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Base / Tripod Mount

On the bottom of the camera you'll find a good metal tripod mount, unfortunately it's located too quite close to the front of the camera which, on some tripod mounts, would lead to the camera tilting forwards slightly.

Also unfortunately the mount isn't positioned along the axis of the lens (which means getting the lens central to the pivot point for panoramas will be more difficult).

Pop-up flash

The DiMAGE 5 has a pop-up flash which is opened by flipping it out from its spring loaded closed position. This automatically enables flash mode and starts to charge the flash capacitor. The flash itself is rated as having a range of wide: 0.5 - 3.8 m (1.6 - 12.5 ft) and tele: 0.5 - 3 m (1.6 - 9.8 ft) (ISO 100). The DiMAGE 5's flash has two selectable metering modes, ADI metering uses subject distance and aperture to calculate flash power, pre-flash TTL uses a short pre-flash just before the main exposure to meter the scene.

The built-in flash can sync up to 1/2000 sec.

Flash range at different sensitivities (from the DiMAGE 5 manual):

Sensitivity Flash range (wide angle) Flash range (telephoto)
AUTO 0.5m - 3.8m (1.6 ft. - 12.5 ft.) 0.5m - 3.0m (1.6 ft. - 9.8 ft.)
ISO 100 0.5m - 2.7m (1.6 ft. - 8.8 ft.) 0.5m - 2.1m (1.6 ft. - 6.9 ft.)
ISO 200 0.5m - 3.8m (1.6 ft. - 12.5 ft.) 0.5m - 3.0m (1.6 ft. - 9.8 ft.)
ISO 400 0.5m - 5.4m (1.6 ft. - 17.6 ft.) 0.5m - 4.2m (1.6 ft. - 13.8 ft.)
ISO 800 0.5m - 7.6m (1.6 ft. - 25 ft.) 0.5m - 6.0m (1.6 ft. - 19.6 ft.)

Flash hot-shoe

The flash hot-shoe is compatible with Minolta Dynax / Maxxum system flashes and most probably third-party flash systems. Primarily it is fully compatible with the Program Flash 3600HS(D) and 5600HS(D) as well as the Macro Twin Flash 2400 and Macro Ring Flash 1200.

Minolta Dynax / Maxxum flash compatibility chart

Program Flash
3600 HS(D)
Program Flash
5600 HS(D)
Macro Twin
Flash 2400
Macro Ring
Flash 1200
Program Reset
ADI Flash Metering - -
Auto Power Zoom - -
Ratio Flash - -
High-speed Sync * * - -
Remote High-speed Sync * * - -
Slow-shutter Sync
Remote Off-camera Flash
Modelling Flash -
Mulitiple Flash - - -
Manual Flash Control - - -
AF Illuminator - -
Flash indicator

     * High shutter speed may result in underexposure depending on the subject distance.

Supplied in the box

Supplied in the box are:

  • Minolta DiMAGE 5 digital camera
  • Lens cap LS-1249
  • Lens hood DLS-7
  • 16 MB CompactFlash card (Lexar branded)
  • 4 x AA Alkaline batteries
  • Neck Strap NS-DG7
  • Video Cable (ends in RCA jack)
  • USB Cable
  • Software CD-ROM (Minolta Image Viewer utility)
  • Manual

Minolta Accessories

Program Flash
Program Flash
Macro Ring Flash
Macro Twin Flash
Bounce Reflector
Close-up Diffuser
Soft Lighting
Set II (flash not included)
Off-camera Cable
External Battery Pack
EP-1, EP-2 (for flash unit)
Triple connector
Off-camera shoe
Cable 'CD'
PC Flash Adapter

Other accessories (no pictures)

  • AC Adapter AC-1L
  • External battery pack
  • Li-Ion battery NP-100
  • Battery Pack Case BH-100
  • Li-Ion battery charger BC-100
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