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Record Postview / Review

You can choose to have no image review after taking a shot, to have a 'Postview' (a brief display of the image) or a Preview (a display which waits for you to confirm the shot before it is stored). The last option can also additionally have an overlaid histogram. It's a shame that Fujifilm didn't provide a histogram display for postview mode.

Play display

Press the PLAY button to display the last image taken (or the last image on the storage card). The S2 Pro uses a 'rough thumbnail' to provide an impression of the image while it loads the full resolution image. With an IBM Microdrive and a 12 megapixel JPEG (around 4 MB) this can take up to 4 seconds. Press the histogram button indicated by the rear display panel (above the main LCD) to toggle between four histogram overlays: No histogram, Master (Luminance), Red Channel, Green Channel and Blue Channel.
Press the 4-way controller upwards to magnify the image. Magnification is available up to a fairly high level (not specified). Once at the desired magnification press the PLAY button to pan (scroll) the image using the 4-way controller.
Press the thumbnail button indicated by the rear display panel (above the main LCD) to switch into a thumbnail index view of images. Holding the left or right arrows on the 4-way controller for more than one second enters a 'fast forward' mode where the camera quickly displays a rough thumbnail of each image along with a bar chart indicating the position in the current set of images.

Play: Rear Display Panel

By default in play mode the rear display panel provides the four options of histogram, erase, protect and thumbnail index. Press the FUNC button and this display will then change to provide exposure information, press again for the second page of information.

Play mode info page 1
Date & Time of shot, Image Quality, Resolution, White Balance mode
Play mode info page 2
Shutter Speed, Aperture, Sensitivity, Color setting, Tone setting, Saturation setting
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As I know the S2 offers slightly better resolution (just a small part of overall image quality) and slightly lower speed and practicality than the obsolete Nikon D100. The S2 also costs more than the D100. For my uses I would prefer the D70, and since it costs only half as much as the S2 and is more practical for me. The only real advantage of the S2 is very slightly higher image resolution, which to me is much less significant than all the other disadvantages.

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