Kodak DC280 (click for larger image)

The Kodak DC280 is the first Kodak camera to be released with a 2 megapixel CCD. This review is based on a pre-production camera and as such the final version of the camera may differ slightly from the details of this review.

The DC280 obviously shares its body (with a few styling changes) with the DC240 and is a natural progression from that camera. With a few "quirks", and some great ergonomic touches.

Kodak seem to have made some interesting choices with this camera, it seems to be aimed at the "keen amateur digital photographer", features are enough to keep you occupied but not quite enough for the shutterbug. Kodak also introduce an interesting 30mm - 60mm zoom lens giving you only 2 x zoom but from a relatively wide angle to a pretty-good-for-portraits 60mm. (Although it's not that "fast" at F3.0 - F3.8).

This being the first Kodak with 2 megapixels means that it will undoubtedly generate alot of interest, not least from DC240 owners.

The 30mm - 60mm lens (click for larger image)

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