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Nikon D70 vs. Canon EOS 300D (Digital Rebel)

Outdoor scene comparison (ISO 200, JPEG)

The following shot is of Tower Bridge, London. The D70 image was taken first and then the tripod was moved backwards a little before taking the EOS 300D shot to compensate for the difference between the D70's 1.5x FOV crop and the EOS 300D's 1.6x FOV crop. ISO 200 was chosen on the EOS 300D for a direct comparison to the D70. Shots were taken so that each camera produced the identical frame coverage. Bear in mind that the EOS 300D has a vertical advantage of 48 pixels (2.4% more).

Note that in this comparison the EOS 300D appears to be approximately 0.3 EV (a third of a stop) more sensitive than the D70 at ISO 200 (to produced approximately the same output image brightness, although the cameras clearly have different tone curves).

Remember we proved in our EOS 300D review that there is virtually no difference in image quality between the EOS 300D and EOS 10D (apart from the default image parameters) thus the image quality comparison below and on the following three pages can also apply to the D70 vs. EOS 10D.

Camera settings:

  • Nikon D70: Nikkor 50 mm F1.4 D, Aperture Priority, ISO 200, JPEG Large/Fine,
    Auto WB, Default Parameters ('Normal')
  • Canon EOS 300D: Canon EF 50 mm F1.4, Aperture Priority, ISO 200, JPEG Large/Fine,
    Auto WB, Default Parameters ('Parameter 1')
Nikon D70 Canon EOS 300D (Digital Rebel)
ISO 200, 1/500 sec, F9 ISO 200, 1/640 sec, F9
2,819 KB JPEG (3008 x 2000) 3,377 KB JPEG (3072 x 2048)

The first thing you notice is the difference in color balance between the two cameras, in this respect the D70 is more accurate, the EOS 300D's image looking warmer than it did in real life, the D70's greys are almost perfectly grey. The D70's colors also look slightly more saturated than the 300D. For absolute resolution it's very close, although there are definitely some areas of the image where the D70 has resolved more detail (and appears sharper) than the EOS 300D. To counter that we do have a little moiré appearing in the D70 image (although really nothing that spoils the appearance of the image).

One notable difference is that the D70's sharpening algorithm appears to be better than that of the EOS 300D, there are almost no visible sharpening halos in the D70 image, there are some in the EOS 300D image.

Lastly there does appear to be some noise visible in the sky of the D70 image (approx. 1.75 std dev), less so in the EOS 300D image (approx. 1.10 std dev) this is consistent with our ISO noise measurements presented earlier in this review. Remember that the EOS 300D does offer ISO 100 which will deliver even cleaner images with virtually no visible noise.

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If you dont want to participate in Megapixel race created by Camera Makers & need a camera for photography not for "Bells & whistles" which you are not going to use anyway then this is the camera for you.Nowadays we are paying for features which stay unused & has no direct impact on improving our skills to create a great shot because great shot come from great imaginations & experience not cameras.


Had this DSLR since 2004 and I still can't get enough of it. It feels so much more solid than any reasonably priced offerings of modern day. And the kit lens...what a fantastic kit lens! Reaches longer and has a faster aperture than any kit lens of today. A true workhorse combination.


I have one - I wouldn't say it feels more solid. It's about as composite (plastic)-ish as any other well built Nikon (or other brand). My ex-GF dropped her sister's D70 years ago; it cracked down the middle and stopped working, so they're not exactly bulletproof. :)

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I think thant as of January 2005 it's one of the most popular cameras of all time and usually in short supply. Since stores can sell as many of them as Nikon can ship no one has any reason to have to discount. I've never seen a discount from anyone, and all the discounts I've seen are from scam operations who never really have any to ship. I just got on a waiting list and my camera appeared. Be very wary of fraud over the internet. Adorama and B&H and Amazon are fine, but be careful of the thousands of others offering these.

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Hi am just asking i real don't know what wrong with my camera D70 i just took 350 picture then there no more spice in my me Compact Flash Memory Cards is full


You should make a topic in the forums, but if the camera is functioning correctly, then the memory card is simply full, and you need to make space by moving the pictures to computer.

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