Fuji MX-2900

The Fuji MX-2900 is Fuji's answer to the Nikon Coolpix 950 and Olympus C-2000Z. Aimed squarely at photographers looking for a 2+ Megapixel digicam with enough manual features to be flexible and creative. Specifications are impressive, slightly higher resolution than its competitors at 1800 x 1200 (other 2 megapixel digicams are typically 1600 x 1200) which of course gives it the more 35mm like image aspect ratio of 3:2.

If cameras were to win awards for styling then the MX-2900 would definetly win the majority of them, looking like a futuristic cross between an SLR and traditional compact camera with it's lens skewed to the side (don't yah love CCD's..) and it's big bulky grip.

Based on the same basic engine as that found in it's smaller older brother the MX-2700 (and the same CCD) menus and operation would be familiar to existing Fuji owners. One slight oddity with the MX-2900 is the push-pull zoom control (more of this later).

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