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My Camera Menu (all modes)

This menu allows you to personalize your camera with custom start-up images and sounds, shutter sounds, operation sounds and self-timer sounds. You can choose to disable all startup image / sounds or select either of the two custom themes (or any combination in-between).

Using the ZoomBrowser software you can upload your own sounds and images to be used for startup or operation (should you so desire).

My Camera Menu Options

Setup menu Options Notes
Theme  • None
 • 1 (Canon Theme)
 • 2 (Custom Theme)
 • 3 (Custom Theme)
Start-up Image  • None
 • 1
 • 2
 • 3
Start-up Sound  • None
 • 1
 • 2
 • 3
Operation Sound  • None
 • 1
 • 2
 • 3
Selftimer Sound  • None
 • 1
 • 2
 • 3
Shutter Sound  • None
 • 1
 • 2
 • 3

Play Menu

Pressing the MENU button in play mode overlays the play menu over the live scene preview (black background used for clarity).

Play Menu Options

Option Values / Actions
Protect Enter protect mode, here you can browse through images and press the SET button to protect / unprotect each image. This can be carried out in single image or thumbnail index view.
Rotate Enter rotate mode, browse in the same way and press SET to rotate 90 degrees, this does not actually rotate the JPEG file but rather marks it as being rotated for display only. This can be carried out in single image or thumbnail index view.
Erase All
• Cancel
• OK
Slide Show • Show 1, Show 2, Show 3, All Images (group images into show sets)
• Play Time: 3 - 30 secs, Manual
• Repeat: On, Off
• Start
Print Order • DPOF order (browse mode, mark images for printing)
• Set Up: Print Type (Standard, Index, Both), Date, File No.
Transfer Order Enter DPOF transfer order mode, select images for transfer
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