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Menus (contd.)

The cameras custom settings are split into six alphabetical color coded categories, this makes it easier to remember a specific option and quicker to enter the custom settings menu at the correct position. You can still scroll through all custom settings options as one big menu if you wish. Note that on this menu an asterisk (*) next to a custom setting means that it has been changed to something other than the camera default. A green superscript one (¹) indicates the default setting.

When you hit the first page of the custom function menu, you see an overview of the categories so that you can jump quickly to the correct section (autofocus, metering etc.)

Custom Settings Menu (a: Autofocus)

Option Values / Actions Notes
a1 AF-C priority selection  • Release ¹
 • Focus
Defines if camera must have focus lock before shutter release.
a2 Built-in AF-assist illuminator  • On
 • Off
a3 Rangefinder  • On
 • Off
Activates manual focus assist rangefinder

Custom Settings Menu (b: Metering / exposure)

Option Values / Actions Notes
b1 EV steps for exposure ctl.  • 1/3 step ¹
 • 1/2 step
Set the steps used for selection of ISO sensitivity.

Custom Settings Menu (c: Timers / AE Lock)

Option Values / Actions Notes
c1 Shutter-release butt. AE-L  • On
 • Off ¹
Define lock AE during shutter release half-press.
c2 Auto off timers  • Short
 • Long 
 • Normal
 • Custom
     8s - 10 min
 • Image review
     4s - 10 min
 • Live view
     3 min - 15 min
 • Playback/menus
     8s - 10 min
 • Auto meter-off
     4s - 30 min
c3 Self-timer delay • Self timer delay
2 s
5 s
10 s ¹
20 s
Number of shots
c4 Remote on duration • 1 min
• 5min
• 10 min
• 15 min

Custom Settings Menu (d: Shooting / display)

Option Values / Actions Notes
d1 Beep  • Off
 • Low ¹
 • High
d2 ISO display  • On
 • Off
ISO display in the viewfinder
d3 File Number Sequence  • On ¹
 • Off
 • Reset
d4 Exposure delay mode  • Off ¹
 • On
Shutter release is delayed 1.0 sec to avoid vibration.
d5 Print date  • Off ¹
 • Date
 • Date and time
 • Date counter

Custom Settings Menu (e: Bracketing / flash)

Option Values / Actions Notes
e3 Flash cntrl for built-in flash  • TTL ¹
 • Manual
Set the mode for the built-in flash.
e5 Auto bracketing set  • AE bracketing ¹
 • WB bracketing
 • ADL bracketing

Custom Settings Menu (f: Controls)

Option Values / Actions Notes
f1 Assign Fn button

 • Self timer
 • Release mode
 • Image quality/size
 • ISO sensitivity
 • White Balance
 • Active D-Lighting
 • HDR mode
 • +NEF (RAW)
 • Auto Bracketing

Define the function of the Fn button (front of the camera below the DOF preview button)
f5 Assign AE-L/AF-L button  • AE/AF lock
 • AE lock only
 • AF lock only
 • AE lock (Hold)
 • AF-ON
f1 Reverse dial rotation  • Off
 • On
Changes direction of rotation of the control dial
f8 Slot empty release lock  • Release locked ¹
 • Enable release
f9 Reverse indicators  • + ---- 0 ---- - ¹
 • - ---- 0 ---- +
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Curious. I’ve noticed before that Pentax, not being one of your sponsors, gets consistently downgraded reviews compared to comparable Nikon products. So, the 5100 has ‘outstanding’ image quality, while that of the superlative Pentax K5 is merely ‘excellent’. Are you really claiming that the image quality of the Nikon is superior to a camera that uses the same sensor as (and even gets slightly more out of it than) the D7000?