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Resolution Chart Comparison

Shots here are of our new 'version two' resolution chart which provides for measurement of resolution up to 4000 LPH (Lines Per Picture Height). A value of 20 equates to 2000 lines per picture height. For each camera the relevant prime lens was used. The chart is shot at a full range of apertures and the sharpest image selected. Studio light, cameras set to aperture priority (optimum aperture selected), image parameters default. Exposure compensation +0.7 EV to +1.3 EV.

Nikon D200 (2,728 KB; 10.0 MP) Canon EOS 20D (2,415 KB; 8.2 MP)
Canon EOS 5D (3,552 KB; 12.8 MP) Nikon D2X (4,189 KB; 12.4 MP)

Nikon D200 Canon EOS 20D
Canon EOS 5D Nikon D2X

Nikon D200 Canon EOS 20D
Canon EOS 5D Nikon D2X

Nikon D200 Canon EOS 20D
Canon EOS 5D Nikon D2X

Measurable findings (three measurements taken for each camera):

Camera Measurement
Nikon D200 Horizontal LPH 2100  2250 
Vertical LPH 1700  2200 
Canon EOS 20D Horizontal LPH 1850  2100 
Vertical LPH 1650  2100 
Canon EOS 5D Horizontal LPH 2300  2500 
Vertical LPH 2000  2500 
Nikon D2X Horizontal LPH 2400  2800 
Vertical LPH 2000  2500 

* Moire is visible
+ Chart maximum
LPH Lines per Picture Height (to allow for different aspect ratios the measurement is the same for horizontal and vertical)
5° Diagonal Lines set at 5° diagonal
Absolute res. Point at which all lines of a resolution bar are still visible and defined, beyond this resolution loss of detail occurs (below Nyquist frequency).
Extinction res. Detail beyond camera's definition (becomes aliased)
n/a Not Available (above the capability of the test chart)
n/v Not Visible (not visible on test results)

As we had expected the ten megapixel D200 sits somewhere between the eight megapixel EOS 20D and the twelve megapixel EOS 5D / D2X. A glance at the resolution charts also confirms what we've already concluded, that you gain little from ten to twelve megapixels and loose very little from ten to eight megapixels.

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Where/how do I find out if the autofocus is build in the camera or the lens?


Nikon lenses with AF-G in the name have the AF built-in, those with AF-D need the camera to drive the AF.

Nikon D90, D200, D300 and higher can do it, also the D7000 can do it, but not D5000 or D3000 series.


How do you measure shutter count?

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I think that the image defects stemming from nonoptical causes weren't overpowering, except for the JPEG artifacts that cropped up even with minimal (Fine) compression.

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Likewise, great pics to 8.5x11. Vacation shots and family pics would be hard to beat.
Not a Pro,
AF-S 18-200mm
DX 300mm
Tokina SD 12-24 F4 (IF) DX


Two of awesome creative machines that I still use. I'll never give them up. I haven't reached 20,000 shutter counts yet! had these babies since 2006.

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