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Video with stereo sound, albeit without an external microphone, can be recorded in full 1920 x 1080p or 1280 x 720, iFrame at 960 x 540, or 640 x 480 all at 30fps. The P510 also offers high speed and slow motion video options, which are fun to use, although small file sizes are best for Web and computer viewing. Zoom is enabled during video capture although you may hear the lens movement. It's easier and quieter to use the slower-moving zoom lever on the lens barrel although ambient noise will often mask the sound of the lens motor.

Video quality is pretty good for casual viewing and auto white balance and auto exposure worked quite well outdoors in sunlight and shadow. Test footage was clear and nicely saturated although the autofocus can take a little while to catch up when using full-time AF. Occasionally, however, the lens simply refused to focus when zooming in on a subject, and its attempts to refocus can be distracting, as you can see from the first clip, below.

The P510 features a built-in stereo microphone, the apertures for which are positioned on either side of the flash housing. Movie recording is initiated using this button, positioned on the rear of the camera within easy reach of the thumb.

Sample Video 1

The P510 doesn't have a problem with capturing video footage of fast-moving subjects, as this clip shows. Notice some pretty severe fringing though, around the lights in the ceiling of this subway station - something that the camera does a much better job of dealing with in still images. If you listen very carefully to the soundtrack of this clip you can here a muffled scraping noise, caused by the photgrapher's hands shifting position on the camera.

1920 x 1080 30p, 22.8MB, MOV, 10 sec. Click here to download original file

Sample Video 2

The P510's stereo microphone apertures are well-separated, on opposite sides of the flash/EVF housing. As a consequence, although L-R separation isn't fantastic, it's a lot better than we've seen from many compact cameras that record stereo sound. In this clip, notice how the P510 loses and re-aquires focus several times as its lens is zoomed during recording.

1920 x 1080 30p, 49.6MB, MOV, 21 sec. Click here to download original file

Sample Video 3

Smooth motion and plenty of detail in this clip, but again, as the zoom is activated and the camera panned, AF 'hunts' distractingly a couple of times. The P510's optical vibration reduction system does a good job of keeping footage stable at the long end of the zoom, though.

1920 x 1080 30p, 53.3MB, MOV, 23 sec. Click here to download original file
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I took a series of photos that got deleted from my camera. Is there any way to locate those pictures once they are deleted ?


It’s interesting to me that Nikon, in spite of their arguably excellent SLR’s, DSLR’s and lenses for such just don’t seem to have ever been able to pull off manufacturing the best compact or bridge cameras as a couple of their competitors in the compact and point&shoot; markets! It seems they usually manage to get everything right except the image quality, which is, to most enthusiasts, probably the most important issue. I phoned Nikon to ask about this several years ago…their answer to me was one of surprise, and a little vague. I’d love to see their image quality on the smaller cams and super zooms improve!

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I am using nikon p510 since last 2 years and enjoyed very much making its use. Now I want to in script my name in the photos taken by me. Will you please tell me how I can do it. Thank you.


The 1000mm (equiv) makes a good topic of conversation - it's pretty impressive, and also is a good tool for spying on neighbors and other voyeur activities. To be honest it's also great for taking photos of the moon, setting sun and some other things. I've used this camera on several occasions and the zoom is very impressive, especially for something in this range (not pro DSLR bodies with super expensive tele lenses).
This is probably the best way to take a close-up photo of the moon or setting sun without spending thousands of dollars in gear. The IS is very effective, even at 1000mm, and that is something else that is impressive. The body looks nice, solid (for it's range) and light. The rest of the camera and specs are far from being stellar, though...


I have a Coolpix P510 and very pleased with it. However, I notice there is a red box that now flashes with what looks like a figure of a clock (white) inside........and it flashes just above the movie number 1080/30 on the LCD screen on the lefty hand side! Can anyone advise me what this is??? I don't think it was there before and I cannot seem to remove it?? The Guide book doesn't explain and again I would value any information on error messages and where I can source these?
Any help would be really appreciated
Philip Andrew


what your suggestion about problem mentioned by Lalljee above. I am considering buy this one. but still confuse at this moment.


I have a coolpix P510, however, the close up ( even at 10 feet distance tend to get skewed to the either ends. I do not see this mentioned in any of your reports, nor any of the other reviews till now. As a result, some of the most precious moments have been lost forever. If this is a known problem, what is the solution that is recommended is also not mentioned

Total comments: 7