Nikon Coolpix 800 (click for larger image)

Rumors abound a couple of months ago, the name CP800 bounced around the newsgroups and discussion forums but nobody had any details about Nikons rumored new digital camera. On 27th September Nikon did their normal worldwide simultaneous announcement, the new Coolpix 800.

So, was it enough to be excited about? Well, yes really. The Coolpix 800 is essentially an updated Coolpix 700 (similar package) with a 2x zoom lens. It competes directly with the Canon S10 with almost identical specifications (2.1 megapixel, 2x zoom, Compact Flash).

So how does the Coolpix 800 measure up against the rest of the Coolpix family?

Compared to the Coolpix 700 (which it replaces)
Adds: 2x zoom lens, Automatic ISO adjustment, new ultra burst mode, more manual focus positions (45).
Loses: More expensive (slightly), deeper dimensions.

Compared to the Coolpix 950
Adds: Automatic ISO adjustment, new ultra burst mode, more manual focus positions (45).
Loses: Split swivel lens, only 2x zoom compared to 3x on the 950, manual controls (aperture priority, shutter priority), scrolling whilst zoomed in playback mode, amazing macro ability.

Otherwise they share the same CCD and image processing algorithms, similar menu systems and many other components.

So how does the 800 fit in? Well, it's a bit of a bargain really, all the image quality of the 950, less a little zoom and some features (which you may not find yourself using anyway), add automatic ISO adjustment and the new burst mode and you have a very attractive package.

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