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Record display

Apologies for the relatively poor quality of the screen captures below, unfortunately the Digilux 2 does not provide video out in record or menu modes and so these screens were captured by taking photographs of the camera.

Display modes

The Digilux 2 provides four record live view display modes, press the DISPLAY button to switch between each mode; Basic information / Basic information with histogram /Thirds grid, no information / AF brackets, no information.

In use

Here we have the shutter release button half-pressed, auto focus and auto exposure are primed. The green AF indicator shows a good lock, the red 'shake' icon indicates a slow exposure. After fully depressing the shutter release button the exposure is taken and depending on camera settings an automatic review image is shown briefly. Note that this display reflects the display mode select (with / without histo).
Press the Auto Review button on the direction pad to display the last image taken, this is like a cut-down play mode, you can browse, magnify and delete images. An example of magnification in Auto Review mode, limited to 8x zoom where as 16x is available in full play mode.
Manual focus mode - MF1 display, as you turn the manual focus ring the center portion of the image is magnified. The view returns to normal after approximately one second. Manual focus mode - MF2 display, similar to MF1 except that the magnified area is stretched to occupy the entire screen. The view returns to normal after approximately one second.
Examples of overlaid settings adjustment, Exposure compensation on the left and Flash mode on the right.

Play display

Display modes

As with record mode the Digilux 2 provides different display modes accessible by pressing the DISPLAY button.


In use

Turn the setting dial clockwise to enter magnify mode and change the magnification level. The Digilux 2 provides four levels of 2x, 4x, 8x and 16x.
Turn the setting dial counterclockwise to enter thumbnail index view mode. Press the delete button once to display this action dialog. Press the delete button again to be given the option to select multiple images for deletion or all images.
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