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Pressing the FUNC button in record mode overlays the FUNC menu over the live scene preview (black background used here for clarity).

Each setting appears in the same place as when the menu is canceled. Use the up and down arrows to move through the menu and left and right to change a setting. Some options have sub-menus which can be accessed by pressing the AE lock button. The FUNC menu in Auto and Scene modes is a subset of this (example of Auto FUNC menu).

FUNC Menu Options

Note the subtle improvement over the G3, on the G5 image quality and image size have now been separated into two FUNC menu options, this is far quicker and easier than the G3 which required a press of the AE lock (*) button.

Description Options
Sensitivity  • Auto
 • ISO 50
 • ISO 100
 • ISO 200
 • ISO 400
Photo Effect
 • Off
 • Vivid
 • Neutral
 • Low Sharpening
 • Sepia
 • B&W
 • Custom

Contrast, Sharpness, Saturation
 • Off
 • Exposure Bracketing
 • Focus Bracketing

Flash output  • +/- 2.0 EV in 0.3 EV steps
Image quality  • Super-fine
 • Fine
 • Normal
Image size • L (2592 x 1944)
 • M1 (1600 x 1200)
 • M2 (1024 x 768)
 • S (640 x 480)
 • RAW (2592 x 1944)

Record Menu (P, Tv, Av, M, C1, C2 modes)

Pressing the MENU button in record mode overlays the record menu over the live scene preview (black background used for clarity).

As you move down the menu it scrolls two options before the bottom so you can always see what option is coming.

Record Menu Options

Record menu Options Notes
Flash Sync  • 1st-curtain
 • 2nd-curtain
Controls whether the flash goes off at the beginning of the exposure (1st-curtain) or just before the end (2nd-curtain). Used for slow-sync effects.
Slow Synchro  • On
 • Off
When enabled the camera will expose flash shots as if it were without the flash, to provide a 'slow sync' effect and maintain background detail.
Red-eye  • On
 • Off
When enabled the AF lamp will remain lit as long as you half-press the shutter release.
Cont. Shooting  • Normal
 • High
Self-timer  • 2 sec
 • 10 sec
Wireless Delay  • 0 sec
 • 2 sec
 • 10 sec
Spot AE Point  • Center
 • AF Point
Controls whether the Spot AE point follows the AF area or is always locked to the center.
ND Filter  • On
 • Off
MF-Point Zoom  • On
 • Off
AF Mode  • Single
 • Continuous
AF-assist Beam  • On
 • Off
Digital Zoom  • On
 • Off
Review  • Off
 • 2 - 10 sec
Intervalometer  • Enter Start a time lapse sequence of exposures, intervals of 1 to 60 mins, up to 100 shots.
Save Settings  • Enter Save current settings to one of the Custom (C1 or C2) exposure modes.

Setup Menu (all modes)

The Setup Menu is available as the second tab in every exposure mode and in play mode. It is identical in all modes.

Setup Menu Options

Setup menu Options Notes
Beep  • On
 • Off
LCD Brightness  • Normal
 • Bright
Auto Power Down  • On
 • Off
Date/Time  • Enter  
Format  • Enter  
Shutter Volume  • 0 (Off) - 5 (Loud)  
Playback Volume  • 0 (Off) - 5 (Loud)  
Start-up Volume  • 0 (Off) - 5 (Loud)  
Operation Volume  • 0 (Off) - 5 (Loud)  
Selftimer Volume  • 0 (Off) - 5 (Loud)  
File No. Reset  • On
 • Off
Auto Rotate  • On
 • Off
Enables or Disables the camera's orientation sensor.
Distance Units  • m/cm
 • ft/in
Language  • English
 • Deutsch
 • Francais
 • Nederlands
 • Dansk
 • Suomi
 • Italiano
 • Norsk
 • Svenska
 • Espanol
 • Chinese
 • Japanese
Video System  • NTSC
 • PAL
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