashgun - a pathetic 1/60 sec .To utilise the full potential of the D7000 , I need to upgrade my flash gun - not easy when finances are tight .


You should be able to sync at up to 1/320 (FP mode) with your SB600.

Duncan Dimanche

You never tell us what ISO settings you shoot at in low light mode so how is that helpful ?

Total comments: 8