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Nikon D70 Software (Windows)

The D70 is supplied with Nikon's new PictureProject software which is designed to make managing images easier, simplifying workflow and providing rudimentary RAW conversion. Alternatively you can also use the 'last' version of Nikon View (6.2.1, a free download) and optionally purchase Nikon Capture 4.1 for more advanced RAW conversion. A full review of Nikon View (6.1) and Nikon Capture (4.0) are available in our Nikon D2H review, nothing has changed in these minor upgrades other than the addition of D70 support.

Nikon PictureProject 1.0

PictureProject is clearly aimed at the first time digital camera user, it installs tray applications which monitor for connection of digital cameras via USB or cards inserted into card readers and then provides automatic transfer of images to the hard disk, cataloging them as it does so. You can also have the application catalog images already on your hard disk. It provides basic image editing including Brightness, Color, Sharpness and Photo Effects (B&W/Sepia).

In use I found PictureProject to feel a little awkward and incomplete, for example you double-click on an RAW to go into Edit mode where you can apply adjustments such as brightness (although not specifically digital exposure compensation) you then have to save the NEF go back to Organize mode select the image then do File -> Export as JPEG to convert the RAW file to JPEG. It doesn't support output to TIFF and doesn't provide adjustment of white balance or digital exposure compensation. PictureProject simply felt like a half finished solution and several steps back from Nikon View.

PictureProject in Organize mode (film strip view)
PictureProject in Edit mode, Brightness and Sharpening adjusted
File menu in Organize mode File menu in Edit mode (what no Export?)

PictureProject Transfer
More Information page
Print feature has a good range of options
Export RAW as JPEG, but only from Organize mode

While the interface looks nicer* than Nikon View it certainly offers nothing over that application for the anyone above complete novice level and I am personally very surprised to see such an incomplete application bundled with a digital SLR like the D70. One step forward, three back. (The 'film strip' thumbnails across the top of the frame, image at the bottom looks very familiar).

* Although I'm not sure about the mixed grey / Windows default color backgrounds.

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If you dont want to participate in Megapixel race created by Camera Makers & need a camera for photography not for "Bells & whistles" which you are not going to use anyway then this is the camera for you.Nowadays we are paying for features which stay unused & has no direct impact on improving our skills to create a great shot because great shot come from great imaginations & experience not cameras.


Had this DSLR since 2004 and I still can't get enough of it. It feels so much more solid than any reasonably priced offerings of modern day. And the kit lens...what a fantastic kit lens! Reaches longer and has a faster aperture than any kit lens of today. A true workhorse combination.


I have one - I wouldn't say it feels more solid. It's about as composite (plastic)-ish as any other well built Nikon (or other brand). My ex-GF dropped her sister's D70 years ago; it cracked down the middle and stopped working, so they're not exactly bulletproof. :)

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I think thant as of January 2005 it's one of the most popular cameras of all time and usually in short supply. Since stores can sell as many of them as Nikon can ship no one has any reason to have to discount. I've never seen a discount from anyone, and all the discounts I've seen are from scam operations who never really have any to ship. I just got on a waiting list and my camera appeared. Be very wary of fraud over the internet. Adorama and B&H and Amazon are fine, but be careful of the thousands of others offering these.

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Hi am just asking i real don't know what wrong with my camera D70 i just took 350 picture then there no more spice in my me Compact Flash Memory Cards is full


You should make a topic in the forums, but if the camera is functioning correctly, then the memory card is simply full, and you need to make space by moving the pictures to computer.

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