The seven megapixel four times zoom EXILIM Pro EX-P700 was announced on 25th August 2004, it is essentially a CCD upgrade to the silver bodied six megapixel EX-P600 announced seven months earlier. The P600 and P700 are Casio's first prosumer digital camera for quite some time and have a full range of manual controls. The compact all metal body has some unusual body design features most notably the rather busy camera front.

Five $700 seven megapixel digital cameras

This review was produced as part of a group test of five seven megapixel digital cameras, all of which offer similar features and all of which cost (at the time of posting these reviews; 2nd Dec 2004) around $700. The 'Compared to...' section of this review is shared with the other reviews. The five reviews (in alphabetical order):

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