Conclusion - Pros

  • Great image quality, good resolution, colour and balance
  • Digita: All cameras should be this flexible and easy to upgrade
  • Nice ability to categorise images
  • Automatic JPEG image rotation (vertically taken images come out in portrait rotation)
  • Expandable: the ability to upgrade Lens / CCD assembly at a later date should be attractive to alot of people
  • Speed: Great response times because of the large internal memory buffer
  • Easy to use, good control layout, intuitive interface (hint modes make setting up the camera for different shots easy)
  • Compact and fairly lightweight
  • When used in combination with NiMH rechargeable batteries, battery life is good
  • Real black and white mode
  • IrDA connectivity (camera - laptop/palmtop & camera - camera)
  • 3.5fps Burst mode

Conclusion - Cons

  • Image detail can be affected occasionally by noise
  • What no tiliting LCD?
  • Fiddly to use manual focus in Macro mode (may look in focus on the LCD but when you get the image onto your PC you realise you were way out...)
  • Noisy / cheap zoom mechanism
  • Badly positioned CF card slot (inside the battery compartment)
  • Flash is can be difficult to "get right", only use in normal mode if more than 1.5m from subject, otherwise use Macro mode
  • Buttons may be a little small for some fat fingers
  • Construction not up to the quality levels of other digicams
  • Digita implementation does not allow scripts to control aperture or shutter settings (this means no aperture and no shutter priority via software)

The Final Word

I like this camera, but then I've said that. It offers excellent value for money (compared to other cameras in the same price bracket; although I would consider it to be part of the "second generation" of megapixel compact digicams), with good resolution, good colour rendition and great flexibility (Digita operating system). And you know it's such a relief to be able to take a shot and have such a short cycle time ready to take the next.

I guess the ultimate test for any digital camera is how well it can take photographs, and this camera does that very well, my only *errr* would be that if you get up close (200% or 300%) to an image you can see noise (on some occasions) and if you need a camera which can produce quality images for large size printing then this camera may not be perfect for you.

But if you're that remaining 95% you'll be very happy with this camera, especially if you're publishing images on the web. With a little care and a short learning curve you'll soon be producing images that make you go "mmm.. nice".

Below Average