Canon announced the ultra-compact four megapixel, three times optical zoom PowerShot S400 (AKA. Digital IXUS 400) just a few days before PMA 2003. The PowerShot S400 is the latest in line of Canon's ultra-compact PowerShot series, this camera packs a four megapixel sensor and three times optical zoom lens into a package the same size as PowerShot S230 (three megapixels, two times zoom, announced in September 2002). Unlike previous ultra-compact Powershot's this camera disposes with the 'looks dirty easily' stainless steel case to be replaced with an all new 'Cerabrite' material which is a mix of metal and ceramic. It's still cool to the touch, doesn't show up fingerprints and doesn't scratch easily.

The PowerShot S400 around the world

It's worth remembering that the PowerShot S400 is known by different names around the world. Being based in the UK I was supplied with a 'Digital IXUS 400', the only difference is the silk screened label on the front and top.

  • US/Canada: Canon PowerShot S400 Digital Elph
  • Europe/SE Asia: Canon Digital IXUS 400
  • Japan: Canon IXY DIGITAL 400

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