PIX 2015
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Menus (contd.)

Set up Menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Format  • No
 • Yes
LCD brightness  • OK
 • -2 to +2
Mirror lockup  • Off
 • CCD cleaning
Locks mirror in up position for sensor cleaning, only available with EH-6 AC adapter connected.
Video mode  • NTSC
 • PAL
World Time  • Time zone
 • Date
Date set
Time set
 • Date format
 • Daylight saving time

- [clip]
Language  • Chinese
 • German
 • English
 • Spanish
 • French
 • Korean
 • Italian
 • Japanese
 • Dutch
 • Swedish
Image comment  • Done >
 • Input comment
Text entry
 • Attach comment
When enabled the comment is written into the header of each image [clip]
Auto image rotation  • On
 • Off
Voice memo  • Off
 • On (auto and manual)
 • Manual only

- 5 seconds
Voice memo overwrite  • Off
 • On
Voice memo button  • Press and hold
 • Press to start / stop
Audio output  • Via speaker
Volume (1 - 5)
 • Via Video Out
 • Off
USB  • Mass Storage
 • PTP
Dust Off ref photo  • Start Used to capture a 'dust reference image' for the 'Dust Off' feature of Nikon Capture 4. For Raw images only.
Battery Info  • Battery meter
 • Picture meter
 • Calibration
 • Charging life
Information display
Wireless LAN  - (Only available with wireless transmitter attached)
Firmware Version  • Version No.
A 1.00
B 1.00
(display only)

Recent Settings

The recent settings menu is essentially a history of changes which have been carried out via the camera menus. You can access any of the last eight menu settings and re-apply them. This is useful if you regularly switch between two features (for example file name prefix or noise reduction setting).

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Thank you DPR for keeping these older reviews up. It's so amazing to go back and see how far digital cameras have come in the past decade. Just keep doing what you're doing.